Friday, January 23, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama

I haven't posted anything political in a while, mainly because I'm depressed and disgusted with the whole process right about now. The mainstream press, with very, very, few exceptions, threw out any and all pretense of neutrality and became an all-out balls-to-the-wall supporter of Obama and the democratic party. The Republican leadership decided the best way to run against a young, well-spoken, but clearly far left candidate with major issues was to select John McCain, a war hero to be sure, but also a very old, very grumpy, RINO who was and is strongly disliked by a very large percentage of the Republican base, which is made up of conservatives, a fact the Republican leadership amazingly continues to ignore.

Had we run a viable conservative candidiate, I would have accepted the end results a lot better than I do now, because I feel we gave the election away.

But Obama won, and, for better or worse, I salute him as my President.

Oh yeah, I also pray that all the members of SCOTUS remain healthy and active for at least four more years. As President, there's only so much damage Obama could do, but that damned Supreme Court can, and has, reigned chaos on this nation with one ruling.


Sasha said...

Sort of the same disgust with the system I felt 8 years ago when Florida's secretary of state received a phone call and decided to skirt federal law if not out and out violate it and cancel a re-count of votes which would have handed this country over to its true president, Al Gore. Sort of the same disgust I felt later, after the towers in NYC disappeared in plumes of fire and we went from a nation supported and grieved for, to one being reviled and slandered. Because although we can't turn Saudi Arabia into a smoking cauldron of twisted metal and concrete for paying to train and ship the terrorists responsible over here, we sure as hell can settle an old score from the 1990's with some desert rat who had no connection to the events whatsoever.

So after 8 years of having a free ride alongside that squinting smirking hunch-backed bible-humping midget from Connecticut I would cordially like to invite you pull up a chair and eat the helping of piping hot crow that has been prepared for you.

I don't expect any Christ-like miracles in four years. I have no delusions of instant transformation under the current administration- we're too far fucked into a corner for that to happen. But any change from Bush and his shoot first and damn the Bill of Rights approach is a good change. I don't envy the President's job that lies ahead of him at all, but I support him.

Pat Powers said...

Welcome to the eight years I just went through, Greyman. If it's any consolation, I don't think Americans rejected Bush because of his policies or his ideology. They rejected him because they perceived him (quite rightly) as a colossal fuckup -- in Iraq, in Katrina, with the economy -- everything he did had a way of going wrong over the last eight years. And he didn't even appear to know it. "Heckuva job, Brownie" is what did him in.

In short, I think Americans will again vote for conservatives if they think that moderates like Obama are fuckups, too. They don't care about ideology -- they'll just keep electing differing guys until they get one that can do the job right.

Sadly for the Republicans, I think Bush WAS a fuckup, and simple competence on the part of the Obama administration will make him look brilliant by comparison.

The guy I always hated most in the Bush admin wasn't Bush or Cheney, it was Karl Rove. I felt he had no respect whatsoever for the electoral process. He understood it, and knew how to manipulate it, but does not understand that an electorate that feels disenfranchised by dirty tricks and whatnot will eventually start using bullets rather than ballots to express their opinion. That's the reason we bother with these expensive elections and such.

Rove also felt that getting his ideology into power was more important than the democratic process. A lot of people in Third World countries have the same problem. Look where it gets their countries.

Anonymous said...

"The mainstream press, with very, very, few exceptions, threw out any and all pretense of neutrality and became an all-out balls-to-the-wall supporter of Obama"

Hmmm. Don't really have a team in this match Vince, but it sure was talked about

"John McCain was a war hero, experienced, honourable and patriotic man whom served his country." was pretty much what read about him. All favourable

Barack Obama had rumours of apparently hanging around with an unpatriotic terrorist that somehow got a job in a University? Or something? With supporters like that, who needs enemies? ;)

Figure the two gals have a case though. Is Hillary Clinton really that bad? Is Sarah Palin as ditzy as they say?
So if you meant compared to those two? I agree.

