Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Later... For Awhile.

Fall is here, and so is football. Also, kinda busy at work these days, and maybe I'm a little burned out on DiD stuff, so I'm taking a break. I'll be back I'm sure, but I can't say exactly when.  Everyone stay well, God Bless, and remember that without the gag, it's not really bondage, and that this great nation was founded by and fought for by people demanding small, limited government and the freedom to do what they want, when they want, so long as it hurts no others.

The Greyman


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Story Ideas - Incest Themed DiD Tale?

Mom's not happy with her son's new game.
Somehow, in the comments section of my ABK III Chapter 3 post, incest came up and then several people jumped on the idea and have asked (strongly requested) that I write, well the kind of story I write, but include a strong incest theme.

Is that something most of you who like my stories can get behind? I've flirted with some incest content in my stories from time to time, here and there, but never really focused on that fetish as a central theme, y`know?

But if I do this, it's likely to be a one time thing and so just know I'll go all in, if you know what I mean. Also know I have no timetable for writing a story like this, as I don't even have a story idea that grabs me yet.

I'll go ahead and cut the credit poll short and post a poll on this story idea. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Archives BBS - Site Review

I'm not sure exactly when Felix Dartmouth started the Archives BBS web site, but I know when I began really getting into the online bondage/DiD scene around `97 or so, he was already there. In fact, my earliest recollection of a bondage site was Archives BBS.

See, for any of you not familiar with the web back in those days, it was truly a different world. Google was an unknown infant. Yahoo and Lycos were the search engines of choice. Internet Explorer and Netscape were pretty much your choice of browsers. A tiny fraction of the web sites available today were around in that era. Most of us were still on 56K dial-up, but a rare few,  if your pocketbook could stand it, had 500k or 768K DSL, so bandwidth was extremely limited. AOL, or, as I have always referred to it, "The Devil", was king of the non-geek world.

Those of us not seduced by The Devil's "free" disks offering all kinds of unlimited access for no charge (Unless you count the hell they put you through when you tried to cancel) got most of our information and material from newsgroups.

Remember newsgroups? Back then, most ISP's offered access to them at no extra cost. In truth, they were more valuable than the rest of the internet combined. Stories, pictures, information, contacts, even some small (Very small) video clips. All that could be found if you knew the right newsgroups to visit and sift through. The problem was that even back then the fracking spammers were killing the newsgroups. 

Along came Felix with a great idea. For a small fee, he would wade through all the crap and give you just the best DiD/BDSM material the newsgroups had to offer without all the spam and extraneous nonsense. Stories? He has a freakin' shitload of them, and I am not exaggerating. Including some great classics you never see around anymore. Pictures? Thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

Not only that, but FD himself was and is a damned fine bondage writer himself. His first major story, "An Easy Job" is one of the top BD tales ever. I would easily put Felix in my top ten bondage authors. I only wish he had more time to write and was more prolific, because he's extremely talented in this area.

However, what he's done is branch out into videos, so that's everyone's gain. By now, Felix probably has forty or fifty full length videos available, and by joining, you get access to a bunch of free clips from these.

Felix's videos are much like his stories, in that he has a certain "style" that's uniquely his own. He favors attractive girls placed in "consenual non-consenual" bondage. Usually they're incarcerated by the local law, who then use personal restraints on the ladies, including gags. Lot's of ball-gags. Leather and metal restraints, mostly. Sometimes they are turned over to their families to finish out their sentences.

Exerpt from "An Easy Job" #1 May 1993 Copyright Felix Dartmouth, 1998.

And here is my only small bone to pick with FD. His personal stories are packed with great gag scenes, (If they weren't, I sure wouldn't be recommending them) yet many of his videos are a little light in that area, which confounds me to no end. Can't figure that one out. Don't get me wrong, most of his video's have gag scenes, just not as many as I woulld like or would expect judging by his story content. The videos with a sexy, busty model named "Chesty" (Apropos handle) have a lot of ball-gag scenes, for instance. Others, like Haven's Self-Bondage Adventure are definitely on the light side, gag wise. Haven is an uber-hot MILF, and one that I would have like to see gagged 98% of her time on screen. She is va-va-voom sexy.

I need to ask him about that one day and see what the reasoning is for this. My personal feeling is that if he gagged his models as (often) he does in his stories, he would sell twice as many DVD's. At least. Just my opinion.

Anyway, back to the review, newsgroups are still out there and very much alive. The amount of available material is more than it ever was, but there's also more spam and more malware than ever as well, and most ISP's no longer offer free access. So, for the price of what you'd pay for that access, or less, you get all the good BDSM stuff (And much more) brought to you, but with FD filtering out all that nasty spam and malware for you.

So, to recap, for just $16.95 the first month, and just $12.95 monthly after that, you receive all that great newsgroup material, a huge number of video clips, a zillion pics and stories, and a lot more.

There are more than a few bondage pay sites where the cost is a hell of a lot more than what you get in return. That is definitely not the case with Archives BBS. I'm not kidding when I tell you that you'll be overloaded by all the stuff to peruse for long, long, time, and yet Felix is constantly adding more material every month.

One of, if not the best value's you'll find anywhere. Well worth the forty-five cents a day it'll run you to be a member. 

