Monday, March 22, 2010

Obomacare Passed... Yaaaayyy!

No, really. I'm serious. "Sasha" asked me what I thought now, and, after a few seconds of initial disappointment, I'm rather pleased.

Why? Several reasons: 
  • Lot of congressional dems sold their souls (Figure of speech. Most politicians, and damn sure virtually all liberals, sold their souls long ago. That's assuming of course, that they believe in the whole soul thing anyway. Lots of atheists and agnostics in that bunch.) and voted for this monstrosity, and you can bet the house many of them will pay the price come next election day. I giddily await the slaughter. 
  • To get Obomacare passed, the Prez had to outright bribe, cheat, and lie, and this bill, which supposedly "the American people wanted" was so unpopular, it had to be voted in on a Sunday. That's just sad.  
  • States are lining up to sue the Federal government over the bill, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, at least the lawyers will get lots of work and taxpayer dollars out of this.
  • As more details emerge, this will absolutely energize the non-liberals in this country like nothing much has since probably `94, and more likely like `80.
Yes Sasha, we "r-wingers" (Not sure exactly what that is. I'm a conservative, but I'll stipulate to that label for now)  liked NOTHING in this bill, and therefore, yes, we "had to make a stand". You see, this bill goes against several of our core beliefs, the primary one here being "Less government is better government"

"We couldn't have done it without your half-truths, omissions and total lies to stir up the old white people stuck in the 50's."

I guess that exempts me, because, though I'm white (Uh, aren't YOU white? I'll leave the age thing alone, you being female and all.) I wasn't around for the `50's. Little Vince did not enter this world until the wacky `60s. And, the last time I checked, a heck of a lot of yellow, black, and various shades of brown people work for living as well, and really, really, don't like paying a bunch of taxes, much less even more taxes for a program that won't even start for 4 years, assuming it ever does, which it won't.

As for omission and half-truths, I suggest you visit this site and read carefully:

Frankly darlin, even if I supported this nonsense, the manner and means required to get it passed would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But hey, enjoy your little victory for now. It's just a battle, not the war.