Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABK IV: Project F.A.R.R. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is here. Hope everyone enjoys. This one long darn chapter, but don't expect something like this every time, OK?


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zatanna - Bound and Gagged...Again

Isn't the superhero world a better and much more interesting place with ladies like Zatanna, Mary Marvel, and Back Canary in it?

They must wake up every morning thinking, "So what dastardly villain is going to gag me today?" 

You gotta love super-heroines. Unlike their male counterparts, who basically just have to worry about helping the helpless and avoid getting killed, (Or at least staying popular enough to miraculously return from the dead occasionally) female super-heroines have to look great as well.  Not just good... great.

You can't be a nice-looking "seven" and be a female super. Nope, you have to be at least a strong eight... on a bad day... and well into nine-plus territory otherwise. Then, there's the possibility of getting raped, but that seems to be a very rare occurrence in super-hero world. 
You can kill them and mutilate them, but doooon't dare touch `em in a naughty way!
Getting captured or kidnapped is perfectly acceptable however. And, while any and all female supers are liable to get the full treatment, the big three "voice-powered" heroine's definitely spend an inordinate amount of time wearing gags.   

Poor Mary Batson must  have nightmares about gags considering how many times she's had her mouth silenced.

(Question: Why doesn't she just stay in Mary Marvel mode?) I mean, why not?

 Zatanna though, is my favorite. She dresses in the far most provocative outfit of the trio, and while she's always having her mouth gagged in some manner, she seems to be OK with that problem. 
Zatanna is gagged not once but twice in Power Girl #23. It's kind of a lame-o super-small tape gag, but hey, it's a gag and that's the main thing. 

You can download the entire comic here. You'll need a comic reader like Comical to view it properly.