Friday, April 16, 2010

Oolong Blast

Here's a clip from a Taiwan CAT III flick I just got. I can't locate any other details on it at this time, like who the heck the actress is.

There are no English subs either, so I'm guessing as to plot, but best I can tell two bumbling goofs have kidnapped the chickie in order to get money from her dad.

Nice "mmphing" with some cool eye-rolling.

Sportkill 2007

I am constantly amazed at the stuff I find almost literally out of nowhere. Hooked up over at Cinemageddon, ostensibly to find a few more HK CAT III gems, and came across this little diddy.

There's some putz stuff around, but otherwise this flick is filled with scenes of bound and gagged females. Problem is, for clippers anyway, is that they're scattered throughout the film with lots of quick cutaways. The tape gag stuff, IMO, is kinda "eeehh whatever" (Not tight enough) but the bit-gag scene is top notch. Warning, there's no small amount of gruesome nastiness going on.

Here are some picks: