Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ACLU Ploy Would Force Hospitals to Perform Abortions - HUMAN EVENTS

ACLU Ploy Would Force Hospitals to Perform Abortions - HUMAN EVENTS

Yet another reason I despise the ACLU.


Sasha said...

*Derisive snort*

Currently working in the medical field, this simply won't happen. Ever.Ever.Ever.


The Greyman said...

While I agree it's unlikely, never say never, Sasha. (One my hard-learned lessons of almost 50 years of life.)

The modus operandi of the ACLU is fairly simple, yet, on many occasions, sadly effective: Locate a sympathetic left-wing judge or court who then "finds" something in the law or the Constitution (Something amazingly never even close to being found before) to support a favorable ruling. The opposition then has to spend even more money and time to fight the ridiculous ruling, and here we go into a multi-year trek up the judicial ladder arguing a ruling that should have never made it out of lower court to start with.

The time and money for these actions mean nothing to the ACLU. This is who they are, and this is what they do.

Every blue moon they will actually wind up on the correct side of an issue, but that falls in "even a broken clock is right twice a day" territory.

The Greyman said...

BTW, why do yo see this as no way, never happening event? Do you think the courts would never support it, or do you think so many in the medical profession would simply refuse to abide by any such ruling?

Sasha said...

Well all I'm saying is we get legal briefings at work every month or so since people are litigation happy and they like for staff to stay informed on the newest and latest policy initiatives, etc etc and this has never come up not once in the last 3 briefings and I'm reasonably sure it would have by now. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize.

The Greyman said...

Well, it's a hot button, controversial, issue, (No controversy with me. You don't kill babies, born or pre-born, period, end of discussion) so I would think maybe no business would bring it up unless they had too.

But while I hope you are right and this is a non-issue on one level, such a new law might get the pot to boil over and end this whole atrocity for good.

Pat Powers said...

Whatever it's origins, the ACLU is now an organization that protects free speech, period, which was never a big important thing to the Communists. It would protect a Communist's free speech right to dis capitalism, it would protect your free speech right to dis Communism. It's a great organization, I'm glad it's around. I'm all about the free speech.

The Greyman said...

Pat - The ACLU does NOT protect free speech. The ACLU protects liberal free speech. Conservative/libertarian speech, they attempt to label as some form of "hate" speech and have no problem censoring that.

And they do indeed work on other rights (they like), such as the right to an abortion, even for a child without parental notification, which is no more in the Constitution than is the right to rape.

Also, while they cast a wide net with the 1st amendment, they choose to view the second with a ridiculously narrow scope.

If they actually interpreted the Constitution as written and intended and weren't so selective in what rights they chose to champion, I would feel differently, but they clearly do not.

The ACLU is a devious, subversive bunch that does NOT have America's best interests at heart. You really need to rethink your support of that organization.