Monday, March 22, 2010

Obomacare Passed... Yaaaayyy!

No, really. I'm serious. "Sasha" asked me what I thought now, and, after a few seconds of initial disappointment, I'm rather pleased.

Why? Several reasons: 
  • Lot of congressional dems sold their souls (Figure of speech. Most politicians, and damn sure virtually all liberals, sold their souls long ago. That's assuming of course, that they believe in the whole soul thing anyway. Lots of atheists and agnostics in that bunch.) and voted for this monstrosity, and you can bet the house many of them will pay the price come next election day. I giddily await the slaughter. 
  • To get Obomacare passed, the Prez had to outright bribe, cheat, and lie, and this bill, which supposedly "the American people wanted" was so unpopular, it had to be voted in on a Sunday. That's just sad.  
  • States are lining up to sue the Federal government over the bill, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, at least the lawyers will get lots of work and taxpayer dollars out of this.
  • As more details emerge, this will absolutely energize the non-liberals in this country like nothing much has since probably `94, and more likely like `80.
Yes Sasha, we "r-wingers" (Not sure exactly what that is. I'm a conservative, but I'll stipulate to that label for now)  liked NOTHING in this bill, and therefore, yes, we "had to make a stand". You see, this bill goes against several of our core beliefs, the primary one here being "Less government is better government"

"We couldn't have done it without your half-truths, omissions and total lies to stir up the old white people stuck in the 50's."

I guess that exempts me, because, though I'm white (Uh, aren't YOU white? I'll leave the age thing alone, you being female and all.) I wasn't around for the `50's. Little Vince did not enter this world until the wacky `60s. And, the last time I checked, a heck of a lot of yellow, black, and various shades of brown people work for living as well, and really, really, don't like paying a bunch of taxes, much less even more taxes for a program that won't even start for 4 years, assuming it ever does, which it won't.

As for omission and half-truths, I suggest you visit this site and read carefully:

Frankly darlin, even if I supported this nonsense, the manner and means required to get it passed would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But hey, enjoy your little victory for now. It's just a battle, not the war.


Mr. Stitch said...

and if it were the words of Sarah Palin, you'd welcome them like sweet sweet manna from hand of Christ himself. Because women are only good enough when they're cowed and co-operative and don't break the party-line.

Someone needs his sour grapes sweetened and his diaper changed.

You'll toss your hat behind the screaming racists of the Tea-baggers movement without a blink. If you don't like the result of the HC vote- you have yourself to blame.

Sasha said...

Oh dear,

This is what I get when I don't supply line graphs and pie charts with accompanying 8x10 photographs with big yellow labels with hand-written descriptions on the back of each one, when I make a reply to a member of the GOP faithful, whose faith has been shaken not stirred.

The last bit about the grey haired white people and the half-truths omissions and totals lies was aimed at the people I was facetiously thanking- Glenn Beck,etc not you. But then again you wouldn't be true to party standard if you weren't hand-picking the one talking point you needed to hammer on ad naseaum, while simultaneously denigrating and belittling a woman for the audacity of disagreeing with you....

Gasp and Swoon, Mr. Beauregard- I think Grayman has the vapors !!

And lastly, my name is just spelled Sasha without the quotation marks, I know it's confusing for you since it isn't spelled S-A-R-A-H.

For the future, I'd be nicer to an R.N. if I were you.

So how do you feel now?

The Greyman said...


First of all, I put your name in quotation marks because... well... um, I don't know why I did that, so uh, let's move on shall we? On to the other stuff, I know I'm a dumb `ol conservative, but you're going to have to offer more details on the "one talking point you needed to hammer on ad naseaum" thing, and especially the "denigrating and belittling a woman" remark. Huh? HOW did I do that, exactly? I reread my post and I still see nothing that even leans in that direction.

Anyway, as I said, I feel pretty good. The bill passed, but such things are not written in stone, and I firmly believe most Americans side with those of us who feel it's not the business of the government to be in business.

It's not only unconstitutional, frankly, they suck at it.

The Greyman said...

Mr. Stitch:

Sigh. Why do you guys keep labeling me a Republican? I am NOT a Republican, because far too many GOP politicians are NOT true conservatives.

I like Sarah Palin, but I don't love her, y`know? I mean, yeah, she has that kinda sexy MILF-thing happening, but I mean politically. I think she's had to endure a wicked slam-job by the MSM (Mainstream Media) since she first appeared, and I admire her spunk.

But I DO like that Tea-Bag Party. I mean, lower taxes rock! But hey, Stitch, feel free to give the government as much of your income as you'd like. I prefer to use mine more constructively.

Which brings up another point, HOW exactly, are lower taxes "racist"?

Ant said...

As a human being with a conscience, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would be against it.

Is there a mentality that if you cannot afford health insurance for whatever reason - background, studies, bad luck - then you don't deserve to be treated for any illness you may accidently aquire? Tough luck on life. God just doesn't like you, etc - because I cannot fathom any other reason.

OK, there's money involved, ecomonics. But the UK managed it. Granted, it was a different time, but hard work and all that. The NHS seems to be demonised over there for no good reason. I saw Daniel Hannan's little whinge when I was in California. I nearly put my foot through my mate's telly. He is not a liked man over here. The NHS is not perfect, there's a funding problem (a separate debate entirely) but most of us owe our lives to it.

Everything about the opposition to it smacks of snobbery and immorality. Everyone deserves good health, and not everyone can afford it, and it's not always their fault. As fellow human beings, we are obliged to help. Do unto others etc..

The Greyman said...

