Wednesday, February 24, 2010

60 Hours Story Re-Post

Not sure who's picture this is, but I LOVE this photo. Pretty girl, tight cleave-gag, great legs, high heels... just freakin' awesome. Whoever took it deserves high praise indeed.

Here's my favorite story (Other than ABK 1). It's called "60 Hours" and it's about super-hot MILF and her babe-a-licious daughter caught in the office after hours by a couple of dudes names "Bert" and "Ernie".

I've re-edited and cleaned it up a bit, repairing some grammatical errors and a few other things, plus added a couple of pics showing our two hotties.

Simple and direct, with lots and lots action of the damsels-in-severe-distress variety.



Anonymous said...

Hey Vince
As you know I also feel 60 Hrs is one of the BESTEST ever written . Up there in the top ten.
Now how about a sequel?? Daughter is a few years older and mother ever more MILF
Charles Spencer

Anonymous said...

Where can we find more of those old stories from ABK? is no very good.