Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brians Page, Moderator Tyranny, & Politics

Way back when (Mid-90's) I was a serious participant in several political Compuserve forums. (If you don't know what a forum is, or hell, even a "Compuserve" look it up. You'll likely learn something.)

Anyway, those forums were moderated to the point that, while you could vehemently disagree, you HAD to be civil while doing so. I preferred it that way because cursing and name calling is the last resort of the debater who's lost. Thus became my lessons, well learned and taken to heart, on how to debate and disagree while still being civil.

My point? I have three:

  • I welcome any and all comments here. Agree with me? Great, because I think I'm right too. Disagree? Wonderful. Let me know, only please make a point, don't just slam me as wrong or call me names. Not that I can't take it, it just fails to move the debate forward and is waste of time.
  • I'm omni-topical here, within reason. I mean, I'll discuss (Most) sports. I'll discuss politics. I'll discuss media, meaning TV and film, and of course, I'll discuss damsels-in-distress.
  • While I am omni-topical, Brians Page is NOT. The Moderator is narrow (I would say "anal") beyond comprehension at times on what topics he allows and what is said. Politics are definitely NOT on the favored list, to say the least. well, that caused a recent problem when I posted an update notice... which I've done for years with no issue... and some people responded there instead of here concerning politics. Why? That I have no answer to, since anyone is welcome to respond here at will. Stupidity? Brain-cramp? Anyway, I missed the whole thing, other than him deleting the posts and my update notice. Plus, apparently someone used my name to post some derogatory remarks, the nature of which I still don't know, but it was NOT me.

It would end there, but while the response posts deletions I understand and support, as usual the Moderator goes over the line and hammers me as well, being his often rude prick self. If I deserve it, fine, but in this case I was innocent. I didn't break any rule... other than his apparent NEW rule regarding... uh, err, update notices to DiD sites, and that's what this is, that might mention politics? That's so oddball illogical... I'll leave it at that.

I'm on politics because that's what's "hot" right now. I'm working on a damsel article right now as well. Believe me, let Jennifer Love Hewitt wind up with a knot-gag in her mouth (Sigh....)

Uhhh... what was I saying... ? Oh yes.... and I'll be all over that like white on rice.


James Gagney said...

Wow what a great post ,i mean what's the point in avoiding the points someone has made to you and instead just going off and name calling ? That won't move the debate forward .

Ahem i give you your response to my earlier points which were respectfully posted .

"Sorry, while I have nothing against you personally, I'm not about to start taking political lectures from a European. 70%-plus tax brackets? Not no, but heeeeellll no. You guys are still anti-gun wackos, even though history has proven time and again that your leaders/dictators/kings will mass-murder you at best, screw you in the ass then mass-murder you at worst. Most of your countries, the Brits being the exception, all but give the terrorists blow-jobs rather than actually fight and kill the bastards, and... oh yeah... fucking France."

Hmmmmm, hypocrite ,much ?

Anonymous said...

"Plus, apparently someone used my name to post some derogatory remarks, the nature of which I still don't know, but it was NOT me."

There were no "Greyman" posts.

What there was, a Point of Order request to ban you from the page. You know those force the anal prick to come aboard, and he did. And then the acid posts all went

I didn't want to get into that on Discussion for obvious reasons.

The Greyman said...

"Ban me from the page."

Seriously? For what? Posting a freaking update notice?

Look at this from my point of view. I come bopping in after a short time away and see this crap about me posting "derogatory remarks", then seeing my update post deleted. I'm like, "Huh? What did I do? What the hell happened?" So I ask, and then proceed to get blasted by the moderator for doing the same damn thing I've done for years. I really am sorry that anything I did led to a problem. I would have fixed it myself had I the means. More to the point, I'm not much for public ass-chewings even when I'm wrong, but when I'm innocent, that nonsense is always going to get a response.

But hey, I'm over it. Life goes on. I guess what I need to know is, can I post update notices at all? Just when the top post is non-political? That seems really silly to me, but whatever.

The Greyman said...

James, I'm strapped for time but I WILL respond to you, so hang on.

Anonymous said...

"his apparent NEW rule regarding... uh, err, update notices to DiD sites, and that's what this is, that might mention politics? That's so oddball illogical"

Yes, agreed on Update notices.

but give "The Tyrant" consideration on a PoO Ban Request, then Pat getting snapped at for coming to your defence.
Brian come aboard, see that ??? and then started on his FAQ#2.2 act

Not to mention, Pat was of afew that came here & the only one to take my suggestion to go to Pofoz board, where dogsledder bashing Ann Coulter posts are allowed. But then Pat left talking US Politics with "me".
I can't even vote in the US!

I bet after the 10th delete "The Tyrant" comes here & go over to Pofoz and see Pat stuck talking politics with a dogsledder?
Doesn't appear at that point anyone cares what he thinks, so he made sure it clear the topic dead! FAQ#2.2 style

There is a logic to it Vince, and I still say not a personal squabble between you

Anonymous said...

"Look at this from my point of view."

I posted this morning in your "Respond to Lib" one that I knew you didn't post any of that on Discussion. And that Pat came to your defence.

So a suggestion here:
You offer to only announce a post about DiD's on Discussion, or something? and anyone that wants to talk US politics has to come here and look for themselves.

This is a suggestion, not telling you how to run your page, or anything

The Greyman said...

Hmmmmm, hypocrite ,much ?


No, not much. First of all, that post was written with more than a little tongue-in-cheek intent. Second, I suppose I should have clarified my wording, but when I said "cursing & name-calling" I meant that in regards to personal insults. Nothing I said in the post was meant to personally insult you, unless you're insulted by my use of the word "European", which would be odd since you used that term yourself.