Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter 3 Of ABK: Project F.A.R.R.

***Warning! Warning! This story is for ADULTS ONLY!

 Well, I have good news and not so good news.

The good is, here's Chapter 3 of ABK 3: Project F.A.R.R.

The bad? I'm starting a new work project soon. The money's pretty good, but my free time will probably be limited for awhile, which means new chapters or stories may flow a tad slower than I would like. Maybe a lot slower. Just not sure at this time.

I'll do the best I can, but gotta make that cheese so the government can take half and blow it on bullshit, or give it away to lazy assholes who won't work for a living like the rest of us dumbasses.

Anyway, hope everyone likes the story so far and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Sliggers said...

Pretty good chapter from my point of view, despite english isn't my native language. Good timing between story development and bondage scenes. Keep up the good work !

Btw, can you tell me who is the model illustrating this post (or from which site did you find the pic ?)

The Greyman said...

Thanks for the compliments on the story.

I'm pretty sure the lady is Elizabeth Andrews. It's either her or Serene Isley. I plan to write a nice post about them. Their stuff rocks. Great gags!

Davey said...

I'm enjoying it,please keep it up!:)

The Greyman said...

Thanks much, Davey.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me, and so I have to ask, what is it with you and no spaces between sentences and punctuations?

Davey said...

Oh,I'm just a hopeless beginner,but hope to improve.

Even so,I still enjoyed writing them all.My main interest is damsels in military or police uniform,as you well know!

Anyway,keep up the good work.I like your blog.

Franco The Spaniard said...

I enjoy your stories so much! Unlike others, you have a real plot and nice dialogue between characters.

You should write bondage books. I believe they would sell well.

Would you consider writing a story with family incest? I like incest stories and also bondage stories with good tight bondage and gags but it is difficult to find a story with both included. I do not like children under ten included in incest stories, but please write what you like.

The Greyman said...

Franco - Thanks. I'd love to write a book, just need that big book advance up front to take care of those pesky bills, and I'll fire off one hellacious novel for ya bud! $100 grand should do for a start.

Uh, on the incest thing, I'm not necessarily against that topic being incorporated in one of my stories, but I've never used it as a major theme. Have to think about that a bit.

Anyone else out there want a big time bondage/incest story?

Oh, and you never need to worry about any of my stories including participating characters of that age group or below, not even a male character. To each their own for those into tales like that, but it's not for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! A great incest-bondage story sounds great! Write this soon. Please!

Bluedawg said...

Yeah, I would really like to read a story by you with an incest theme. Should be very interesting. I vote yes.

Elizabeth Andrews said...

That is Elizabeth Andrews in the picture from Steno Pool Troubles. Glad you like it.

The Greyman said...

Thanks for clearing that up Ms Andrews. I sincerely love your work, the gags, the great outfits, and of course you're a very attractive woman. Please stop by anytime.

Anonymous said...

Really good damsel in distress story thus far - you're one of the best writers in this genre for diverse characterization, crazy scenarios, and forward momentum. Hope you continue this one and please don't skimp on the subplot of the plucky agent and the designs on her by the female enforcer!