Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ann Coulter Has A New Book!

Oh happy day! Ann Coulter, my favorite non-fiction author, has a new book:

Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.

Though we differ slightly on a few things (I consider myself more of a libertarian/conservative than a strict conservative), if I have to go into a (Verbal) war against a pack of angry liberals, there's no one I'd rather have by my side than Ann. If only other conservatives had the stones this skinny lady has. She not only rips liberals and liberalism to shreds, she does it with humor and the kind of deft writing I find inspiring.

Because she's so knowledgeable, because her books are so factually accurate (They have to be. Liberals literally pick them apart for the slightest of errors) because she takes no prisoners in her debates, and mostly, because she's just so damned effective, democrats abhor Coulter with a virulent hatred far beyond what they can gin up against real evil like Bin Laden or Stalin.  

Here are some of my favorite (And by favorite, I mean sadly amusing) "We Hate Ann Coulter" sites:

Candye Kane Blogspot: why-i-hate-ann-coulter-and-you-should

Here's What's Left Blog: Oh my god, I hate Ann Coulter

Experience Groups: I Hate Ann Coulter

And, here's your typical liberal explaining just why she's so disliked by the left:

See, he hates Ann because she's "mean". And "rude". Ah, well I get it now. Mean and rude are liberal code for "I won't let you push me around and I utterly destroy you in debate".

We're not done yet though. Because she's "mean" and "a jerk", he want's her killed and "her bones ground up" and (Paraphrasing here) fed to the masses. (Something about Jesus was in there, but it made no sense in this context.)

Nope, nothing mean about that little statement is there?

The overriding theme you get from virtually all of this is they almost never argue (Effectively) against her facts, but against her, personally. 

What defines an effective conservative? Look for the ones most despised by the left.  

Here's an excerpt from her new book:

Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats - HUMAN EVENTS

I read a lot, and I know my enemy. I read as many liberal books as conservative, and visit almost as many liberal web sites (Especially when I need a good laugh. The Facebook scandal with Anthony Weiner, along with the left's and the MSM's (Same thing really) efforts to defend the little prick and discredit Andrew Breitbart, and their subsequent downfall, was and is hilarious.) as conservative, so when I say you should read Ann's books, I mean all of you should, not just the one's who agree with her like me.  

I'm not interested in hearing how much you despise Ann because of her temperament, personality, looks, or other such minutia, but if you've actually read her stuff and want to talk about or debate a point, I would likely be game for that type of conversation.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Story! Chapter 1 Posted

With a fear of flying, an attractive, high powered attorney and her two sexy daughters are driving from San Diego to New Orleans for a multimillion dollar settlement negotiation. But their trip takes them through Crenshaw County and into the arms of a violent, demented man, Sheriff Mack Hill, and his perverted cohorts. Now held as bound and gagged prisoners on trumped up charges, the girls must use their wits, wiles, and will to live to survive doing...

Hard Time In Crenshaw County

In a spur of the moment, flash of inspiration type thing, I knocked this little start of a story out this weekend. However, I'm not really sure it has any "legs". Need some feedback here.