Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Asian Flicks Produce Scenes

I recently came across these two films with full treatment scenes.

Kinatay (The Execution of P) 2009

Missing 44 2010

As a film, Kinatay, made in the Philippines, is mostly flat and tedious, at least for awhile, Then the girl is snatched and things pick up from there a bit as she's bound and tape-gagged with stuffing for a trip with some bad guys to a house away from the main city. After that, things definitely do not go well for the lady, so be warned. Shot with hand-held cameras. I usually like horror/action flicks but this one seemed utterly useless to me. Other than the bondage, of course, but even that I didn't care for much as she's thumped pretty good in the face before they bind her. Fairly long scenes though.

Missing 44 is a Japanese Pinku flick about four teenage girls who are abducted, and tortured. Lots of restraints, a couple of gag scenes. 

I can handle some simple clipping but the scenes in these flicks are too spread out for me. What I did instead was to upload the films to Megaupload. I used HJSplit to break Kinatay into multiple parts.If you've never used it, HJSplit is a stupid-simple little freeware program that's 100% virus free.

Maybe someone with more skill than I can take a shot at clipping.