Sunday, November 2, 2008

Holding My Nose, My Vote Goes To...

... John McCain.

Reasons, and why "holding my nose"?

Those of you familiar with me know that I've never held back on my political views, but for any newbies, I am an unabashed Conservative. If that's not direct enough, read Ann Coulter. She and I agree 99.9% of the time.

  • I believe in small, limited, government... for many reasons, but mainly because anything and everything the government tries to do "for us" quickly becomes a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare of a fuck-up. Yes, that includes the military, but that's the one thing I would not entrust to the private sector. Everything else, however, is fair game.
  • I believe in honoring the Constitution as it is written, and in the cases where the wording is considered somewhat vague, looking at the original intent of the Founding Fathers, then proceeding accordingly.
  • I believe people should do for themselves, and in cases where they can't, they should look to family, and then to a local Charity/church for assistance. Personally, I would become a bum and walk the streets before I would ever take a nickel from the government tit.
  • I believe in the open, fair market system. I believe high taxes hinder everyone and help no one. I believe income should not be taxed at all, but if it has to be, then it should only be taxed once.
  • I believe in the death penalty for very bad people, but would not be opposed, in the cases where there's at least a slim possibility of the person being innocent, to life under hard labor with absolute zero chance of parole... unless they're later found innocent of course.
  • I believe in the absolute right of every competent, law-abiding, citizen to own and carry whatever firearm they choose (With moderate, common sense restrictions on full-auto and/or explosive weapons) with no limits on number or time of purchase.
  • I believe the freedom of speech should include all speech, not just speech that liberals approve of.
  • I believe skin color should never matter, but that it always will so long as minorities fail to follow the same guideline.
  • I believe in legal immigration, and that illegal immigration would be eliminated by all possible, common sense means.
  • I believe in individual freedom of choice, and yes, that would include abortion. except that in this case the life of an innocent baby is at stake, and I will never concede that anyone, women included, should have the right to kill a baby... pre-born or not.
These views label me as a Conservative, but sadly many in the GOP don't feel the same way. I have no problem with Bush's war policies, (Except for pussy-footing around instead of kicking ass at at times) but I have a huge problem with him spending our money like a drunken liberal.

John McCain has always been on my list of bad Republicans. He's the poster child for the term "RINO" (Republican In Name Only). While you have to admire his military record, and I do, he's all over the place in his core beliefs, which in my mind means he has no core beliefs.

Oh, he can be a Conservative at times, but he has no problem jumping ship when he feels the wind blowing the other way. Bottom line, McCain would have been just about my last choice to run for our side.

I was so incensed, in fact, that for a brief moment or two I actually wanted Hillary/Obama to win, just so the country could see what true liberalism is all about for four years, and maybe, just maybe, shake up the Republican Party and get them off these so-called "moderate" Republican candidates. But then, I came to my senses and realized there was simply too much at stake in the appointing of judges.

Obama is a true believer wealth distributor, which means he take's money from those who work and earn and want nothing from the government (Me) and gives it to lazy, low-life scum who are the dregs of our society.

He is an extremeist when it comes to gun control. He wants to puch forward on universal health care. If that happens, perpare for your taxes to rise to new heights, and for the quality of your health care to decline dramatically.

So, I'm voting McCain. If John had Sarah Palin's conservatism, I'd have no issue with the man and it would be a slam dunk.

I don't know what's going to happen. The polls strongly favor Barack, but that's always the case. Certainly the media has completely lost any measure of fairness this time. They allow Obama to walk on water untouched while nit-picking the slightest McCain/Palin error for everyitng thet can possibly squeeze out of it.

Comments are, as always, welcome.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, if you agree with Ann Coulter 99% of the time, then you're pretty much too stupid to live.

The Greyman said...

Ah, that peaceful, loving liberal view of life that we conservatives admire so much. Sadly, for you, I continue to live, and live quite well thank you, and with no help at all from the government.

Kinda makes you wonder, huh?

Eric said...

In the last two elections, gun control has been the deciding factor for my vote, and it is today.
Since Obama wants to require an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to buy numerous types of now-common ammunition, he does not have my vote. And since Biden thinks I "need help" because I appreciate my right to own assault rifles, the two of them can take a flying leap at a rolling donut.
Plus I too agree with Ann 99% of the time.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand parts of your commentary and certainly do not see how you in good conscience can vote for McCain.

You support the Constitution and "the war". Article 1 clearly states that Congress has the authority to declare war. Period. Congress did not declare war on Iraq or Afghanistan (or Iraq '91, or Vietnam, or Korea, or Grenada...). So it is logically impossible to support both the Constitution and the current "wars". And no, invading to enforce a UN resolution is not a good reason for war.

You are for limited government. McCain went through great pains to show "leadership" in giving the Executive Branch and the Fed $700 billion to buy up fictitious paper assets and/or hand money to private banks, not to mention giving them essentially unchecked power to do so.

McCain supports the Fed, though the Constitution grants Congress the power to coin money and determine the value thereof, and of foreign coin, NOT a little group of private central bankers.

I could go on but I think those suffice as reasons why not to vote for McCain. Obama can be similarly excluded from deserving a vote. If you choose to vote for the lesser of evils, I'd have to say Bob Barr is your man.

The only true conservative pro-Constitution candidate from any party was Ron Paul but the GOP and their good friends in the 'liberal media' made sure to minimize and discredit him.

James Gagney said...

Even you would have to accept ,that the republicans have made an absolute mess of your country over the past 8 years ? It's the reason they will lose and lose big ,trust me on that ,Obama will win 350 - 380 electoral votes without breaking sweat .
I pretty much don't care for either candidate as i am european and whoever is in charge over there is of little consequence to my daily life ,but the world's biggest imbecile knows that when the party in charge has been utterly incompetent ,it's time to change the guard .
Seriously ,republican would vote for a chimp in a dress if that's who won the nomination ,as long it wasn't a gay chimp of course .

Anonymous said...

Ah, that peaceful, loving liberal view of life that we conservatives admire so much. Which of course is why your party so gladly send young men to their deaths in the desert on the flimsiest of pretexts, at the word of a moronic cowboy stooge who declares 'mission accomplished' without a single square yard of ground being taken or Saddam Hussein being in custody.

Bush is a lying shill foisted on a nation through acts of mind-boggling dishonesty and arrogance as to make one blush- and McCain has agreed with this worthless dry drunk 90% of the time.

He cries about Ayers and his Palestinian supporters, but never once mentions his own connections and sending over 400,000 dollars to the same Palestinian "terrorist" bunch.

The great Washington outsider was born and bred in D.C. and the grandson of a senator, with connections to the government power-base so strong there's an airfield named after him.

The guy for the middle income families let's his damn wife show up dressed in 300k outfits and his VP running mate, the bit pull in lipstick wasted something to the tune of 200k in clothes and make-up, with her make-up artist being the highest paid staff member.

As to his great war record: Out of 5 planes he wrecked trying to land, was the one he had the misfortune to be captured in.

I say no thanks.

The world is plenty saturated already with stump-thumpers and pundits, armchair and otherwise why you decided to add your voice to the din is beyond me.

Pat Powers said...

Oh, come on. Ann Copulter? I woldn't fuck that retarded harpie with Barbara Bush's dick. You're better than that, Greyman.

The Greyman said...


Those founding fathers were pretty smart guys. They understood that a people's freedom from possible government tyranny... yes, even ours, is absolutely dependent on it's citizens being able to defend themselves. Laws are only as strong as the means to enforce them.