Monday, May 10, 2010

Bored Now: If I Was Stuck On A Desert Island...

Now that college basketball and the NFL draft is over, I'm in my annual "Omygawd, when will football get here... aauuughh!!" Sunday doldrums, and so I was bored to death yesterday afternoon.

I sat down and watched "FUZZ", an average-to-ok Burt Reynolds cop flick from the early 70's. No, nothing DiD-wise there, but Raquel Welch was in it, and I started thinking who I've ever seen that tops Raquel in her prime. Actually, even past her prime, Welch was damn strong.

She would be my first choice. I mean, what's there not to love? Beautiful face, full lips, great hair, naturally large-but-not-too-large breasts, and an awesome figure. And NO TATS! Yay!

So, if you were going to be stuck on a desert island for, say, 10 years, who would you want with you? 

This is based strictly on looks (My understanding is that Raquel was a bit of a diva-bitch in real life.) and obviously the words "in her prime" are key.

And JUST PICK ONE. No lists please. We get into that and it's a zoo.