Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Know You're In "Liberal TV World"

I was watching TV last night and it occurred to me how so many TV series, especially sitcoms, have all these little things that appear normal, but have very little connection to real life.

I call it, "Liberal World", and here are the things to look for to let you know you're in that realm.

You Know You're In Liberal World When All The "Good" People:

  • Drive a Prius.
  • Never use plastic bags at the grocers. 
  • Love New York City.
  • Even regular guys, have openly gay buds.
  • Accept "global warming" as an absolute, undisputed, fact.
  • Virtually never own a gun, unless they're a cop, and then it's only reluctantly.
  • Regular guys allow other guys to hug and kiss them. 
  • Used lots of drugs and had lots of sex as a teen and/or in college.
  • Have nothing bad to say about high taxes, or abortion.
  • Regular guys/husbands are wimpy idiots who can't fix anything, and are scared of everything, while the gals are all intelligent, stunning babes who are always right, and can do anything a man can do, better than they can.
I'm sure they're are other signs, but a few of these and you'll know you're in dunn duh duuuuhhhhh.... Liberal TV World.


Boston Ranger said...

I never really thought about all those before, but you're right! You just nailed network TV shows! Everybody on TV seems to drive a Prius. LOL

Hey, I got another one for you. They ALL go to therapy.

I hate NY! Go SOX!

Love your stories too. Hope to see more soon!

Pat Powers said...

Hey, now I don't need that brain scan!

Sasha said...

And yet socialist Obama accomplished in 3 years what GOP Bush couldn't do in 8.

The Greyman said...

Exactly what has he accomplished Sasha? I mean, I know that, under Obama, our national debt is higher than ever, and unemployment continues to hover at around 9%, despite his "stimulus packages", but I doubt that's what you're bragging about. Why don't you clue me in on his great accomplishment(s)?