Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Bites It

Looked Like It Really Hurt. Good.

Rest hard in the darkest level of hell you evil, cowardly, child-murdering, rat fuck piece of shit.

Did I get my feelings across here?

Not much to say on this other than I wish it would have happened a long time ago. Looked painful and I'm glad. They supposedly fed him to the fishes and I have no problem with that. 

To those who say this might bring on retaliation? Well, it's not like these putrid scum need a reason to hit us again. And, what were we supposed to do... let him go? No way under any circumstances.

Read one guy who said we were no better because we dropped atomic bombs on Japan in WWII. All kinds of problems with that analogy. First of all, Japan attacked us first. Second, they had totally lost the war by that time, yet planned to fight to the death by arming every man, woman, and child. Dropping those bombs actually saved not only American lives but millions of Japanese as well. To conquer Japan with an invasion would have cost America at least one million more military personnel, extended the war another year, and far, far, more Japanese civilians would have perished than did.

One more benefit: The rest of the world saw what a nuke could do and that almost certainly made the Soviets and the rest of us think twice before hitting the button to start WW III.

America has certainly killed civilians in war, but those deaths were either accidental or caused by the enemy using their own people as shields against our attacks. We have never, with forethought and malice, purposely targeted civilians with the intent of killing them knowing there's little or no military value in those assaults. 

Bin Laden knew damn well even if his plan had succeeded completely that America would not fall or even be harmed in any real strategic manner. Just some money and a lot of dead civilians. 

Awesome kudos to our great military personnel and especially the Navy SEALs.

The fight goes on, but this round goes to Uncle Sam.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane With... Victoria Principal

Back in the mid-70's and early 80's, there was no shortage of hot babes to choose from, including Loni Anderson, Lynda Carter, Farrah, and several others, but, gun-to-my-head, I'd have been hard pressed to name one sexier and more babe-a-licious than Victoria Principal.

She was always near the top of my wanna-see-her-gagged list.
Alas, Dallas couldn't pull it off, despite a few story lines that leaned in that direction, but after the show ended, Victoria started doing a lot of TV films. Films that today would be for Lifetime Network.

Anyway, on November 26th, 1989, along came BLIND WITNESS and the wait for Vicky was over.  
Hate The Short Hair, But Better For Wraparound Gagging
It wasn't her early Dallas days and Victoria wasn't quite the babe she'd been before, but at 39, she was definitely still holding strong.

Now, I'll be honest, tape-gags, as a rule, are not my favorites. Generally, I prefer cleaves or, even better yet, knotted cleaves. Those &^%_*@#$ barely-stuck-on duct tape gags are, along with stuff gags, the bane of my gag-snob existence. 

Mmph! This tape is really tight guys! Guys? Oh come on! Not again!

But that's NOT what we got here thankfully. In a real shocker for me, Vicky, obviously a real trooper, allowed herself to be gagged with a tight wraparound tape gag.

I'm sure it's not real, but it sure looks real, doesn't is? Man, if all tape gags were this good, I might change my allegiance! (Nah, not really) 

The blind thing bothered me a bit, `cause I love the way an actress uses her eyes when unable to speak, and it was a little too dark, but overall it was a pretty awesome scene.  

The main thing I've always wondered is, how the hell did she get free? Her husband is dead, she's not only blind, but trussed up tight and well gagged. Did she wander over to a neighbor? Call 911 and use Morse code? Wish they'd shown that in the film! 

For anyone who hasn't seen this, or has only a crappy copy, here's a very nice quality clip that I got from... somewhere. If anyone recognizes their clip work, please let me know and I'll give credit where it is due. 

End Note: Poor Victoria. So incredibly beautiful when she was young, our damsel did not age well at all. Maybe it was the use of the skin care products she hawked on TV for years, but more probably it looks like she ran into the same plastic surgeon who mutilated Meg Ryan. 

I'd post a pic, but it would just ruin it for everyone. 
Trust me, it's bad.