Monday, May 10, 2010

Bored Now: If I Was Stuck On A Desert Island...

Now that college basketball and the NFL draft is over, I'm in my annual "Omygawd, when will football get here... aauuughh!!" Sunday doldrums, and so I was bored to death yesterday afternoon.

I sat down and watched "FUZZ", an average-to-ok Burt Reynolds cop flick from the early 70's. No, nothing DiD-wise there, but Raquel Welch was in it, and I started thinking who I've ever seen that tops Raquel in her prime. Actually, even past her prime, Welch was damn strong.

She would be my first choice. I mean, what's there not to love? Beautiful face, full lips, great hair, naturally large-but-not-too-large breasts, and an awesome figure. And NO TATS! Yay!

So, if you were going to be stuck on a desert island for, say, 10 years, who would you want with you? 

This is based strictly on looks (My understanding is that Raquel was a bit of a diva-bitch in real life.) and obviously the words "in her prime" are key.

And JUST PICK ONE. No lists please. We get into that and it's a zoo.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 New Asian Clips

Couple of new vid clips for you guys:

First one is called "Kidnapping Granny" a Korean comedy about several idiots uh, kidnapping a grandmother. The good news is that it's not old granny who get's tied up, it's her moderately cute granddaughter who kicks up a fuss during the nab and winds up bound and gagged. Unfortunately she's blindfolded as well, which is a turnoff to me, but what can ya do? Anyway, I can't verify who plays the gagged chickie yet, but anyone with that info please let me know.

The 2nd clip is from a 1968 Japanese B&W called Female Demon Ohyaku and stars Junko Miyazono as our heroine who get's kidnapped, bound, cleave-gagged, and raped. Asians are big on rape. If you're a decent-looking babe and you get abducted by some bad guys, hell, often even by good guys, you might as well get ready, `cause you're gonna get raped. American flicks usually avoid showing that at all costs. You can brutalize and torture a girl beyond measure, but don't you dare insert your dick without permission.

Go figure. 

Anyway, later on she gets tortured along with her beau, who she get's to see beheaded. Naturally, she goes all psycho-vengeance babe from that point, and it's actually a pretty good flick if you like that sort of thing. (I do, if it's done well.) 

Here are the clips:

Kidnapping Granny Clip

Female Demon Ohyaku Clip

BTW, not fishing for compliments, but I've never been much of a clipper and I wouldn't mind a little more feedback on these clips I'm posting. I mean, are they great, just ok, ehh whatever, or do they royally suck? Should I be doing something differently? I'm speaking about the subject matter as well as the technical aspects.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oolong Blast

Here's a clip from a Taiwan CAT III flick I just got. I can't locate any other details on it at this time, like who the heck the actress is.

There are no English subs either, so I'm guessing as to plot, but best I can tell two bumbling goofs have kidnapped the chickie in order to get money from her dad.

Nice "mmphing" with some cool eye-rolling.

Sportkill 2007

I am constantly amazed at the stuff I find almost literally out of nowhere. Hooked up over at Cinemageddon, ostensibly to find a few more HK CAT III gems, and came across this little diddy.

There's some putz stuff around, but otherwise this flick is filled with scenes of bound and gagged females. Problem is, for clippers anyway, is that they're scattered throughout the film with lots of quick cutaways. The tape gag stuff, IMO, is kinda "eeehh whatever" (Not tight enough) but the bit-gag scene is top notch. Warning, there's no small amount of gruesome nastiness going on.

Here are some picks:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Newlywed Hell (1975) - Vid Clip

Newlywed Hell (1975) a.k.a. Niizuma Jigoku a.k.a. New Wife's Hell

Found this flick on an Asian film torrent site I visit. It's wasn't the normal action/horror CAT III stuff I normally go after but I took a shot and it paid off.

Basically, this flick is a poor man's Flower and Snake. It didn't have English subs so I'm sort of guessing as to the plot, but it seems that "Sheru" (Terumi Azuma, who according to IMDB was 19 at the time.) get's hitched to a guy who prefers his wives to be tied up most of the time. In fact, this poor girl can't seem to go anywhere without some guy trying to strip/rape/bind her. The good news is, even though she fight's it, she obviously kinda likes it, y'know?

Anyway, the movie is packed with scenes of all that great Japanese ropework, which is good, but Vince is all about the gag and unfortunately, there's only one gag scene, which I managed to clip.

Here is is, enjoy.  

Newlywed Hell Vid Clip

Monday, March 22, 2010

Obomacare Passed... Yaaaayyy!

No, really. I'm serious. "Sasha" asked me what I thought now, and, after a few seconds of initial disappointment, I'm rather pleased.

