Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now That Selena Has Gotten Her DiD Cherry Popped, Will Miley Be Next?

Fake! (The gag) The boobies are real.
On a purely technical basis, Miley Cyrus already has a couple of minor (Heavy emphasis on the word "minor") scenes. One a hinky dink online clip where she half-ass tapes her own mouth for a brief time, and the other where she's tied and gagged (Supposedly. You can't even tell it's Miley as her face is covered almost entirely) with a feather boa.

In my opinion, both of these instances royally suck stinky cheese, and should not in any way count as DiD scenes.

Christmas Present? This will do fine, thanks.
There is reason for hope, however, as she has a film coming out soon called "SO UNDERCOVER".

The plot is this: "A tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority." 

Well that seems like a perfectly logical plot to me. I'm sure the world is filled with teenage hotties who happen to be street-wise private investigators.   

No? Look, it's a chance to see a very nicely filled-out-in-all-the-right-places Miley Cyrus potentially bound and gagged, so just go with it, okay? Now admittedly, this plot isn't quite on the level of say, "Miley is kidnapped and held hostage by a sexually deviant bondage fetishist." but it's not bad, and it certainly has more potential than the plot for Selena's Monte Carlo.    

Here are a few more shots of Miley, just in case the one above didn't wet your appetite enough.

This Girl Has Some Fine Legs...

And The Rest Ain't Bad Either!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Retro Look Back - The Saga Of The Victims

In the early 70's, comic books were incredibly popular, and, even more importantly, still relatively inexpensive.

They also had something called the "Comic Code Authority" that was on the front of every issue and performed the same task the Hayes Code did for films, making them "safe" for young children to view.

As a way to circumvent the code (But mainly as another way to make money. Thank God for unrestrained capitalism) several publishers began printing large format, B&W comic magazines. These were very risque for the time, featuring a lot of exposed (Most of it partially, but on rare occasions full frontal) female flesh, plenty of accelerated violence and gore, and even a curse word here and there. Tame for today, this was all heady stuff for a teenage or preteen kid of that era. Like me for example.

Warren Publishing (Vampirella) was the big dog in this format, but others quickly got in for a piece of the pie, even Marvel Comics (They did a B&W Punisher as well as some very good Conan stuff), including a company called Skywald Publishing

Skywald had short life span, beginning at the end of 1970 and ceasing business at the beginning of `75. Basically, four years. They had a number of titles, mostly horror, like "Psycho" and "Nightmare", and some non-horror, like "Hell-Rider". Personally, I wasn't all that much for those kinds of mags. I mean, I got Vampirella because, well hell, I was a teenage boy. You know why I got that magazine.

The others? Not unless there was another reason to buy them. That reason suddenly came up one hot afternoon in the summer of `74 when I visited the local convenience store to buy an Icee (Big time item back then. Every kid drank `em. Great for giving yourself a "icee headache". Yeah, we were idiots.)

Wandering over to the magazine stand (Always good for checking out the latest detective mag covers!) there was SCREAM #8. Big whoop, I thought, but still looked through it.

Wha... wha... what? Hoo wee!

Two hot (really hot) babes bound and gagged!

You should have seen me trying to act all nonchalant as I purchased that mag, while inside I'm just about exploding. Taken in context with the time and my age, this find was akin to seeing a HD vid clip of Britney Spears (Circa 2000) strictly tied and cleave-gagged in a lengthy scene.

The story in question was called "The Saga Of The Victims". It featured a busty blonde named "Anne" and a hot black chick named "Josie". They're dressed in what was cutting edge fashion for that era, low cut tops, no bra's, mini-shirts, and boots. The girls are kidnapped one night and the saga begins as they're put in one dangerous situation after another, barely surviving, and then find themselves in the next peril.
In SCREAM #8, they're cast out in a calm sea floating along in a giant Pterodactyl nest (Uh, just go with it, okay?) when they see a ship, which they paddle over to and climb aboard. This is no modern vessel; instead it's a old sailing ship, which of course is manned by ghoulish, cutthroat pirates. 

They bind and gag our spunky heroines and make them walk the plank that way. Why gag two female captives when you're out in the middle of an empty sea? My response is, why not?  But who knows? I'm just glad they did.

The better question is, why immediately kill them rather than ravish the beauties right there on the spot?

Because this is a comic book. A mature comic magazine perhaps, but a comic nonetheless, and in 1974 comic babes did not have to suffer the indignity of rape. Death? Murder? Dismemberment? Oh yeah. For sure, no doubt. But rape? Well that's just wrong my friend! 

Anne and Josie, both "mmphing" along the way, are driven out onto the plank for a certain doom. Not so fast, as a giant whirlpool suddenly springs up (Just go with it, okay?), throwing our damsels into the water and sinking the ship. Bound as they are, a nasty drowning seems inevitable, but amazingly, the babes are cast onto a large piece of the deck that's broken loose. What luck, huh? Still tied and gagged, Anne manages to cut her ropes on a conveniently placed sharp nail and free Josie. Incredibly, through all this, their tops, barely holding on as it is, manage to remain strategically in place, showing mucho cleavage, but not the slightest hint of nipple.

