Friday, April 2, 2010

Newlywed Hell (1975) - Vid Clip

Newlywed Hell (1975) a.k.a. Niizuma Jigoku a.k.a. New Wife's Hell

Found this flick on an Asian film torrent site I visit. It's wasn't the normal action/horror CAT III stuff I normally go after but I took a shot and it paid off.

Basically, this flick is a poor man's Flower and Snake. It didn't have English subs so I'm sort of guessing as to the plot, but it seems that "Sheru" (Terumi Azuma, who according to IMDB was 19 at the time.) get's hitched to a guy who prefers his wives to be tied up most of the time. In fact, this poor girl can't seem to go anywhere without some guy trying to strip/rape/bind her. The good news is, even though she fight's it, she obviously kinda likes it, y'know?

Anyway, the movie is packed with scenes of all that great Japanese ropework, which is good, but Vince is all about the gag and unfortunately, there's only one gag scene, which I managed to clip.

Here is is, enjoy.  

Newlywed Hell Vid Clip

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Not about the vid clip

Please do post the Kid Magician Story. It is a great story and I missed the end the firest time.