Why? Several reasons: 
  • Lot of congressional dems sold their souls (Figure of speech. Most politicians, and damn sure virtually all liberals, sold their souls long ago. That's assuming of course, that they believe in the whole soul thing anyway. Lots of atheists and agnostics in that bunch.) and voted for this monstrosity, and you can bet the house many of them will pay the price come next election day. I giddily await the slaughter. 
  • To get Obomacare passed, the Prez had to outright bribe, cheat, and lie, and this bill, which supposedly "the American people wanted" was so unpopular, it had to be voted in on a Sunday. That's just sad.  
  • States are lining up to sue the Federal government over the bill, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, at least the lawyers will get lots of work and taxpayer dollars out of this.
  • As more details emerge, this will absolutely energize the non-liberals in this country like nothing much has since probably `94, and more likely like `80.
Yes Sasha, we "r-wingers" (Not sure exactly what that is. I'm a conservative, but I'll stipulate to that label for now)  liked NOTHING in this bill, and therefore, yes, we "had to make a stand". You see, this bill goes against several of our core beliefs, the primary one here being "Less government is better government"

"We couldn't have done it without your half-truths, omissions and total lies to stir up the old white people stuck in the 50's."

I guess that exempts me, because, though I'm white (Uh, aren't YOU white? I'll leave the age thing alone, you being female and all.) I wasn't around for the `50's. Little Vince did not enter this world until the wacky `60s. And, the last time I checked, a heck of a lot of yellow, black, and various shades of brown people work for living as well, and really, really, don't like paying a bunch of taxes, much less even more taxes for a program that won't even start for 4 years, assuming it ever does, which it won't.

As for omission and half-truths, I suggest you visit this site and read carefully:

Frankly darlin, even if I supported this nonsense, the manner and means required to get it passed would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But hey, enjoy your little victory for now. It's just a battle, not the war.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wild About HK Cat III's Part 1

  • They're hard as hell to find in most cases. 
  • When you do, the visual quality is usually less than average... at best. 
  • The English subtitles, if even available, are often laughably translated.
  • The most recent of them are over 10 years old.
And yet, I can't get enough of these gems. 

Recently, I have become a total addict for HK (As in Hong Kong)"Cat III" movies. "Cat III" is the Asian version of our NC-17... sort of. Depends on whether your talking sex or violence. Sex-wise, well... let's put it this way, a tame, a very tame, Skinamax flick would easily garner a Cat III rating. I'm not kidding. It's that restrictive, so if you see a Cat III-rated flick and it's just a sex romp, prepare to be underwhelmed. You have been warned. 

Violence-wise though, we are at the polar opposite end of the spectrum. Many of these movies are intensely violent, and often go into areas that even the harshest American films generally consider off limits and taboo. Politically Correct BS such as rape and child brutality.

Let's start with rape. I find it beyond ironic, as well as ridiculous, that in American films you can and will see women get harshly brutalized, savagely killed, and/or tortured to the extreme, on screen, but almost never will you see a female raped on screen. In the rare cases you do, it's usually presented as some Lifetime channel, super serious, can-this-woman-ever-possibly-recover-without-therapy plot device.

Asian film makers usually treat it as just another mundane criminal act, many times in a humorous vein! 

Now understand, I'm not downplaying rape as an intensely violent act, nor am I necessarily advocating it as a plot device. But let's be realistic here, even psycho killer dudes are still guys, and guys, well, they do love the `tang, right?

Even granting the occasional uber-nut who's all about the blood-n-guts and not the muffin, how realistic is it that in virtually all slasher/torture films, nubile hotties are systematically slaughtered and/or tortured, but never sexually assaulted?  

That's no issue in HK Cat III's. If you're a babe in one of these movies, it's just about a given you are going to be sexually assaulted, or at least, attempted sexual assault. Yes, there's still bloody murder and mayhem, but rape is simply a significant part of the process, which if quite logical if you think about it.

The other part is the violence against kids. At first this stuff threw even me a curve, because I just wasn't used to seeing such things on screen. It's not as common as sexual assault, thanks goodness, but it's there enough to make you go "whoa!" a few times. Films like "The Untold Story (1993)", "The Underground Banker (1993)", and "Run and Kill (1993)" (Man, that was a bad year for kids in HK Cat III's wasn't it?) pull no punches. I mean, none.

But, harsh as it is, non-PC material like that is part of what makes these flicks so cool. They'll go anywhere, anytime. And, if all that doesn't throw you off, then keep an eye out for the humor. Is it actually funny? Not really, but the fun part is that Asians will mix this very odd humor right in with the most horrific violence imaginable. Not just some of the time either. It's very much a staple of many HK Cat III films.

So, what makes a HK Cat III? Well, there's no set timetable, but their heyday was from the early 80's to the early part of this decade.

There are lists but remember, many of these are simple sex romps and those aren't really the ones I'm referring to here.

Next post on this I'll give you some of my faves in this genre.

Rant of The Day: Plagiarism & Other Stuff

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I run across a site, usually a forum, where I'll see one of my stories posted. Not a huge deal, especially if the poster gives me credit, or at the very least, openly identifies the fact that they weren't the author. If they fail to do so, I tend to get a bit red-assed about it, and will openly call out the poster, who, usually, apologizes profusely, blah, blah, I forgive and life goes on.

That brings me to the incident at hand: I visited the TUGS website. Lo and behold I see the beginning first chapter or so of ABK 1 posted under the heading of "Kid Magician".

