Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gun Control

"I love guns ,fuckin love them...",

I don't love them or hate them. IMO, they're simply a tool, like a shovel or wrench.

"... shoot each other en masse the way you americans do..."

The problem with that remark is that if exclude people defending themselves from crime and poor urban areas, the number falls to near nothing. Those same poor urban areas, BTW, are almost always areas where they have the strictest gun-control. ala Washington DC.

I live in an area where I can safely say just about everyone owns at least one, and in most cases, numerous firearms, with many using concealed carry. And yes, I fall into that category. Our violent crime rate is virtually nil.

"My problem is with such a huge population you are obviously gonna have a few whackos"

"Whackos" will get guns no matter what the laws are. Even more reason us non-whackos need to have the ability to defend ourselves.

"you get pissed of disturbed people shooting up the post office the high school,Mcdonalds etc."

And what do all those places have in common? That's right, it's against the law to have/carry firearms, and so what happens is all the law-abiding citizens are unarmed while the kook gets to pick and choose targets at will like shooting ducks in a barrel.

Did it ever cross your mind that whackos specifically target these places because they're gun-free zones, therefore basically undefended? Notice they never, ever, target a gun club? A firing range? A cop bar?

They might be crazy, but they ain't stupid. The only stupid people are the gun-control advocates who actually believe banning firearms would keep bad guys from getting firearms.

"The conservative argument ,that if these whackos have the guns ,we should have them too for protection just doesn't hold water ,it only puts more guns out there ,and adds fuel to the fire ."

Our argument "holds water" because it's logical to a point that cannot be disputed. I would not be for gun-control even if it worked. Since it's a proven abject failure, I'll keep my weapons thank you.


Anonymous said...

"poor urban areas...BTW, are almost always areas where they have the strictest gun-control. ala Washington DC."

Hey Vince, Jay L from Brians again.
I sort of have a problem with this line of thinking. I owned rifles & 2 shotguns and lived in a "poor area". But I'll use a US example

Was down at a road game partying it up at a pub in Dallas Texas, US. While there, news about a guy was shot over a parking space. In all the discussion, nobody put the blame on this guy (or Mexican guy as they said), for having a tantrum over a piece of land he'd probably use for 30mins. Nobody. I'm serious

Hey, how about young guys showing some macho chivalry to impress the ladies? Park your car at the back so elderly & women can be closer?
Why wasn't this chap shamed right out of his perch?
How about a ban on immature tantrum throwers?

We got (normally upperclass types) here that talk like that when something stupid happens, so I'm not trying to Yank bash. Just politely make a point.

James Gagney said...

Sorry but your point about if you took all the people defending themselves the shooting stats would be down to nothing ,is pure fantasy on your part .
If they truly did make up the majority of shootings in the states i'd be amazed.The real figure of such shootings would probably be under 5 percent .
I totally understand ,why people like yourself want guns ,if i lived in your country ,knowing so many bad guys have them i'd want and i am sure would have several .
However i think my country with it's complete non availability of guns works better for me .
The guys who have them over here are gangsters ,they use them on other gangsters .The common man in the street has little or nothing to fear from these guys .I'm an experienced martial artist ,and i have a number of martial arts weapons in my house ,which i am confident would be put to good use should mickey o'thug come calling on me as i doubt he'd have a piece.The guys that have guns over here ,do not use them for carjackings or burglaries they use them in turf wars and gangland hits .I'm not a gangster .

Pat Powers said...

I think firearms are bad because setting your arms on fire can be quite painful.

Now get some bondage stuff up on this blog before I have to come over there and pistol whip you, you old reprobate.

The Greyman said...

"Now get some bondage stuff up on this blog before I have to come over there and pistol whip you, you old reprobate."

Hey, who you callin' "old"? I'm only... holy shitsky... I AM old! As for the pistol-whip thing, sorry Pat, I'm not into that sort of thing. The good news is, I've started writing again, so there's that. More on the story thing in a main blog post soon.

The Greyman said...

"While there, news about a guy was shot over a parking space."

This actually goes to a major point in the debate. Gun-controllers always seem to want to blame the weapon rather than the person. I have absolutely NO sympathy for any "legal" gun owner who commits a crime with a firearm. He should be treated no differently than some drugged out punk. Throw the book at his ass.

Sasha said...

The problem isn't guns it's too many idiots with guns. We're drowning in a popular culture that's training a too easily frustrated uneducated populace that shooting first, second last and always and access to Teflon-coated explosive tipped bullets were included in the second amendment. If every gun buyer had to pass an IQ and a lie detector test, there would be no gun purchases in this country ever again.

Partly sarcasm, partly real but always truthful

Anonymous said...

I am a gun owner and I am love it..

there's a good old dirty harry line

there not problem with ppl shooting it just whom thay are shooting at...

it so good think about it use some brains ppl it got a point to it...

I am some what weird but even I know if you try and use guns wrong you will get your ass shoot or you going die pal I have a AR 15 semi auto rival in my closet I don't use it

at a mcdonalds or a shopping mall or a bar fight I use it rightfully at a gun rage and I am not a bad shot I shoot right in the 10 rage some times but mostly in the 9 and 8 rage...

I have also fired 6 45 caliber hand guns 1 20 gage shot gun the shot gun was just on my friends lot but I did not bad with it on the hand guns i shoot at the 10 and 9 rage and evan out shoot my dad who's got a expert marksmanship metal form 1970s

so what dose this make me a derange mad man no it makes me a good person I know how to contorl my sellf with wepens if need be to defen my sellf why dont ppl lern this if lern to handal guns in a right way thay will be good for you later on if you dont you get freak form them lern right form wrong...

but yea the ppl that think gun control is good are very wrong look at his blog ppl whom are wackos are going to get it some way why not arm the rightful ppl to stop them dam f#%king liberals ahahah

John said...

I'live in Connect USA. Some might think I crazy but I love guns, theres just something realy fun about holding and firing an gun (at targets). I have a couple handguns a shot gun and an AR-15. I agree that people (espaecially the media) should blame the person not the gun. If you think about it, even before guns were invented people were killing each other. Granted carying a gun might change things in a spur of the moment fight, but if one person realy wants to kill another, they probably will. Also, gun laws only make it harder for law obiding citizens to get guns. My gus are all registered but if I really wanted to, I could go into a big city and buy a gun in the streets. That's what crimals do. An old friend of mine nerver locked the door to her house, she said "lock are only for honest poeple". Think about it, if you live in a area were no neighbor would here or see someone breaking into your home, how is a simple lock going to stop an intruder?