Saturday, June 25, 2011

Germans: The Gag Experts

Germans are known for a lot of things. Meticulous, but often excessive, engineering skills; Organizational abilities; Attention to detail; Overlong, drawn out names for things; Starting, and then losing, world wars; Strudel.

And, it appears, the gagging of females in their popular media.

Proof? Well, let's take a look at a typical scene of recent vintage.  Usually duct tape, and usually so loose it barely stays on.
Why Even Bother?
I hate gags like this. They're barely better than no gag at all. And they're everywhere these days. To me, it's a sign of laziness on the part of the director and the actress. I'm not saying every scene has to be a tightly cinched knot gag with max stuffing (I wish!) along with a full hogtie and a knotted crotch rope, but why not take a little more time and effort and get it right so that it at least looks somewhat convincing?

Of course, this is what goes on in Hollywood these days, where 110 pound females beat up four or five well-trained men in hand to hand combat, as well as take punches that would deck a young Ali.*

*Sorry for the off topic rant, but I finally got around to watching SALT last night with Angelina Jolie. An absolutely impossible to watch piece of utter nonsense with Jolie playing a Soviet spy doing things that would give James Bond and Ethan Hunt heart attacks. American horror/action/adventure films have lately, with a few rare and notable exceptions, been complete and utter dreck.    

Back to the point, if you're going to do a tape gag, here's some examples of how it should be done correctly.
Tape Gags Done Right
If for reason you can't put a wraparound tape gag on your fair damsel, at least have enough pride in your work to use one that actually appears to be adhered on properly.
And please actresses, don't try to tell us the tape hurts your face. I think if a seventy year old woman and a little kid can handle it, surely you 20 and 30 something hard bodies can stand a little discomfort.

Sadly, this is how most scenes go these days. But in Germany, the attention to detail that made the Germans such a pain in WWII sometimes shows up in their gagging of damsels.

Just take a look at some scenes from episodes of Hinter Gittern and Küstenwache. 

There's some bad ass gagging going on here folks. The evildoers in these shows aren't fooling around. Dominic Wolfe and Jay Edwards themselves would be proud of these gags. We're talking really tight cleaves and some serious mouth stuffing.

Negatives? Well, none of these women would ever be mistaken for Hayden Panettiere or Jessica Alba, if you know what I mean. I have nothing but love and respect for MILF types, but how about putting some of that ultra gag know how on someone like say, Indiana Evans?

I want to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Sam and Rob's Damsels for some of these photos, as well as the video links below. 

Küstenwache S01E03 - 'Fischernetz' (starring Lena Lessing):

Küstenwache S03E09 - 'Auf Eigene Faust' (starring Katharina Abt):

Hinter Gittern – Der Frauenknast - S14E14; 'Die Cobra' (featuring Bettina Lohmeyer, Solveig August, Katy Karrenbauer)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I Originally Became A Conservative/Libertarian

I confess. I started out as a (Gasp!) democrat. 

However, there's a large "but" in there. At that time I was in my mid-teens, which meant I actually knew next to nothing about virtually everything. My mind was almost exclusively focused on girls, cars, girls, sports, girls, sleeping, eating and, oh yeah, girls. Also, to be honest, I had no idea what being a democrat actually meant. I was a democrat for the simple reason that I was from the deep south and back then almost everyone down here voted democratic. My father, grandfather, uncles, everyone. The funny part was, had they actually attended the national democratic convention, they would have probably wound up in a fight with someone. Or everyone.

So, how did the transformation occur? (Note: The picture to the left has nothing to do with this article, but it got your attention, didn't it?) Initially, the credit must go to my high school Economics/Accounting teacher, Miss Wright. (That's not her name) Taking both Economics and Accounting I & II, I had her for two classes for two years. I'm no genius, but math has always come rather easily for me, and so I would tend to finish my work early, as did some others, and she would talk to us about things like politics. She didn't so much try to sway us on our thinking as she just asked a lot of questions about what we thought on various topics. When I would answer, she'd say, "That's what Republicans believe, not democrats". I really didn't know much, I was simply answering using the common sense God gave me.

To me, that's still the difference between the mind of a liberal and the mind of a conservative. It has little to do with "book learning" intelligence, but it has everything to do with common sense.

For the most part, Conservatives and Libertarians have it. Liberals do not.

So that got my political mind activated. With the 1980 presidential election coming up, as well as my first opportunity to vote, I decided I'd better learn some more about the differences between the parties. This being well before the Internet, I had limited sources to choose from, as well as limited ability to pinpoint and acquire the material. On television, there were big three news organizations and PBS, but for the most part that was nothing but left slanted propaganda. Newspapers, again for the most part, weren't much better. Often worse.

So, that left the library. Luckily, I was in a part of the country where conservative books weren't all but banned as they are now in certain places. I was even luckier still when the first book I found was Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom. Originally published in 1962, this book turned me on to true conservatism and libertarianism. This man, simply put, was a genius, with his overriding principles being good common sense and a real understanding of what made/makes America great. A few years later, I watched his series on PBS (!) called Free To Choose

I tell you, as much as I love conservatives like Ann Coulter and Rush, it's really Milton Friedman who I feel really stood for true conservatism/libertarianism. I can't strongly recommend enough getting his material. It will either really open up the true conservative/libertarian in you or it will finally confirm you're a liberal socialist. 

