Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where Have All The Hot Bondage Models Gone?

Here is my list of the hottest bondage models of all time:

  1. Andrea Neal
  2. Kelsie Chambers
  3. Nina Neon
  4. Alexis Taylor
  5. Jordan Berlin
  6. Darla Crane
  7. Jessica Eden
  8. Tyler Scot
  9. Sabrina Mills
  10. Sally Roberts
That's my list. I'm judging by in-their-prime standards. Also, I'm very, very, anti-tat, so the ones on this list who have serious tat issues (Darla, Jordan, Tyler) lost points because of that. The fact they still made the list attests to their own hotness and to the lack of tat-free competition.

There are a couple of things that stand out about this group... one, that I'm obviously a "hooter" man, and two, most of this list is either past their prime, or retired.

Now, the world of "professional" bondage models has never exactly been a who's who of Playboy Playmate-level hotties, but back when Harmony Concepts was rolling, along with Anton Productions, AES, Close-up and a few others, you could count on a few serious babes here and there.

These days, for the most part you get a steady diet of porno-skanks (Women with major league tats and/or piercings, all with that "rode hard, put up wet" look) Yeck.