Crisis averted, for a few minutes anyway until a giant squid comes along and attacks. (Just go with it, okay?)

Sheesh, will these babes ever catch a real break?

The art, by "Suso" is excellent, with very realistic looking females. The rope-work is solid and the gags are very well done. Overall, just a great, great comic scene. One of the best of all time, IMO.

I managed to locate the complete "Saga" story, which originally ran for several issues and was never actually completed.  Our victims "break" finally came when the magazine was cancelled abruptly at the end of `74.

You can download it here:

The Complete Saga Of The Victims

NOTE: This is a cbr file, which requires a reader to view properly. There are several free ones out there to choose from, but I strongly recommend COMICAL.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Apple A Day... Keeps Hottie Selena Gomez Quiet

What do you mean, "All the guys love me this way"? 
Offhand, I'd say it would take me, oh, maybe one-tenth of a second to come up with about fifty ways to better show sexy Selena in a bound and gagged DiD situation. Maybe less on a good day, but that said, this isn't the worst way to start a DiD career, y`know? Heck, she could be like the Hew, or Britney, or Xtina and give us nada-buttkiss for her entire hot period, or like Hayden Panettierre and tease us to death with oh-so-close stuff.

I mean, at least she's trying.

High marks for the effort, if not the execution.

I have to blame the director here. Selena seems to be a good enough sport about it, so it's his fault they're using a lame-o apple rather than a wonderfully tight, knotted cleave.

I also have to say a kind word about her shoes. Nice heels, babe! Good job! We need a lot more of this kind of footwear on our damsels. 

Overall, I have to rate this scene a 2.75 on the Greyman DiD scale. Rather high for a fairly short apple gag scene, but hey, it's Selena Freakin' Gomez people.

And many thanks to SAM (The Awesome One) for some of these pics, as well as this early release video clip link, even if it is from a Russian TS grab.


Big Story Update!

I had an extra long holiday weekend, and it was hot as nine hells outside, so you guys reap the benefits of me being a writin' fool during that period. 
Not one, but two all-new chapters!
***Warning! Warning! These stories are for ADULTS ONLY! 

Chapter one of an all new tale!

When bored young Jake sees something going on over at the abandoned factory near his home, he decides to check it out and discovers a group of captive females from town. The bad guys return and it's just the beginning of... 

One Wild And Crazy Day

Download One Wild & Crazy Day Chapter 1

Then, stay here for CHAPTER 2 of

Hard Time In Crenshaw County

Hard Time In Crenshaw County Chapter 2


Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July

And never forget those who fought and died for our freedom and Constitutional rights that some want to give away... or simply make go away. 

Personally, I'm greedy when it comes to my rights and freedom. I want all of it, all the time.

God Bless America!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gag `em Dano! OLTL Produces Fine DiD Scene For Summer

I, for one, am really going to miss the Soaps when they finally go extinct. Though they don't produce at nearly the rate the did back in their heyday of the 80's and early 90's, they still come up with some darn good DiD material on occasion.

Witness the latest little episode from One Life To Live. Blonde cutie "Jessica" (Bree Williamson) is gagged with both a knotted cleave and a wraparound tape gag. That's impressive stuff. Is this show now secretly produced in Germany or something? Maybe they're auditioning for a spot on German TV next year.

I mean, a knotted cleave or a wraparound tape gag is rare enough for a soap, but both at the same time? I would have loved to be in that meeting or at the set when they told Bree how she was going to be gagged.

"Holie shitske guys, can't I just have a small, loose piece of duct tape over my mouth like they do on regular TV these days?"

"Nope, that's not realistic enough."

"But, a cleave-gag... excuse me, a knotted cleave gag... AND tape?" 

"Not just tape, but wide black tape wrapped tightly around your head! Bwhahahahahaha!" 

"I think you guys are getting too much into this whole kidnapping damsels and tying them up shi..ummppp!"   

At least I don't have to learn many lines this week!

Uh, don't you think this gag is a little bit excessive?

"Please take my gag off! I promise I won't scream!"

"Remember, you promised not to scream..."

"I'm a girl, you idiot! Of course I'm gonna scream!

"You lied! Now I'm going to super triple gag you!"

"You look so hot tied up! Wanna have sex?"

Few things in life are perfect and that is true here as well. For me, it's pretty much all about the gag, but even I cringe at the utter stupidity of tying a damsel's hands in front like this.

Still, a very high quality scene. I give it a solid 3.75 on the Greyman 1-5 DiD scale, with 5 being the most ultimate scene ever, and 1 being barely worth noting. Slight deducts for the lame tying and the damsel babe herself, who, though admittedly cute, doesn't really fire my rockets, if you know what I mean.