Give it a try. Tell Felix The Greyman sent you!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Clip - Great Cleave Gag Scene

In this neat little clip, sorta sexy MILF type is kidnapped, (Kind of) molested, and then tied up and gagged twice. 

Some kind of European scene, but I have no idea what it is or where it's from.

Just enjoy.


Sin pecado concebido capitulo 25 (2/5)

Hot chick (Montserrat Olivier, who is in her early 40's!) is hung by her wrists, cleave-gagged, and lashed by a guy in a mask while another hot chick tapes the event.
These Hispanic soap babes really know how to have fun on a date don't they?

LINK to clip posted on YouTube.

LINK to same clip posted on Mediafire.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Uninhabited - Video Clip

They aren't paying me enough for this shit! Mmmf!
Well hell, that didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Here's the clip, and it's a nice little scene with plenty of "mmphing", but be warned in advance there's major putz "interference". Personally, I don't like putz crap, but I don't hate it enough to go through all the trouble of trying to edit it out. I can manage to focus on the girl and ignore the dude. I'll leave that level of editing for others with more time, ability, and patience.


Uninhabited (2010) Gag Scene

Funny, this scene wasn't in the script...
This is Geraldine Hakewill, and these shots are from the 2010 film "Uninhabited".  It's a little Aussie cheapie flick about a couple looking for some privacy go to a desert island that's uninhabited. By that I mean supposedly.

Crikey! Forgot the frangers!
Obviously it's not, or we wouldn't have a movie, now would we?
Please know that as of yet, I haven't seen this movie. I got the money shot from the trailer, here. I'm currently acquiring the whole movie (Cough... torrent... cough...) but it may take a day or so. I can tell you that she's gagged and tied to a pole and I can tell you that there's a gagged putz in there as well. The girl, Geraldine, as by the bikini pic, has a decent body and is reasonably cute, but no one's going to confuse her with Jessica Alba or anything.  A six or low seven at best. Obviously, I have no clue (Yet) how long the scene is, (Guessing medium length) or what the set up is, or if she mmph's her heart out (Possible, but doubt it), or if there's stuffing behind that cloth covering her mouth. (Highly doubtful, but always hopeful.)

As I said, apparently this is a low budget independent film. It did not garner very good reviews. Also, from what I've read this is Gerry's first feature film.

So, my question is, why cast a kinda nice looking, maybe okay actress, as the lead? If she's going to be in skimpy clothing much of the time, why not cast someone like this:
This is Sophie Monk. That's Sophie's nipple. I'm impressed.

Can't afford a known actress? Okay, so what? I can't see there being any shortage of uber-hot bikini babes in Australia.

Me, if I'm the director I'm casting the hottest girl I can find who can act her way out of a paper bag, then I'm plastering the poster with her sexist bikini shots and of her bound and gagged.

I might not win an Oscar (Or whatever the hell the Aussie version of that award is called) but I guarantee my movie would get a lot more publicity and sales.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review - Pat Power's Slave Girls In The Movies And On TV

The complete and official title is Slave Girls In The Movies And On TV: The Hottitude of Servitude.

As one can see, Patrick's never been shy about using a dozen words when four might suffice. ;) For the sake of expediency and my poor typing skills, for the remainder of this review I'll refer to the book as "SGM".

For those not familiar with Pat Powers, he's a long time contributor to the DiD community. He has a blog, and is an accomplished BDSM writer, publishing several stories, including my personal favorite, KARG. Available for $4.99 at MobiPocket and absolutely worth every nickel. It's one of the finest bondage stories ever written. He has other stories available as well.

Pat's not perfect. He has an irritating streak of liberalism that has occasionally (Okay, more than occasionally) caused us to debate, but I'm not sure he's a real liberal because he's genuinely a good guy and not an obtuse asshole at all. Make's me think there's a level-headed conservative in there somewhere waiting to get out.

Anyway, Pat's new book, SGM, is now available. It's not a story, but a comprehensive look at how slavegirls have been and are portrayed in TV and films.

Did I mention it was comprehensive? SGM is an exhaustive, in depth analysis of the subject, complete in every way, covering slave girls  from all angles, from G-rated material to triple X porn. The book is replete with pictures, and there's definitely no shortage of words either: The book is over 600 pages. 

Understand too, all this love is coming from a guy who is not into the whole slave/master thing. Personally, I think it's silly nonsense when someone makes his "slave" call him "master". I always laugh and it reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie" when I hear or read that stuff. 

On the other hand, Barbara Eden from that era can call me anything she likes, whenever she likes, as so long as she's in a friendly and giving mood, if you get my drift.

The other issue is the lack of gags. You know me, I'm all about the gag. No gag, no care. KARG, in case you haven't read it, get's it right. Really right. The only time KARG females aren't gagged (And I'm talking serious gags here. No bullshit piece of tape or simple cleave. Max stuffing is the name of this game.) is when they are eating or sucking cock.

Now THIS is my idea of great slave girls!
Would that slave girls in film/TV wore such muzzles. Alas, you rarely see gags in TV/Film slave girls. Not even on non-BDSM slaves. Once in a blue moon, sure, but nothing like KARG or the GOR books. Pat explores this subject as well.

So this is one book I highly recommend for everyone in our community, because there really is something in it for everyone and it's one darned entertaining read.

