Sunday, April 17, 2011

The New Number One


Over the years, there have been several ladies who've held the cherished title of "Current Celeb Babe I Want Really Really Bad". (OK, cherished by me. Them... ehhh, probably not so much.) 

The list has included Raquel Welch, Dawn Wells, Loni Anderson, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and, until now, the reigning champ, Hayden Panettiere.  

Then I saw the picture above, and well, it spoke to me.

Actually, it spoke to me in stereo.

Two large, perfect breasts... stereo... get it? Bwhahahaha!

Ahem... *

Anyway, there are great pictures, and then there are those that approach perfection. The picture of Gemma does just that. I mean, wow. It's just a perfect picture of an absolutely perfect female. Yeah, I know it was done by a professional photographer, under perfect lighting, and it might have even been touched up a bit, but you know what? I don't care. What photo shoot pics haven't been retouched and professionally shot and edited? She is awesome.
The Brits put up a hell of a fight against overwhelming odds against the Nazis in WWII. I'm telling you, if the English military had some photos of Gemma to inspire them, they would've told us and the ruskies to get the hell out of the way and then proceeded to kick the living shit out of Hitler's 3rd Reich all by themselves. 

Gemma Aterton is no dog by any means, but it's THIS Gemma I want to see bound and gagged under my Christmas tree.
Here are a few more photos of Gemma, in case the one above failed to rock your world. (In which case, you should really think about seeking help)

BTW, here's another British chippie moving up into my top five with lightning speed. Her name is Francoise Boufhal. Her name sounds totally french to me, but apparently, she's 100% English. I'm sure this petite cutie with the massive rack will weigh 200 pounds a decade or so into the future, but right now she is a mega-muffin. I'm American all the way and I dislike most things European, but these honeys have me wanting to cross the Atlantic today.   


The Greyman said...

I'm surprised no one has commented on this post.

Am I overrating Gemma, or the other lady?

Flash2k said...

Not. At. All.

I only just got my brain to function again.

Pat Powers said...

No, Gemma's a knockout. But where's the debate? She's indisputably an eyeful, nice face to go with that great rack. What's not to like?

The Greyman said...

No debate I guess, but usually there are always a few who would disagree with you that water is wet. I was just surprised no one commented for awhile one way or the other.

BTW, wouldn't she make an AWESOME Wonder Woman?

She's reportedly a legit 5' 9", so she has the "Amazonian" height requirement fairly well covered, she's certainly got the beauty and the bod to more than fill out any WW costume, and
she's young enough to hold the job for several years.

Sure, she'd need a wig or let hair grow out and darken it, but that's no hill to climb.

And OK, she'd likely have an English accent, but who's to say they don't speak that way on Paradise Island anyway?