Thursday, February 18, 2010

Story Re-Post: The Adventures Of Max Kelvin

A while back, I was a rather prolific writer, but sort of fell out of the mood for various reasons. Anyway, one of my favorite stories was this one, called
"The Adventures Of Max Kelvin". It's about a regular kinda guy caught up helping a super-hot federal agent find her kidnapped sister and bust up a white slavery ring.

I never got past the first two chapters, but I'm gonna try to continue the story here. I'm working on chapter 3 now, but I went back and sort of re-edited chapters 1 and 2 and re-posted them here.
Hope you enjoy the story and, as always, comments are welcome.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Anonymous said...

Awesome to see you putting up one of your stories. Always enjoyed them, what are the chances of getting some more of your old stories?

The Greyman said...

I'd be fine with that, though I'd want to also go in and clean them up (re-edit) a bit beforehand. Do you have a favorite or two you'd like to see first?

Anonymous said...

Revenge: step by step.... It had some title like that.

The Greyman said...

Yeah, it's called "Step By Step: The Revenge Of Cody". I'm not sure I even have it, but I wrote it waaaay back in, like, `96 or so, and it's a mess, editing wise. Also, it was long as heck and likely an all day, tedious, sucker to fix.

Not only that, but a couple of the characters are possibly under 18, and while that was no big deal fantasy-fiction wise back then, seems to be a darn big deal now to many. I could re-write it, but that irks the libertarian in me to no end. I mean, it's FICTION for gawd sakes.

Lemme think about it.

Alex said...

Hi! I will very glad to see next chapters of you stories!!!

Alex said...

Hi! Do you plan to continue the story? And you have copied the first chapters? It seems to me in the first version of part 2 Hannah force wore armbinder? Very interesting, whether will manage to Hannah to free himself and her sister, or at least attempt to escape , then again be taken and overpowered in the anescapeble ties?