James Gagney said...

I actually agree with you that the mainstream media was in the tank for Obama ,i think most of them were rightly pissed off with the way they were misled by the administration about the Iraq war,but that shouldn't excuse impartiality .
That said .The number one news network in the states is fox ,and don't even try and pretend that they aren't a blatantly conservative network .Fox did their best for Palin and McCain but they ran an incompetent campaign at a time when it was very hard to run as a republican .
8 years of complete incompetence from Bush ensured an easy victory for Obama .
I think it's true what John Stewart said ,reality clearly has a liberal bias .

The Greyman said...

Sasha, first of all, Bush won every recount that was applied. The dems just kept wanting to count again and again until Gore actually won one.

2nd, I'll stipulate that the Republicans in power sort of sided with the Bush side, but had this been contested in a state run by democrats, surely you agree that Gore would have gotten he way on the very same issues.

3rd, I'm no fan of Bush.

4th, Saddam deserved everything he got and a lot more, so I'll shed no tears for him, and more importantly, this nation has been free of terror acts since Bush got tough over there and so I'm ok with his policies overall. Oh and by the way, most dems in Congress voted to allow Bush to go after Saddam.

We'll see how long we stay free from terrorism over here when Obama pulls us out of Iraq.

5th, my Bill of Rights have been just fine under Bush. I strongly suspect yours has as well. I do, however, worry about Obama trampling on my 2nd Amendment rights, and I do worry about him supporting the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which is anything BUT fair.

The Greyman said...

Funny thing about Katrina. I live in Mississippi, and we got hit pretty hard, especially down on the coast. Maybe not quite as hard as New Orleans got it, but close. 90%. Anyway, we had a Republican Governor, Haley Barbour. After Katrina, he went down there and took charge, then got on the airways and basically said that we (Mississippi) would be fine, and that while he wouldn't turn down any assistance from the federal government, we could and would handle rescue and cleanup on our own. We did, and you didn't hear a peep out of us.

Meanwhile, the democrat Governor of Louisiana and especially democrat Mayor Nagan couldn't seem to do anything but whine and bitch about how the federal government (RE: Bush) was too slow to send money and help down there.

Well, Nagan DID have time to illegally confiscate everyone's firearms, thus leaving them utterly helpless against looters and such.

That's one of the differences between dems and republicans. We believe in self-help, while the dems believe only government can help.

Charles Spencer said...

Hi Greyman.
I read your political comments wit interest and your defence of 'The Right to Bear Arms'. I'm english so we lost you to arms some few centuries ago. I live in a small village about 8 miles from a major city and we have no crime ...and no guns. I think the correlation between citizens having concealed guns scaring off the bad guys is unproven... but I know I will never convince you so let's be civilised and agree to disagree.
Question for all you Ynaks. Bush is too well protetced but Cheney & Rumsfield probably aren't. If they were to leave the Us and be arested under an International Warrant for War Crimes what would the US people do/think. Agree and let them be tried or argue again your citizens are above all Laws??

Charles Spencer said...

Sorry should have previewed before posting. Typing with two fingers attrocious. Hope you understand my text

The Greyman said...


On your first point, I'm glad you live in a crime free area. My area's pretty crime free as well, but even if you could guarantee that to continue unabated (You can't) I'd still want to have the ability and freedom to protect my family with whatever firearms I deem necessary. I suppose my question to you would be, "What if you DID have a gang break into your home?" The fact is, you'd be limited to calling the cops or using whatever was available to defend yourselves. Against one or two, assuming they obey the "no guns" laws themselves, you might stand a chance, but what if there were 4-5? Or, they were armed with guns? I simply don't trust anyone, especially the government, to protect me, feed me, cloth me, or anything else for that matter.

As for that war crimes nonsense, I don't believe any laws were broken, and that the whole concept in this case is just silly, but even if some other nations felt otherwise, I'm not in favor of the United States bowing to ANY laws other than our own.