Friday, December 12, 2008

More Grey Potpourri

  • Added a few more links that I strongly encourage everyone to visit:
Pat Powers Blog - Pat writes some great articles and if you've never read his stories, especially KARG, then I beg you to do so. It's well worth the cheese, which is a measly $5. If you can't afford five bucks a month, then stop reading blogs and go get a damn job.

Raffish - The clip site to join, and stupid cheap for all that you get.

Big MT's Blog - Writes good posts about things others miss (Like our Italian buddy PantyDiD suddenly going MIA.) and he was nice enough to feature my blog, so here's my shout out. Also, he's a big Andrea Neal (Sigh...) fan too, so he's got to be a good guy, right?

Danger Theatre - Posts a lot of clips, including a lot of LARGE, high quality clips, which is great unless you're still on dial-up, in which case it's time to leave 1995 and join the rest of us here in 2008.

Major John's - Sadly, The Major left us a while back, but his legacy lives on. Another great clip site, just a shade below Raf's, but that's mainly due to quantity. In terms of quality and posting hard-to-find gems, this site rocks. You can also get The Major's videos, which are middle-of-the-road in terms of rope work and gags, but many of his "models" are off-the-chart hotties, including one lass who could be Jessica Alba's lost sister. Yes, she's that hot.

Brian's Page - Always free, always informative, always relevant. If you don't visit here regularly, then you're not really into DiD's, you're just piddling at it. Sounds great right? It is, except that it's run by a dictator with the disposition of a gal on a three month long PMS cycle. If you want to post, there's a rather long, and damn sure strict, list of rules to follow or face the wrath of ... The Moderator. Not that the rules are unfair, because they're not. But if you break them, even a little bit, be prepared. More than likely you won't get a firm but polite rebuke, you'll get a harsh, mean-spirited slam of the why-are-you-such-a-fucking-idiot variety. Read the rules, and I very much suggest that you hold off posting for a while and just lurk until you figure things out.

In Memorandum

On a separate sad note, Bettie Page has passed away. I was never a super-duper fan of her actual bondage work, which I found to be vastly overrated, but clearly she was a babe of the honey-muffin level who at her peak could hold her own with just about any plastic-enhanced celeb-babes of today. In addition, her work inspired many others, including Dave Stevens, who gave us The Rocketeer and an truly awesome t-shirt that I purchased when it first came out and never had the stones to wear in public.

Girl Next Door Bondage

Most of you likely know this site already, but for those who don't I wanted to say some nice things for "Girl Next Door Bondage". This is a clips for sale site and let me tell you, if gags are your "thing" this is THE best bondage video site ever.

Before I get into how great the bondage is, let me throw in a caveat: This is mainly a MILF site. With a few exceptions, the ladies here are a tad older and more ummm... shall we say full-bodied than your average bondage model, so if you require your damsels to be barely legal age-wise and built like a stick, this site ain't for you.

OTOH, the ladies aren't uggo's by any means. I say that as someone who's not into BBW's at all. I mean, I like a little meat on the bone, but I'm talking Andrea Neal - Kelsie Chambers - Jessica Eden level, not Rosanne-at-her-fattest level. They're attractive in that MILF sort of way, and they usually dress to show off their best assets.

The scripts are simple DiD stuff, but with enough story line to make it more than just a woman tied up in front of a camera, so that's a big plus. Some semi-consensual stuff, but not much, which is great IMO, because I hate that "consensual love bondage" shit.

The best parts? First, most of the ladies give it their all. I mean, they don't just struggle, they struggle. They yell, they fight, they complain through their gags, they retch and choke on their gags; brother, they really get into it, which is tough because the riggers really know their stuff. These damsels are tied tight, and while the rope work isn't as perfect or aesthetically pleasing as what you'd get from Jay Edwards or Dom Wolfe, it's more than good enough.

And then there are the gags. All I can say is... wow. Quality? The strictest gags you've ever seen, with real mouth-packing, not that small-wad-of-cloth-fluffed-up-to-appear-10-times-its-size crap. Quantity? You'd be hard-pressed to find a clip without gags. Variety? Every tape-gag and cloth gag you can imagine, including my favorite, the hard-to-find tightly knotted cleave with packing gag. Lots and lots of gag talk as well.

A moderate percentage of the clips feature some rape-type stuff, but it's all simulated so if that's a turn-off beware.

I really suggest checking the site out, but just be warned that once you see a few, you'll be hooked for life.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Grey Potpourri


I know times marches on and that no one stays young forever, but jeez. There was a time when Kristy Swanson was at the top of my babe list.

You all recall Kristy don'tca?

Hot right? And not that long ago either. Well, times, they have a changed, and Kristy has gone from hot babe, flew right on past "older-hot-mom" type, to "chunky hefer" stage.

Sad. What a waste.


Is it just me?

I don't watch Ghost Whisperer because I like the show. I watch it (Actually, I DVR and FF through it.) because (a) I'm hope beyond hope that the series will eventually pull JLH off The Ungagables list, and (b) because I can never get enough of Jen's world class sweater pups. However, while in the past the show was pretty good at dressing The Hew in low cut tops and the occasional tight sweater, this season she's been dressed more like a freakin' nun, as in "you perv's ain't gettin' nunya looks at my boobs".


Speaking of The Ungagables, I was looking through my old web site files and it struck me as to how many of that dubious group are still members. I mean, this list is YEARS old, and out of the entire group one, count `em, one girl was knocked off the list, and that was Thora Birch.

Congrats to Thora, but man, overall, that's just depressing.


Yes, it's true, I am writing again, and should have chapter 1 ready soon. I like to maintain continuity, so it's a continuation of the ABK series, although with mostly all-new characters. I plan to post it as a PDF and I hope that I can post it here, but if not I'll figure something out.