Also around that time, I read Barry Goldwater's The Conscience of a Conservative and William F. Buckley's God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom".

That was when I really began to understand that the MSM (MainStream Media) are mostly hard left liberal subversives and that everything they wrote or said had to be filtered through that prism. I had no issue with them being liberal, but I despised them constantly hawking how "unbiased" they were, when in fact they were anything but.

College was an eye opener too. Even in the deep south, left wing ideology permeates academia. I was constantly bombarded with liberal bullshit presented to me as undeniable (And thus supposedly undebatable) truth.

When the elections of 1980 rolled around, I had seen the light. I voted for Ronald Reagan and have never, ever, felt better about my vote. After that, my distrust of Hollywood and the MSM only deepened as I saw them call Reagan and other Conservatives every nasty name imaginable and accuse them of hating children, senior citizens, the poor, women, minorities, animals and trees. I saw them go on insane crusades to "rid" the world of "dangerous" things. Chemicals like DDT, which summarily caused (And is still causing) the deaths of thousands in undeveloped nations from diseases carried by mosquitoes.

The great Alar apple scare, started by 60 Minutes and Ed Bradley, sending many apple farmers into unnecessary bankruptcy and costing the American people almost 10 billion dollars as the government tried to compensate apple and grapefruit growers.

That was also about the time I started seriously distrusting scientists as a group. How many times have they warned us about some horrible thing that's supposed to destroy mankind/Earth/both sometime in the not-too-distant future? The so-called population explosion, which was supposed to kill millions by the year 2000 and literally destroy Great Britain, scares about running out of oil due to overuse, not enough food, unbreathable polluted air, not enough water, too much water, nuclear power, and of course, the current scientific boondoggle rage, global warming. Too hot? Global warming. Too cold? Global warming. Floods? Global warming. Droughts? Global warming. Utter bullshit? Global warming.

I won't even go into the original, still enforced today as a virtual religion among liberals, boondoggle: Darwinism.

I love science, but many scientists are left wing whackos that the MSM foist on us. They come up with these goofy ideas, mix in a little psuedo-science, and bang, suddenly we can no longer buy a toilet that actually flushes properly in some idiotic attempt to "conserve" water. Three quarters of the Earth is water, but we have to conserve it. Riiiiiight. Of course, we all know that flushing does not "destroy" water any more than billions of aquatic life forms urinating and defecating in ponds, lakes, and oceans "destroys" water.

To answer a question posed to me by "Ronny": My leanings as so far as conservative vs libertarian depend on the subject. True libertarianism and true conservatism are very close in overriding ideology, but they differ on a few key points. I'm a libertarian on most issues but, for instance, I just can't see the logic and benefits to legalizing drugs. I completely understand the idea of an adult having the right and freedom to ingest whatever they want. However, as long as my taxes have to pay for Mr. Druggies extra costs and my insurance goes up because of his drug usage, I'll have to pass on giving him free reign to load up on pot, cocaine, heroin or whatever.

Also, I feel our military involvement, at times, in foreign countries, is both necessary and understandable given the world situation. Many Libertarians tend to want us to stay out of such things completely.

So that's how I began as a conservative/libertarian. Over the years, my belief in that philosophy has done nothing but get stronger and stronger. I also know that most Americans believe more as I do than in liberal ideas, but credit where credit is due, the left is truly great at manipulating mass media. If not for talk radio and the Internet the would dominate everything.

But I keep the faith and try to do my small part in changing people's minds and hearts.

Monday, June 20, 2011

DiD Clip - The Bloody Escape 1975

Our damsel in this standard Shaw Brothers kung fu flick is Shih Szu. She was a big time female martial arts star in the 70's, then pretty much retired in `81 at the tender age of 28. 

In this one, Shih Szu (Who, to be fair, was a lot more cute than sexy hot) plays a young lady kidnapped by a gang who controls the town. The evil leader dude plans to have his way with her, but she's a bitin' fightin' wildcat and he has other things to do at the moment. A couple of the older ladies in town, ever helpful when it comes to raping teenage virgins, restrain our poor lass to keep her settled down until the boss can come by and rape her proper. Not only do they tightly bind and gag sweet Szu, they also watch over her until the big man is ready to do the nasty. When he arrives, they even tell him that he's a lucky man, because the "ones who bite and scratch" will become real sexual dynamos, ready and willing for anything, once he "breaks" her. Now here are a couple of females the NOW gang can be proud of!

Not so fast though, because one of the "good" bandits (Our hero) has come to rescue her from the villain. She despised this guy earlier in the film, but naturally once he's rescued her, she forgets all about that "hate" thing and is ready and willing to forget about that virgin stuff as well.

Nice little clip, I think. Very good quality.