The cost? More than anything, that's the unbelievable part. Fifty bucks wouldn't be too much. Twenty-five would be a deal. Ten dollars? A steal.

How about $3.99?

That's right kiddies. For about what you'd pay these days for a hamburger or a gallon of gas, you can get this book downloaded to you virtually instantaneously right here.

Clearly, Pat Powers isn't trying to get rich by writing! Or, maybe the extra income would thrust him into a new tax bracket. Nah. Couldn't be that, `cause we all know how much liberals love to pay those taxes, don't we?

Seriously, how can you possibly go wrong spending $4? Not only will you enjoy the read and looking at the pictures, but the next time there's a conversation by the water cooler about slave girls, you'll look like a genius.

Okay, a perverted genius, but still...


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter 3 Of ABK: Project F.A.R.R.

***Warning! Warning! This story is for ADULTS ONLY!

 Well, I have good news and not so good news.

The good is, here's Chapter 3 of ABK 3: Project F.A.R.R.

The bad? I'm starting a new work project soon. The money's pretty good, but my free time will probably be limited for awhile, which means new chapters or stories may flow a tad slower than I would like. Maybe a lot slower. Just not sure at this time.

I'll do the best I can, but gotta make that cheese so the government can take half and blow it on bullshit, or give it away to lazy assholes who won't work for a living like the rest of us dumbasses.

Anyway, hope everyone likes the story so far and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Ranting About... Well, Pretty Much Everything.

I am somewhat recovered from the bug that has been kicking my ass the last few days, but I still can't sleep worth a shit, so I thought I'd write a little. Beware though, that nothing gets The Greyman cranky more than illness. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

What a shitty weekend. Literally, if you get my drift. Lots of high fever too. All the other classic flu symptoms as well, but the two I listed were the worst by far. You know how some people like to be "babied" when they are sick? Not me. I turn into a grouchy SoB when I'm sick. I don't want any help. Or any conversation. I want as little human contact as possible.

So what happens? Well, of course I was working on a project that was due on the 1st, and there was just no way that was going to happen, so I called the guy Friday and explained the situation. All that got me was a long (And I do mean long) diatribe on how they just HAD to have it done by the 1st (Monday). Of course, I knew that was bullshit, and he knew that I knew that was bullshit, but he was gunning for an extra discount. I gave it to him just to get him to shut the fuck up, but now I'll be lucky to break even on this job.

And then, there's my girlfriend. Let us call her Ann (Not her name). We were supposed to go out Friday night. I called to cancel and explained that I was sick. She asked what she could do and all of that, but I then carefully explained how I was a asshole when ill and that I would call her Monday or Tuesday.

So naturally, who knocks on my door that night? Ann. With soup.

I am not a huge soup guy at the best of times, and this was not the best of times. Plus, I know I looked like hell and I'm sure I reeked a little because I had been cold sweating all day.

Still, it was a kind gesture, so I bit my tongue and offered a weak "Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll love the soup" comment, hoping she would leave.

Oh no, of course not. She wants to stay and play nursemaid. Sigh... 

"Taking care of me" apparently means interrupting my TV watching and indulging me in conversation, which is just about the last thing I wanted right then. I tried to give short, one word answers, but all that did was hurt her feeling and then she made a couple of pissy "I suppose I'm not wanted here" -type comments, which irked me to the point of asking what part of me telling her that I wanted to be left alone in our earlier phone conversation did she not understand?

Ha... if nothing else bud, that did the trick. She was out of there like a cannon shot. Might have lost a girlfriend though. She won't respond to my calls or texts.

Can you believe this silly shit? Women. God love `em, but their brains work in strange and goofy ways at times. 


Then I get to watch John Beohner and a bunch of other fucking GOP RINO's screw the country over even more by capitulating to much of what Obama wanted and not holding the line on cap and spend. We are spending ourselves into socialism people. Yeah, I'm going after democrats as always, but these half-ass so-called Republicans are also in shithouse as well. The Republican party needs to decide if it's a party of true conservatives or a party of democrat lites. Personally, I'm ready to chunk the whole party and just start another.

Oh wait, there's another already. The Tea Party. Awesome.

RINO's no accepted or wanted, thank you.


Generally speaking, I like many of the series on the premium channels. Deadwood, The Sopranos, even Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm are fairly harmless fun, but the recent spate looks as though it was made for the Gay Network or something. True Blood is a really good show overall, but they are killing me with all the male homo shit and the pure hatred of Christianity and anything they deem as conservative. What makes it even more ludicrous is that it's supposedly set in rural Louisiana.

Trust me, generally speaking, people in the deep south are nothing like what that show portrays. The way the Bill Compton guy acts and carries himself is about the closest. (Except for the vampire part). I can damn sure tell you that the deep south would never ever put up with vampires. Un-uh. Maybe somewhat in New Orleans, but the rest of LA, MS, AL, etc..? Not a chance in hell.

Then you have/had Spartacus, and now there's Torchwood. I never watched TW before, so I didn't know the "hero" (Snort...) likes to take it up the ass and blow dudes. None of that in the first episode, but the 2nd they pushed that homo shit right out there in full view.

YACK. End of me watching that show as well.

Look, I have no problem with (hot) lesbians, because I totally get what they see in other hot women. But guy on guy? Forget it. Never will I ever understand what a male sees in another male. Hell, to be honest, I actually don't get what females find attractive about men, at least compared to a woman. It's no contest IMO, but I'm damned sure glad (most) of the them do prefer men.

