Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 New Asian Clips

Couple of new vid clips for you guys:

First one is called "Kidnapping Granny" a Korean comedy about several idiots uh, kidnapping a grandmother. The good news is that it's not old granny who get's tied up, it's her moderately cute granddaughter who kicks up a fuss during the nab and winds up bound and gagged. Unfortunately she's blindfolded as well, which is a turnoff to me, but what can ya do? Anyway, I can't verify who plays the gagged chickie yet, but anyone with that info please let me know.

The 2nd clip is from a 1968 Japanese B&W called Female Demon Ohyaku and stars Junko Miyazono as our heroine who get's kidnapped, bound, cleave-gagged, and raped. Asians are big on rape. If you're a decent-looking babe and you get abducted by some bad guys, hell, often even by good guys, you might as well get ready, `cause you're gonna get raped. American flicks usually avoid showing that at all costs. You can brutalize and torture a girl beyond measure, but don't you dare insert your dick without permission.

Go figure. 

Anyway, later on she gets tortured along with her beau, who she get's to see beheaded. Naturally, she goes all psycho-vengeance babe from that point, and it's actually a pretty good flick if you like that sort of thing. (I do, if it's done well.) 

Here are the clips:

Kidnapping Granny Clip

Female Demon Ohyaku Clip

BTW, not fishing for compliments, but I've never been much of a clipper and I wouldn't mind a little more feedback on these clips I'm posting. I mean, are they great, just ok, ehh whatever, or do they royally suck? Should I be doing something differently? I'm speaking about the subject matter as well as the technical aspects.