Ant, I can't speak for all, but for myself and many others it comes from an inherent belief and understanding that anything and everything a government "gives" you "for free" is in reality the exact opposite of those words. It's estimated that the government spends 4 dollars (at least) for every 1 dollar that actually get's to you in the form of goods and services, so economically, it's utterly ridiculous to put that entity in control of anything. Also, history has shown, repeatedly, that more government means less freedom. For many of us, that's simply too high a price to pay. This nation was founded on a bedrock of personal freedom and limited government. You can't have it both ways, and many of us simply prefer to keep the government out of our pocketbooks and out of our lives as much as possible, even if it means struggling on without "free" health care.

asukatapegag said...

agreed the USA was found on limited government power more freedom and liberty and limited government is what the founders of are great nation wanted for all of us..

sadly that has not happen the states are no longer free to chose the federal government is the one all and soon to be all solution to ever thing right now its over bloated and not the one all be all source yes it bad but with this new health care plain it going to be harder and lets not forget thaat this bill Evan if it got some good stuff in it is being payed for with 10 years of out go and gives only 6 years of in go it 25000 pages in it meaning if you wanted to hide a ante gun law or a ainte freedom of speace law in it YOU CAN IN THIS TYPE OF BILL also it violates the 10 adamant and the 17 and 18 adamant to the constitution of America

now do all health care insure competes do good care for ppl here in USA no thay do let us the consumer down a good amount of time but its not all the time I do like the fact that thay cant dismiss a precondition now but congers t know for it f-effs ups

did one just last weak by saying oh its not in the bill and we are working on regulation it back in to the bill and we need more time to talk about and vote on it and read mend it my ass thay doing it like this because thay want more power and more controlling alot more mass mead manipulation of the real bill seeing as a lot of ppl opposed the bill the last time and almost lost it and if you want to get more moony wasting and power grabbing you need to control the out source of the bill data of it at what ever cost seeing as it last bill was bog down with debat allegation and rewriting of it and rudiments to it so if you want a ttbig big bill of decant and manipulation you don't let ppl see the new real bill

too top that off the WHO world heath organization put at the top tier counters for heath care france and venasuail thay both have towns of communist and massif unemployment more like 40 to 50 percent of unemployment where as we the capsizes nation in the world is at 37 and 10 to 9 percent of unemployment yes we should get better health care but not at the cost of my nation my constitution and are economy I take my capitalist nation at 37 compared to the Communist 1 and 2 nations for health care.. thanks for leting me rant and rave on here...bye

Anonymous said...

giving an outsider point of view to this universal healthcare matter : If you have the budget to be a military superpower fighting against terrorism around the world 24/7 why don't you have a decent healthcare system for those who can't pay for a private one ? Brazil may have not the best healthcare system in the whole world but at least we don't wasted our taxes in Afeghanistan or Iraq.

Pat Powers said...

Fact is, the big health insurers have failed, and failed miserably in delivering health insurance to Americans. The pragmatic thing to do is let govt. step up to the place and see how they do. I bet they do better even with this system. Single payer of public option would have BEEN much better as it would have spread the risk more, but hell, the corporations have bungled so badly that they American people have lost faith in them. Just like President Bush did. The private insurers had their chance. They blew it due to rampant greed. My suspicion is that the public option will show up in the next year or three. As Winston Churchill once said, "America is a country that can be counted on to do the right thing, after trying everything else."

The Greyman said...

Pat, I don't see insurance as having "failed miserably" but admittedly things do need tweaking.

What I can't understand is why you would want to give our government a chance when they've shown time and time again that they can't run ANYTHING even remotely successfully. They've fucked up every social program they've ever started to the point they're beyond help in debt and all but unfixable, and now you want to give them control of our health care?

What has the government ever done to deserve this level of trust? Where's the track record to indicate this?

It's utterly inconceivable to me that you would think they could do even a halfway decent job at running our health care system.

Anonymous said...

"What has the government ever done to deserve this level of trust? Where's the track record to indicate this?"

A better question would be what has the health insurance industry done to deserve the trust you give them? They continue to raise prices while delivering less. They barely had to deliver anything, since until Obamacare passed, they could drop your coverage if they felt like it. That's their track record.

So another approach was needed, and Obamacare is an update of plans and policies offered by conservatives, including several Republicans who've suddenly decided their own ideas are unconstitutional.

And by the way, don't give me this `I'm a conservative, not a Republican' thing. The Republican Party is conservative, and `Teabaggers' is just another word for the GOP base.

Anonymous said...

Socialized medicine in when your doctor draws a pay check from the government and the goverrnent owns and runs the hospital. What we got is insurance reform; no more,
no less and only what the insurance industry was willing to accept. Trouble is they just keep
moving the goal posts. A deal is no longer a deal.
Now for that bad taste in your mouth that comes from you being on your knees too long sucking off
these bastards for what ever your
getting which isn't enough for even a sexual degenerate.
Any man who can not bring himself
to stoop to help a child isn't worthy of the name.
If you want to do something about this I'll be at the Round Rock Bar at the corner of Ocean blvd and Route 286, Sea Brook, New Hampshire
9/18/2010 @ 8:30 PM.
I'm 63 it will be fair.

Yours Truly

Dog House Riley.

The Greyman said...

"A better question would be what has the health insurance industry done to deserve the trust you give them?"

I don't trust the insurance industry at all. What I DO trust is that their motives are to make money. That's free market capitalism, and that's a good thing because YOU have the option of not giving them a dime.

The difference between the insurance companies and any government run heath care system is, with the government, you have absolutely no choice in the matter, nor can you choose another way to go, nor can you decide their prices are too high.

Sorry, but I want more control over my money and life than that.

The Greyman said...

As for my saying I'm not a Republican, all I can say is, I'm not. Many in the Republican party I would describe as "democrat-lite" more than conservative.

They want your hard earned money too. They just maybe want a little less and spend it on a few different things.

In truth, I'm really not a full-blown conservative either. I'm really more a conservative-leaning Libertarian.