I could care less what two dudes do in private. But I don't want to see it. Anywhere. Ever. It just grosses me out. Bleech! So advertisers, just know that if you push gay male action on me (Through, uh, the TV I mean. Physically trying, well that will just get you hurt, maimed or killed), I am so outta there. No more of that show, so Torchwood is off my record list for good.

Interesting they never show any of that male homo stuff in the previews. Guess maybe most of America ain't quite as ready for guy-on-guy as Hollyweird would like.

Gee, who'da thought?



Sorry about the missing pics. My site is just more popular than I ever imagined and I'm blowing up my PB bandwidth. I plan to fix it though, so please bear with me.


Friday, July 29, 2011


The Greyman is truly grey today, fighting a nasty flu bug that has me sick as a hell. All the classic symptoms. Just special.

See you guys soon... gotta go.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John Kerry’s Swift Boat Defender Stripped of Medal

Ben Smith catches a Navy Times report that Capt. Wade Sanders — best known for defending John Kerry's dubious war record and introducing the candidate at the 2004 convention — has been stripped of his Silver Star by the Navy.

He's also currently in jail for kiddie porn.

Other than that though, I hear he's a hell of a guy.

Of course, he's a lawyer as well, which tells you a lot. I knew something was up. Real stand up military vets likely would never support and vouch for a pud like Kerry.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Clear Sign Gun Control Does Not Work

At least 92 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack

One nut case. Armed despite some of the world's strictest gun control laws, opens fire. 92 dead. So far. 

Horrible tragedy. No way to prevent something like this, so what do you do. You pray. And, you hope that somehow, somewhere, some liberals finally get it through their thick skulls that gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, and that psychos and criminals will always get them somehow. Would having access to weapons have saved all of these people? Most likely not, but I would say it's a near certainty that the body count would be far less than the 92 it is at this point. And maybe the asshole who did the shooting would be in hell rather than sitting in a nice, warm cell right now.

The other certainty of this is that the MSM will be blame it on conservatives in some manner. "Hate speech" most likely, but they'll throw in something about the Tea Party, talk radio, Sarah Palin, and some other stuff as well. One thing about liberals is that they don't ever give up on a bad idea, and they have no shame when it comes to using a horrific event to further their agenda.  (Actually, that's two things, but you get my point.)

My understanding, at this time, (Not confirmed) is that the max sentence this psycho can get in good old progressive, socialist Norway is 21 years. For 92 dead people. 

I have nothing to add on this one. The insanity speaks for itself.

My prayers go out to the families of the fallen.

Norway Killings 

Left Starts Early Blaming Conservatives



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Really Weird Continuity Error In DiD Scene

This bedspread smells wonderful!
Check out this little DiD clip. I downloaded it yesterday and on it's own, it's a nice enough little scene. Gag's kind of weak, but the girl is cute, hands and feet tied, and there's some decent struggling and hopping. Nothing particularly memorable, but certainly not bad. 

Rescue boy needs to hurry! I have to pee!
Our heroine has been abducted by the bad guy, with the good guy in hot pursuit. She lies bound and gagged, waiting to be rescued or ravished, depending on who gets to her first. Only, she decides the hell with all this waiting, I'm outta here, and starts hopping towards the door.

No satellite TV? I am so out of here!
Funny, this gag used to be tighter...
Mmmph! Yes... like this!
Here's where the weird starts happening. As she's hopping, at the 1:31 mark, her gag changes. Not just changes from a detective to a cleave, or something like that, but as a totally different gag altogether. Different color and everything. Then, about two hops later, it changes right back to the black one from the beginning and stays that way. Cray-zee. I don't recall ever seeing that before. Not this bad, anyway. I can only assume the wrong gag part was some sort of rehearsal scene that somehow got mixed in. But why tie a gag on? And why the wrong one? And why so sloppily? (It's all but falling off as she's hopping)

Just odd is what it is.
By the way, I re-cut this from the one online, and took out the extraneous stuff, leaving the tied and gagged part. Here's the clip for you to view...

 ... and here's the clip for you to download.

This reminds me, someone emailed the other day and asked why I didn't just post my videos in Blogger like above. Well, several reasons. One, it's easier to download them. Two, it gives me a lot more control over my stuff. Three, and this is really the big one, it allows for the best quality. This clip for instance, is about 32mb. When I uploaded it to Blogger, they were kind enough to cut the size (And thus, the quality) by 3/4, down to 8mb. No thanks. I'll stick to MediaFire and MegaUpload.  


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Web Banner

There are a few web sites out there that prefer site banners to text links, so I made one for here.

Anyone who wants or needs to use it is free to do so.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pelt Clip Reworked

I look great, but this may not end well...
A few days ago, on Robs site and BP, Sudden Sam the Awesome One posted a DVD quality clip from the film PELT. The clip was great as usual, but it was also 450mb and had a lot of extraneous material in it. (Busty, cutie pie victim girl running around in a tight, low cut top and tight shorts; other victim girl locked in cage)

So, I re-cut the clip and just kept the part where the girl is tied to the table and gagged. Same quality, but now it's about 33mb.

