Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Clear Sign Gun Control Does Not Work

At least 92 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack

One nut case. Armed despite some of the world's strictest gun control laws, opens fire. 92 dead. So far. 

Horrible tragedy. No way to prevent something like this, so what do you do. You pray. And, you hope that somehow, somewhere, some liberals finally get it through their thick skulls that gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, and that psychos and criminals will always get them somehow. Would having access to weapons have saved all of these people? Most likely not, but I would say it's a near certainty that the body count would be far less than the 92 it is at this point. And maybe the asshole who did the shooting would be in hell rather than sitting in a nice, warm cell right now.

The other certainty of this is that the MSM will be blame it on conservatives in some manner. "Hate speech" most likely, but they'll throw in something about the Tea Party, talk radio, Sarah Palin, and some other stuff as well. One thing about liberals is that they don't ever give up on a bad idea, and they have no shame when it comes to using a horrific event to further their agenda.  (Actually, that's two things, but you get my point.)

My understanding, at this time, (Not confirmed) is that the max sentence this psycho can get in good old progressive, socialist Norway is 21 years. For 92 dead people. 

I have nothing to add on this one. The insanity speaks for itself.

My prayers go out to the families of the fallen.

Norway Killings 

Left Starts Early Blaming Conservatives



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Really Weird Continuity Error In DiD Scene

This bedspread smells wonderful!
Check out this little DiD clip. I downloaded it yesterday and on it's own, it's a nice enough little scene. Gag's kind of weak, but the girl is cute, hands and feet tied, and there's some decent struggling and hopping. Nothing particularly memorable, but certainly not bad. 

Rescue boy needs to hurry! I have to pee!
Our heroine has been abducted by the bad guy, with the good guy in hot pursuit. She lies bound and gagged, waiting to be rescued or ravished, depending on who gets to her first. Only, she decides the hell with all this waiting, I'm outta here, and starts hopping towards the door.

No satellite TV? I am so out of here!
Funny, this gag used to be tighter...
Mmmph! Yes... like this!
Here's where the weird starts happening. As she's hopping, at the 1:31 mark, her gag changes. Not just changes from a detective to a cleave, or something like that, but as a totally different gag altogether. Different color and everything. Then, about two hops later, it changes right back to the black one from the beginning and stays that way. Cray-zee. I don't recall ever seeing that before. Not this bad, anyway. I can only assume the wrong gag part was some sort of rehearsal scene that somehow got mixed in. But why tie a gag on? And why the wrong one? And why so sloppily? (It's all but falling off as she's hopping)

Just odd is what it is.
By the way, I re-cut this from the one online, and took out the extraneous stuff, leaving the tied and gagged part. Here's the clip for you to view...

 ... and here's the clip for you to download.

This reminds me, someone emailed the other day and asked why I didn't just post my videos in Blogger like above. Well, several reasons. One, it's easier to download them. Two, it gives me a lot more control over my stuff. Three, and this is really the big one, it allows for the best quality. This clip for instance, is about 32mb. When I uploaded it to Blogger, they were kind enough to cut the size (And thus, the quality) by 3/4, down to 8mb. No thanks. I'll stick to MediaFire and MegaUpload.  


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Web Banner

There are a few web sites out there that prefer site banners to text links, so I made one for here.

Anyone who wants or needs to use it is free to do so.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pelt Clip Reworked

I look great, but this may not end well...
A few days ago, on Robs site and BP, Sudden Sam the Awesome One posted a DVD quality clip from the film PELT. The clip was great as usual, but it was also 450mb and had a lot of extraneous material in it. (Busty, cutie pie victim girl running around in a tight, low cut top and tight shorts; other victim girl locked in cage)

So, I re-cut the clip and just kept the part where the girl is tied to the table and gagged. Same quality, but now it's about 33mb.

For those who want the trimmed down, gag scene only, 33mb version, that's HERE

For those who want the whole enchilada, this is Sam's uncut, complete 450mb version HERE.