Friday, October 17, 2008

Tiffani Amber Thiessen Has Jumped The Shark

Just watched this really bad DVD called Cyborg Soldier. Why? (Good question, actually.) Because the female lead is Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen and I still recall what she once was, namely a damn near perfect celeb-babe uber-hottie:

She goes by just Tiffani Thiessen now, but she'll always be TAT to me.

Thankfully, TAT never turned into a ABAC (Anorexic Bony Ass Celeb). Instead, she got arguably even hotter:

Certainly her rack got bigger... and who minds that?

But that was about as much weight as TAT could carry and still be a uber-babe. Danger signs lay ahead:

TAT was around 30 now, and fast leaving babe status, but entering the "hot mom" arena.

Sadly, even that has passed now:

TAT is only 33 or so, but man has she gotten rough. LOTS of extra weight and her face... well, let's just say it has some serious mileage on it now.

No, I would not kick her out of my bed, but I'm definitely through making sure I watch every single damn thing she's in on the chance that she'll get naked, gagged, or both.

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Pat Powers said...

Ah, ABACs. You mean, women who look like ... THIS?