Friday, May 15, 2009

Back... Again.

Just where the hell have I been? Well, funny little story about that. A few months ago my number 1 client, who had accounted for a large percentage of my business for the last few years, suddenly went bankrupt.

So, not only did I lose a very large portion of my steady income, the guy also owed me several thousand bucks at the time, which I seriously doubt I'll ever see.

Now, I'm not a guy who lives extravagantly, and I don't carry a lot of debt, and I had some savings, but folks, it's seriously tough out there right now. Not so long ago, I constantly had to turn down work because I just didn't have the time. Now, it's all but dried up.

Bottom line, things are extremely financially difficult for me right at this time, and that's not been a position I've had to deal with in a long, long, time.

Still, I have faith, so I know things will work out eventually.