For those who want the trimmed down, gag scene only, 33mb version, that's HERE

For those who want the whole enchilada, this is Sam's uncut, complete 450mb version HERE.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Battle Of The Babes: Selena vs Miley vs Hayden

As I post this, my poll on Hottest Babe ends today, and I thought it would be fun to break it down and rank them in individual categories. I'm leaving Demi Lovato out because, as I expected, she's getting killed by the other three, who are basically neck and neck.

When a honey muffin like Demi gets trounced, you know the competition is strong as hell. I plan to give points for each spot (1 for first, 2 for second, etc...). In the end, the lowest point total should be the winner of the hottest babe competition.

Prettiest Face
    1. Selena 2. Hayden 3. Miley

All of these ladies are gorgeous, but Selena takes the top spot because of those sensuous lips and overall beauty. Hayden's not far behind. Check her out in the film Bring It On: All Or Nothing (2006). She is awesome looking. Stunning. Miley used to have an issue with overexposed gums at times. She's grown out of that, but not quite enough to overtake the others.

Best Breasts
    1. Miley 2. Hayden 3. Selena

None of these ladies is close to sporting Lindsey Lohan(Pre-skank)/Scarlett Johansson rackage, but in a battle of the B-cups (Miley might be a C-cup by now, but it's close), I believe Miley wins a tight one. Hayden definitely has some perky, fine little hooters. At some point in the future, Selena may well have the best set of all, but here and now, I don't think she's quite as filled out as she will be eventually.

Best Butt
    1. Hayden 2. Miley 3. Selena

All of these ladies have outstandingly fine cabooses, but Hayden wins this one hands... errr... ass down. She simply has a perfect, tight tushie. Again, check her out in her Bring It On flick in those tiny little shorts. Arrrooouuuu! Woof! Woof!

Best Legs
    1. Miley 2. Selena 3. Hayden

Miley has long been underrated in the gams department. The girl has some damn fine sticks, that cannot be denied. Selena takes second by a hair over Hayden, even though she's still hurt in this category by that "skinny" issue. Hayden loses a couple of needed points here because of her short stature.

Best Overall Body
    1. Miley 2. Hayden 3. Selena

Both Miley and Hayden lose points because of gawddamn MF'ing tats, but they're relatively obscure at this point. Not long ago, Hayden would have won this one hands down, but it ain't 2006 anymore and that picture of Miley with the curves and abs pushed her over the top by a smidgen. Once again, Selena can't quite crack the top two just yet. Give it another year or three and she might dominate this competition.

Point totals:

Selena -    12 points
Hayden -   10 points
Miley -        8 points

And the winner is... Miley Cyrus

Wow. That's a surprise. As God is my witness, when I did this I had absolutely no idea who would win until I added up the points. I simply worked up the categories and started voting with my best thoughts on who ranked where in each individual test.

I'd like to hear everyone's honest thoughts and opinions.

I like this so much I'm going pull a first and post this in my personal forum area over at DVF as well.

Rango Clip - For Those Who Like Gagged Reptiles

Gagged female? Yup, but it's still a lizard...
I'm sorry, I just can't get excited about the scene in Rango.

It's not that I hate animated scenes. I don't... not at all. I like those that feature "real" females, but I mean, come on people. This is a lizard.

Please take a DEEP breath Isla...
And even a lizard voiced by a sweet muffin like Isla Fisher is still a freakin' lizard for gosh sakes. And it's not even some reptile built like Jessica Rabbit. It's a bony-ass, skinny female lizard in a school marm's dress.


The only reason I bothered clipping this at all is because (a) No one else seems to have gotten around to it yet, and (b) It was there.

Lost in the 50's tonight...
A word about this clip. The copy I had was a very high quality version. That's good. Unfortunately, it was a little too high quality. I found a flaw in MediaCope's cutting program in that it doesn't like 6-channel audio at all. That's bad, so I had to convert the entire flick to a different format with 2-channel sound in order to clip it. Unfortunately, (That word's coming up a lot in this article, huh? That's uh... unfortunate. Heh.) the version I converted the film to was a tad lower in quality than I intended. Long story, but I had to use my laptop to convert it with, and it took a loooong time with it's older dual core processor, rather than my i7 quad core screamer. So long, in fact, that for a scene I really don't care about anyway, I simply refuse to go through the process again.

So anyway, here's the clip. I hope it's not too crappy, but I'm sure Sudden Sam will have a uncompressed 1080P version out soon enough.

Download Rango clip HERE.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rants, Raves, & Other Stuff For July, 2011

So the other night I was watching the TV Show, Rookie Blue. I watch it for two reasons. One, Missy Peregrym and Charlotte Sullivan are quite the yummy pair, and two, I carry on in the hope that Missy will have a chance at a much longer version of her previous (And only, up to this point) gag scene. 

Hey! Are you checking out my rack?
Of course, I'd love to see Charlotte get her first, as she's still a gag-virgin.  Tell you what, if she keeps looking as good as she does here, I might just have to bump her up over Missy on my want list.


They look even better when I do this!
Here, check out my great cleavage!

But I have to tell you, this is one tough show to take. It's can be so ludicrous at times, and more than a little too PC for my tastes. The latest idiocy occurred in the last show, when Missy's character, who's a cop of course, is home alone when she hears a noise outside. She locates her sidearm (Smart) which is in one of those pointless gun lock boxes and unloaded.(Beyond stupid). 

