Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rant Of The Day


Yesterday, I saw yet another news article that spoke of a woman, this time a teacher, accused of having sexual relations with one of her students, some 17-year-old guy. If convicted, she could spend several years in prison.

This is Debra Lafave, who, at the age of 23, was accused statutory rape (Having sex) with a 14-year-old boy. She was reported to the cops by the kid's mother. Gee thanks for nothing mom! She was fired, rightfully so, but later charges were dropped so she spent no time in prison. In this case, justice was served. But I would never forgive ma for messing up my dream.

This is Carrie McCandless, who, at 29, hooked up with a 17-year-old. The DA was trying to wack her with a 20 year sentence!

Say huh? Years? Years... in prison? For that? Are you kidding me?

Before I get into the meat of my rant, let me get this out of the way: I am not, in any way, advocating adults having sex with minors. And if we're talking grown men sexually assaulting underage girls (Or boys, for that matter) I'm very much OK with prison time. And if we're talking adult males hooking up with very young girls, I'm all for extremely harsh punishment.

No, I'm strictly speaking about adult women having sex with "boys", and while I'm not saying it's something to be condoned, I am saying that, IMO, prison is far, far, to severe.

Hear me out. Boys and girls are different. Yeah, yeah, I know, women supposedly like sex as much as guys. That might be true at some point, under certain conditions, but it sure ain't true during those early puberty years. Speaking from experience, when puberty hits guys, (Usually around 12, give or take a year or so) we turn into walking hard-ons.

There's an old saying about getting hard when the wind blows. Shit, at that age, who needed wind? Sitting in class, totally focused on a math equation? Spoooinnng... here's Waldo! Anytime, anywhere, little Vinnie would suddenly decide to come out and play.

And, while it never takes young fellas much time to instinctively learn and perfect (Practice, practice, practice... scuba diving in Sodwana Bay) the fine art of One Man Tug-O-War, it's also instinctively known that it would be infinitely, off-the-charts more enjoyable when female's love tunnel is involved.

I guess what I'm saying is, where, exactly, is the real crime here? I promise you, I guarantee it in a stone cold motal lock, that NO guy, of any age, has ever, or will ever, complain about some decently good-looking woman, of any age, offering him sex. Not-gonna-happen, folks. Not unless some head-shrinker talks him into it.

And this stuff about boys being "emotionally scarred" by the experience? Give me a frakin' break. That's utter, psycho-babble bullshit. All I can say is, every guy I know wishes they had been "emotionally scarred" like that. I can think of two or three teachers I had back when that I would have given anything to be so scarred.

There are, of course, limits. Once you drop into prepubecent range, even though the boy would still not complain, I get a bit icky about that. But, some teenager? Especially a frakin' 17-year-old? Go to prison for that?

That's just more PC nonsense run amok. Again, I don't think the woman should be applauded. Certainly, she should be fired and probably not allowed to teach again, but jail time is far and away an overreaction for the "crime".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comic Bonds: Emma Frost Has Rude Awakening

In Uncanny X-Men #509, Emma Frost finds herself in a real bind...

The pertinent question is, what's 'ol Scott gonna do when he finds her? Set her loose of course, but, y'know, maybe not immediately...

Heh, heh, heh...

Rant Of The Day


Definitive evidence that there is truly no justice in the world.

I realize JLH ain't quite the mouthwatering, uber-hottie, Lord-take-me-now-cause-I-just-saw-heaven, muffin she was a decade or so before, but chunky (At times) or not, on what frackin' planet does Jamie Kennedy get to tap that?????? A man who's name and words like "funny", "comedian", and "actor" should never be in the same sentence except when prefixed with the word "not"?

Soaped Up Fast, Rinsed Off Quick...

I love soap bondage. I mean, I love it. Between the American and the Hispanic dramas, we get a consistent stream (Ok, to be fair, only the Hispanic soaps have been anywhere near consistent lately, but in the 80's - early 90's the American's rocked) of young (18ish - mid-20's), medium (Late 20's - mid-40's), and yeah, even sometimes older (Late 40's & up), babes bound and gagged, sometimes for long, long, periods of time, and almost always with great close-ups.

In fact, if someone said that I had to choose between soaps, other mainstream media, and "pro" stuff, I'd go with the soaps hands down.

All that said, and adding that it's difficult to complain anytime you get a trio of MILFs bound and gagged... I'm gonna do it anyway.

My main issue, as many of you may surmise, are the pitiful gags. The only one that's even somewhat acceptable is the cleave "Tea" wears. Otherwise, while not quite as useless as the irritatingly far too common "barely-stuck-on-tape-gag", they're pretty bad.

It's almost like the gals got together and decided that while they would go along with this (Admittedly ridiculous) plot contrivance, they wouldn't be put in any sort of discomfort. Nice, comfortable, chairs, barely tied to them, and gags that would literally fall off/out if they so much as opened their mouths.

As for the DooL DiD storyline, while I will readily concede the damsel (Shelley Hennig) is a BABE, I haven't seen anything to get excited about. I mean, like, wake me when there's a gag. Otherwise, yaaawwwwnnn....