Monday, April 11, 2011

New Story! Or, Yeah, I'm Finally Writing Again


After a long, long, loooooooong absence, I finally managed to sync up the mood to write and enough time to do so. Hopefully I can keep this one going for awhile, but no promises.

This is ABK IV, and while I might have a couple of old characters still hanging around, most are all new. Of course, as always, I include visual references to my damsels in distress.

Hope you all enjoy. Comments are welcome.

ABK IV: Project F.A.R.R. Chapter 1


Ty M Goode said...

Yessss! Great to have you back! Fantastic start...but, perhaps a wee bit short? Hopefully chapter 2 isn't far behind


The Greyman said...

A "bit short"? It's over 5300 words! Sure didn't seem so short when I was writing it!

Might have seemed that way because it was a little light on the actual bondage stuff, but I needed to set things in motion. Picks up in chapter 2 I promise.

Ty M Goode said...

Yeah, I wanted to amend my first comment. I was having such a great time reading it, I hated to see it end.

Excellent setting of the stage, delicious cast of characters and what will no doubt be tons of stringent bondage. Can't wait!

The Greyman said...

So far, in less than two days, chapter 1 of ABK IV has been downloaded almost 150 times!

That's great, but I'd love some more feedback. Not looking for ego-boosting stuff, more like viable constructive criticism.

BTW, thanks for your support Ty. You're one of my absolute favorite writers.

Pat Powers said...

Welcome back to Blogland. I have been caught up in SL Gor for some time, and I wish I could say I regret it, but ... damn, what fun!

The Greyman said...

That's great Pat. I have no idea what "Gor SL" is, but I assume it has something to do with John Norman's Gor books?

Not much for the whole "slave-master" stuff, but of course I do like his use of gags on Gor females. Sounds like a fun place to be a man. I like Karg even better!

Ari said...

Great start. I've always enjoyed your writing. Good character development, and vivid details. I hope chapter 2 is coming soon. Best wishes.


Flash2k said...

Wow! So good to see you writing again. Especially ABK!!!!

I only have the first chapters of ABK 1 ... Did you ever finish it?

Pat Powers said...

Well SL is Second Life, a virtual world kinda place that you need a special browser to visit. But once there, you are literally "in world" you move around in a 3D world via an avatar, and those avatars are getting pretty durned lifelike. Visitors to Second Life who pay to rent a sim can build whatever they like and play whatever sort of games they like there. There's urban noir places where people playing superheroes, or most often, superheroines, fight it out with people playing supervillians, and if the bad guy wins he has the option of playing out all sorts of adult stuff you WON'T see in comics.

There are over 300 Gorean sims in Second Life, it literally is a world, and it's full of naked slavegirls looking to play at being captured by sexy Masters and Mistresses (there are also male slaves looking to be captured by sexy Mistresses). It's a freaking RIOT. And there are the constant raids where people are capped, raped, tortured and so forth. The intensity is just too great to communicate. There's also all sorts of weird stuff going on ...

So, yeah ... it's based on John Norman's books, but it's a couple of orders of magnitude better than the books.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the return of ABK. Are the first three stories still availible anywhere?

Also there seems to be something wrong with the download link. Got chapter 2 but 1 doesn't seem to want to be downloaded.

The Greyman said...

Chapter 1 download link is fixed. Should download fine now.

As I have said before, I no longer have the original ABK story available.

I'm working on retrieving a copy and will post it as soon as I have it.

wmb said...

Thanks for fixing the link. Looking forward toreading ch.1. Sorry to hear you lost the original stories. I have a copy of ABK25 in doc form if you need it. Afraid I never got around to copying the others before the site went down.