This is an absurd scenario. Meaning, the lock box. In this case, our girl heard the noise outside, while the lights were on, and she was wide awake. So, she had no problem locating the box, then unlocking it, and then loading a magazine. Also, she had plenty of time to do all of this. 

But what if it's in the dead of night, pitch dark, and she was awakened by the sound of a 300 pound, axe-welding sex maniac serial killer busting in?  Moreover, he was already halfway down the hall to her bedroom? Is there any chance anyone could wake up, startled, figure out what was happening, locate the lock box, unlock it, and load the weapon, all before Mr. rapist-murderer gets hold of your sweet ass?  

Not a chance in hell, and suddenly you realize the most useless device in the world is an unloaded gun you can't get to in time. But by then, it's far too late, isn't it? Congratulations, you've just been raped and murdered, but the good news is, all the nutty gun control advocates out there salute you. 

So that alone is stupid enough, but here's the kicker. She's a cop. Not some soccer mom with a bunch of kids at home, or some little old lady almost as scared of the gun as she would be of an attacker. She is (supposedly) a trained police officer. And this person keeps her sidearm in a locked box????? As I stated before, I know a lot of law enforcement personnel, personally, professionally, and in a few other online forums I frequent, and so I posed the question to a number of them. Would any cop really do that? 

The answer I got was about what I expected; namely, a lot of derisive laughter at the ludicrous question. The wording was something like "Not no, but hell no", or "No way would any cop lock his or her weapon up like that at home". 

But of course, this is network television, or liberal land as I like to call it, where common sense goes out the window in favor of being politically correct. 


Rant #2

Did you know the American women's soccer team won a "stunning" last second victory the other day? You didn't? Neither did I. In fact, I didn't even know they had played. But according to ESPN on their various daily sports shows (PTI, Mike & Mike, Rome, 1st & Ten, etc...), over and over, to the point of nauseating overkill, the "entire nation" was "captivated" by this "incredible" win. Well, I wasn't exactly "captivated". More like completely ambivalent. I mean, I always want American's to win at everything, but soccer, and even more so, women's soccer, is so far down on my list of sports I care about that it has to look up to see tiddlywinks.

But, was that just me? Was everyone else talking about this game? Once again, I ran my informal poll, asking various people, both women and men. About 20 total, give or take a few. Of all those people, only one had even heard about the game, and they hated soccer more than I did. 

I suspect it only "captivated" those guys over at ESPN, and maybe some others in New York and LA, but in flyover country, it barely registered. I see this as just another lame attempt to cram soccer down the throats of Americans. Why some people so desperately want America to love soccer is beyond me. I suppose it's because the rest of the world loves it, and so we should as well. Silly nonsense.


Rant #3

Over at Brian's Page, there's been a rash of moronic posts asking for information on the most inane of situational DiD scenes:

"Does anyone know of any scenes that have where a DiD is gagged but has stinky bad breath? 

"Can anyone name some DiD scenes where the girl's fingernails are cut really short?"

"Are there are any DiD scenes where the female has one boob that's larger then the other? (One breast smaller than the other will work too)"    

These are made up, but trust me when I say they're not any more asinine than the real ones posted there. 

This nonsense has always gone on, but before it was always thankfully rare. Recently however, there's been a spate of halfwit posts like this.  

Why not simply ignore it? I don't know. Some things just bug you, like people who make a turn without giving a signal. Might not effect me at all, but it still gives me the urge to whack them with a large stick at times.

I call on Brian to put a stop to this idiocy. Lord knows he's always calling this or that "off topic", and these kinds of daffy, puerile posts have no value at all. 

Shouldn't that be the very essence of "off topic"?


Rant #4

So I see where some Latino major league baseball players want to get together and boycott over Arizona's new Immigration Law. Well, they certainly have the right to do so, but my question would be why? I have read the entire law (Which is only a few pages. Not a big deal) and it seems very logical and easy to me. In fact, I would go a step or two past it, but all this law really does is require the local cops to obey the laws already on the books. And, if they detain anyone for another *legal* reason, to check with the feds to see if that person is here legally.

In other words, this "new" law will have absolutely no effect on you unless you are here illegally.

But you sure wouldn't know that by listening or reading the MSM. Good Lord no. According to them, this law is one small step above Nazism. Thankfully, there are some out there with enough common sense to say what it really means. You can read that here and here.

Anyway, since I assume all these MLB Latino's are here legally, I have to wonder, are they basically advocating illegal immigration? They won't ever say that, of course. They'll couch it as some form of protecting the rights of legal immigrants, but it would seem so.

On ESPN's 1st and 10 the other day, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker debated the law. Now, I have considered Bayless a spineless prick ever since he supposedly "outed" Troy Aikman as gay, a "fact" I'm sure all his past girlfriends, his wife of many years, and his three kids found rather curious, to say the least. But, that said, I have to admit the man comes up with a good one every now and then. His latest good one was to stand up for the Arizona law, which shocked me, as I fully expected the ESPN "debate" to be between someone utterly despising the law with a passion, and someone kind of on the fence, but basically not liking it.

Rob Parker, who is black, said that Skip could never understand, because he wasn't black, and therefore had never been stopped for no reason other than "driving while black".