This time, the poster ignored my attempts to communicate, and so I contacted the site moderator. Pause here to make a point: My opinion is, if you post someone else's story and you don't specify that you aren't the author, that's basically the same thing as claiming it as your own. Others may disagree, but that's my opinion.

So anyway, I PM the mod, a person (I'm assuming it's a dude) named Zanev. He's polite about it, but says that he has no proof that I'm the original author, and would need proof, such as a copyright (!!??!) in order to remove the posts.

Well, first of all, my feelings were a little hurt, `cause I thought everyone in the DiD community knew who The Greyman was, but putting that aside, I was rather taken aback because I'd never had anyone question my word on something like this. In addition, logically, what sense would it make for me to claim a story as my own when it wasn't?

Well, as of this writing he hasn't removed the posts, but he did leave up my post setting things straight so I guess that'll have to do, but I decided to go ahead and re-post ABK. All of it, and in case anyone forgot that bad boy is 25 chapters long, and I don't write small chapters, so it's a big deal.

Coupla other things...

  • I just don't get into the Olympics. Never have. I'll watch a little basketball... maybe... but that's about it. Since the original "Dream Team", which I did watch a lot of, I bet I haven't watched 10 minutes of coverage total.
  • Want to give a shoutout to a named "Doc" who's THE poster of DiD vids on YouTube. This guy rocks, almost always getting the newest foreign stuff up in good quality. Problem is, damned YouTube keeps screwing with him, canceling his accounts and/or putting him on "probation", and he's getting tired of fighting the fight. That, plus not as many people are putting up new stuff too, and it's wearing him down. Let me ask that you guys go online and give the man some encouragement so he'll keep on posting.

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Shocker! Smallville Babe Gagged! No, Really!

    Will wonders never cease. On an upcoming Smallville episode (Don't get too excited. It doesn't air until April 2nd, 2010) "Chloe" (Allison Mack) gets a cleave-gag.

    Not sure of the on screen time length, and based on the pic I grabbed from the preview clip (Which was a bitch to locate, btw) certainly the gag itself is average at best, but on this series any gag scene is notable, `cause on Smallville they gag their females about as often as I praise a liberal.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Link Of The Day: Tales Of The Veils

    Dave Potter runs this site, and yeah, it's dedicated to stories about babes in veils and burkas, (You know, all that Islamic stuff for chicks) but the cool part, as so far as I'm concerned, is that many of these stories are about gals not only covered from head to toe (yawn) but silenced as well.

    As in gagged, my friends.

    Now, you have my attention!

    There's not a lot of hard core sex stuff here, but if you like stories of gagged females, this site is not to be missed.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    What I'm Watching on TV

    Basically, TV these days sucks, unless you're into "talent/drama" reality crap like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and The Amazing Race. To say I dislike these kinds of shows really doesn't do the term justice.

    I despise them.

    I loathe them.

    Get the point? Still, that's not to say there's nothing
    to watch.

    Burn Notice rocks. Best show on the air, though I do have a problem with Gabrielle Anwar. Not her on air character. She does a good job playing her, but Gabby herself. Has there ever been an actress with such a fine-ass, tight little body, and yet such an fugly face?

    Anyway, highly recommend the show. I like Leverage too, though it's a little been there, done that, as so far as the characters go ("Cool" black guy, who also happens to be a computer genius? Puleeze...), it's well made, and the chicks are hoooooot. I mean, Gina Bellman? Smokin'! She takes some time off and is replaced by

    Seven of Nine.

    That's pretty strong. Just wish they'd figure out a way to get the babes into some gags and ropes.

    Other shows I really like:

    • The Big Bang Theory
    • Criminal Minds
    • Mythbusters
    • Pawn Stars
    That's about it for my "can't miss, must see" list, though there are other shows I watch. I'm really starting to like "Cougartown" for instance.

    Mostly, I try to make up the difference with movies. More on that in my next post.

    60 Hours Story Re-Post

    Not sure who's picture this is, but I LOVE this photo. Pretty girl, tight cleave-gag, great legs, high heels... just freakin' awesome. Whoever took it deserves high praise indeed.

    Here's my favorite story (Other than ABK 1). It's called "60 Hours" and it's about super-hot MILF and her babe-a-licious daughter caught in the office after hours by a couple of dudes names "Bert" and "Ernie".

    I've re-edited and cleaned it up a bit, repairing some grammatical errors and a few other things, plus added a couple of pics showing our two hotties.

    Simple and direct, with lots and lots action of the damsels-in-severe-distress variety.

    60 HOURS

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Story Re-Post: The Adventures Of Max Kelvin

    A while back, I was a rather prolific writer, but sort of fell out of the mood for various reasons. Anyway, one of my favorite stories was this one, called
    "The Adventures Of Max Kelvin". It's about a regular kinda guy caught up helping a super-hot federal agent find her kidnapped sister and bust up a white slavery ring.

    I never got past the first two chapters, but I'm gonna try to continue the story here. I'm working on chapter 3 now, but I went back and sort of re-edited chapters 1 and 2 and re-posted them here.
    Hope you enjoy the story and, as always, comments are welcome.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    Added Video

    Hey, added a YouTube gadget link to my favorite vid-clips.