Monday, October 20, 2008

Rams 34 `Boys 14

One thing you can say about my Cowboys in 2008, and that's when the going get's tough the Pokes uh, basically run and hide like scared little girls. It's nice to know that when your team's back is up against the wall, when injuries and suspensions are draining you of needed talent, when you're coming off a tough loss, Dallas will lay down and die like a pathetic freakin' mangy dog that's been hit by a bus.

All congratulations to the St Louis Rams, and to my buddy Brian over at Brian's Page. who I playfully jabbed this past weekend with a prediction for the game between his Rams and my Cowboys. Well har-de-har-har, turns out the joke was on me. This was no last second, ref-aided win. They basically kicked the living shit out of us. It was embarrassing. Well no, it was actually worse than that.

In case I haven't made myself clear, I-am-pissed. I'm not the kind of fan who overreacts to a loss or two or a few bad plays. I try to see the bigger picture, and understand that it's a long season and that rarely does everything go smoothly. That said, this team is rife with problems. Too many pampered super-stars, and too many wannabe super-stars who play like 3rd-stringers. So, how to fix it? Well, Jerry's not going anywhere, and with all the big contracts, most of the players ain't either, so that leaves Wade. Wade is a fine man. Genuinely good guy. Pretty good defensive coach, although you can't see it with us right now. What he's not is a great head coach. Oh, if he's replacing a hard-nosed asshole kind of a guy like The Tuna, he's great for about a season, but that's all. After that, the players who loved his easy going ways start to tail off and get lazy, and that's what's happened here. We desperately need a Jimmy Johnston. A Bill Cowher. Maybe Jason Garrett can do the job, but I'm not sold on him as a head coach.

However, I don't think he can do any worse.

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