My response to that is this: Despite being a smaller percentage of the population than whites, blacks and Hispanics commit a far higher percentage of violent crime than whites. That is simply a fact that every study supports, though they vary on the exact numbers.

It would stand to reason then, that those groups would be the first looked at when such a crime occurs or when looking to prevent such crimes from taking place. Is that racial profiling? Yes, but that's also the most logical way to go about it, just as "profiling" Arab-looking males is the best way to prevent another 9-11, because that's exactly who's been behind all these attacks. When there's an unidentified serial killer running around, I don't see any white males bitching about being "racially profiled". (Nor, by the way, do I see or hear any liberals or minority group leaders complaining about whites being profiled either.)

Many minorities want it both ways. They want their ethnicity acknowledged when it's advantageous for them, and they demand it be ignored when it might be any type of a burden.

Too bad, too sad. Can't have it both ways.

So my advice to Rob is, work on getting black people as a group to openly and aggressively campaign to stop crime in your ethnic group. Stop glamorizing gang bangers and thugs.

If that occurs and suddenly it's whites committing the majority of violent crime, the cops won't stop you. They'll be stopping me instead.   


Poll Stuff

I've been intrigued by the voting on my latest poll. It started off as I would have predicted, with Hayden Panettiere taking a big early lead, but quickly enough, Miley and Selena pulled up right there with her, and, as I write this, Selena has actually taken the lead.

That's really about the way I'm thinking right now, with the three girls neck and neck, basically. A year ago, I would have taken Hayden hands down in a split second, but recently, Selena has really moved up my list. And that photo I posted of Miley from that film she has coming out, with her taut abs, has me rethinking my ranking of her as well. Woof!

For me, I'd say it's a horse race and the winner depends on my mood that particular day.

Thus endeth my rants and thoughts of this day.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Clip & Film Review: CRAZY LIPS (2000)

Oh no! He's going to rape me! Stop! Stop!
When it comes to Asian Category III classics, no one produced these seedy, violent, sexploitative flicks better or more often than Hong Kong did from the early 80's on through about 1997. But that doesn't mean others didn't put in a good effort now and then, nor does it mean the genre ran out after `97.

Oh no! He is definitely raping me! Help! Stop!
Even today, you will run across a good Cat III movie occasionally, from all over Asia, but the one I'm writing about today comes from Japan. The Japanese are certainly no strangers to horror films, but theirs tend to be about nasty, long haired, evil ghost girls and the like.

Oh no! He's... wait, why are my nipples aroused?
But, in 2000, they made a true, died-in-the-wool Cat III flick called Crazy Lips (Hakkyousuru kuchibiru). I have no idea what the title means or pertains to. Make no mistake, this film is crazy, but the "lips" part baffles me. May well be some sort of translation confusion.

Oh no, no don't stop raping me... don't stop... !
Anyway, this is one truly bizarre film. While it has many of the standard Cat III staples (Bloody murders, headless ghosts, rapes, strangely placed humor, sexy nude females, etc...) it also has several off-the-wall subplots, as well as the lead breaking into song (A Cat III first that I'm aware of), brother and sister incest, a kind of sci-fi/religion thing, intense martial arts fighting by people who should have no skills in that area, and a number of insanely oddball (Even for a Japanese flick) characters. 

With all that, it adds up to a very entertaining 3/4 of a movie. Unfortunately, in the 4th quarter, the makers had to somehow tie all the mayhem and subplots together, and that's where the film goes off track. Rating this movie, I say the first three quarters get's an "A". The last quarter get's a "D".  

Overall score: "B". Recommended.

In this DiD clip, there are these two psychics who are helping the main lead (Hitomi Miwa) to locate her brother and some missing girls. Hitomi's sister, a very cute babe named "Hijiri Natsukawa" (This is her only film listed at IMDB) is used by the family and the psychics as a means to start some kind of ceremony. 

How do they start it? By raping the girl, naturally. She's held down by mom while the psychic's assistant rapes her. They gag her by stuffing a small towel into her mouth. This being an Asian Cat III, about halfway through the rape, our lass morphs from very non-consensual rape victim to very consensual rape participant.  Afterwards, the girl goes from the psychic's biggest critic in the home to their biggest supporter.

I suppose the dude has some mad sex skills.

That's it for the clip, but later in the film Hitomi's character is bound upright (But not gagged, which is why I didn't clip it) and simultaneously double-raped by a dead guy in the front (Yep, that's what I said) and by the sister raper dude in the back portal, if you get my meaning. Later, when she wakes up, the people in the TV (Yep, that's what I said) comment that "Her butt must hurt".

Crude? You bet. Funny? You bet! Made me LOL.

Seriously, I would love to watch this film with some Feminazi type, just to see her reactions. This one is as non-pc as it gets. 

Crazy Lips 2000 Clip


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now That Selena Has Gotten Her DiD Cherry Popped, Will Miley Be Next?

Fake! (The gag) The boobies are real.
On a purely technical basis, Miley Cyrus already has a couple of minor (Heavy emphasis on the word "minor") scenes. One a hinky dink online clip where she half-ass tapes her own mouth for a brief time, and the other where she's tied and gagged (Supposedly. You can't even tell it's Miley as her face is covered almost entirely) with a feather boa.

In my opinion, both of these instances royally suck stinky cheese, and should not in any way count as DiD scenes.

Christmas Present? This will do fine, thanks.
There is reason for hope, however, as she has a film coming out soon called "SO UNDERCOVER".

The plot is this: "A tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority." 

Well that seems like a perfectly logical plot to me. I'm sure the world is filled with teenage hotties who happen to be street-wise private investigators.   

No? Look, it's a chance to see a very nicely filled-out-in-all-the-right-places Miley Cyrus potentially bound and gagged, so just go with it, okay? Now admittedly, this plot isn't quite on the level of say, "Miley is kidnapped and held hostage by a sexually deviant bondage fetishist." but it's not bad, and it certainly has more potential than the plot for Selena's Monte Carlo.    

Here are a few more shots of Miley, just in case the one above didn't wet your appetite enough.

This Girl Has Some Fine Legs...

And The Rest Ain't Bad Either!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Retro Look Back - The Saga Of The Victims

In the early 70's, comic books were incredibly popular, and, even more importantly, still relatively inexpensive.

They also had something called the "Comic Code Authority" that was on the front of every issue and performed the same task the Hayes Code did for films, making them "safe" for young children to view.

As a way to circumvent the code (But mainly as another way to make money. Thank God for unrestrained capitalism) several publishers began printing large format, B&W comic magazines. These were very risque for the time, featuring a lot of exposed (Most of it partially, but on rare occasions full frontal) female flesh, plenty of accelerated violence and gore, and even a curse word here and there. Tame for today, this was all heady stuff for a teenage or preteen kid of that era. Like me for example.

Warren Publishing (Vampirella) was the big dog in this format, but others quickly got in for a piece of the pie, even Marvel Comics (They did a B&W Punisher as well as some very good Conan stuff), including a company called Skywald Publishing

Skywald had short life span, beginning at the end of 1970 and ceasing business at the beginning of `75. Basically, four years. They had a number of titles, mostly horror, like "Psycho" and "Nightmare", and some non-horror, like "Hell-Rider". Personally, I wasn't all that much for those kinds of mags. I mean, I got Vampirella because, well hell, I was a teenage boy. You know why I got that magazine.

The others? Not unless there was another reason to buy them. That reason suddenly came up one hot afternoon in the summer of `74 when I visited the local convenience store to buy an Icee (Big time item back then. Every kid drank `em. Great for giving yourself a "icee headache". Yeah, we were idiots.)

Wandering over to the magazine stand (Always good for checking out the latest detective mag covers!) there was SCREAM #8. Big whoop, I thought, but still looked through it.

Wha... wha... what? Hoo wee!

Two hot (really hot) babes bound and gagged!

You should have seen me trying to act all nonchalant as I purchased that mag, while inside I'm just about exploding. Taken in context with the time and my age, this find was akin to seeing a HD vid clip of Britney Spears (Circa 2000) strictly tied and cleave-gagged in a lengthy scene.

The story in question was called "The Saga Of The Victims". It featured a busty blonde named "Anne" and a hot black chick named "Josie". They're dressed in what was cutting edge fashion for that era, low cut tops, no bra's, mini-shirts, and boots. The girls are kidnapped one night and the saga begins as they're put in one dangerous situation after another, barely surviving, and then find themselves in the next peril.
In SCREAM #8, they're cast out in a calm sea floating along in a giant Pterodactyl nest (Uh, just go with it, okay?) when they see a ship, which they paddle over to and climb aboard. This is no modern vessel; instead it's a old sailing ship, which of course is manned by ghoulish, cutthroat pirates. 

They bind and gag our spunky heroines and make them walk the plank that way. Why gag two female captives when you're out in the middle of an empty sea? My response is, why not?  But who knows? I'm just glad they did.

The better question is, why immediately kill them rather than ravish the beauties right there on the spot?

Because this is a comic book. A mature comic magazine perhaps, but a comic nonetheless, and in 1974 comic babes did not have to suffer the indignity of rape. Death? Murder? Dismemberment? Oh yeah. For sure, no doubt. But rape? Well that's just wrong my friend! 

Anne and Josie, both "mmphing" along the way, are driven out onto the plank for a certain doom. Not so fast, as a giant whirlpool suddenly springs up (Just go with it, okay?), throwing our damsels into the water and sinking the ship. Bound as they are, a nasty drowning seems inevitable, but amazingly, the babes are cast onto a large piece of the deck that's broken loose. What luck, huh? Still tied and gagged, Anne manages to cut her ropes on a conveniently placed sharp nail and free Josie. Incredibly, through all this, their tops, barely holding on as it is, manage to remain strategically in place, showing mucho cleavage, but not the slightest hint of nipple.

Crisis averted, for a few minutes anyway until a giant squid comes along and attacks. (Just go with it, okay?)

Sheesh, will these babes ever catch a real break?

The art, by "Suso" is excellent, with very realistic looking females. The rope-work is solid and the gags are very well done. Overall, just a great, great comic scene. One of the best of all time, IMO.

I managed to locate the complete "Saga" story, which originally ran for several issues and was never actually completed.  Our victims "break" finally came when the magazine was cancelled abruptly at the end of `74.

You can download it here:

The Complete Saga Of The Victims

NOTE: This is a cbr file, which requires a reader to view properly. There are several free ones out there to choose from, but I strongly recommend COMICAL.