Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Bites It

Looked Like It Really Hurt. Good.

Rest hard in the darkest level of hell you evil, cowardly, child-murdering, rat fuck piece of shit.

Did I get my feelings across here?

Not much to say on this other than I wish it would have happened a long time ago. Looked painful and I'm glad. They supposedly fed him to the fishes and I have no problem with that. 

To those who say this might bring on retaliation? Well, it's not like these putrid scum need a reason to hit us again. And, what were we supposed to do... let him go? No way under any circumstances.

Read one guy who said we were no better because we dropped atomic bombs on Japan in WWII. All kinds of problems with that analogy. First of all, Japan attacked us first. Second, they had totally lost the war by that time, yet planned to fight to the death by arming every man, woman, and child. Dropping those bombs actually saved not only American lives but millions of Japanese as well. To conquer Japan with an invasion would have cost America at least one million more military personnel, extended the war another year, and far, far, more Japanese civilians would have perished than did.

One more benefit: The rest of the world saw what a nuke could do and that almost certainly made the Soviets and the rest of us think twice before hitting the button to start WW III.

America has certainly killed civilians in war, but those deaths were either accidental or caused by the enemy using their own people as shields against our attacks. We have never, with forethought and malice, purposely targeted civilians with the intent of killing them knowing there's little or no military value in those assaults. 

Bin Laden knew damn well even if his plan had succeeded completely that America would not fall or even be harmed in any real strategic manner. Just some money and a lot of dead civilians. 

Awesome kudos to our great military personnel and especially the Navy SEALs.

The fight goes on, but this round goes to Uncle Sam.


Sasha said...

That's not the real picture, which will never be released, but yes it's good the man was dropped in the ocean like so much garbage to sink into dark blue oblivion and never seen again.

My extended Navy family did me proud.

The Greyman said...

Yeah, I knew it was a fake pic, but since it was widely reported that no pics of him dead had been released, I didn't think it necessary to point that out. I just assumed everyone knew it was a fake.

Ya know what happens when you assume...

The Greyman said...

"My extended Navy family did me proud."

US Military is the best in the world, and Navy SEALs are BAMF's.

Ty M Goode said...

As guys will do about recent events, my co-workers and I were cracking wise about Bin Laden's compound.

"Yeah," one said, "he had all the comforts of home...stereo, hot tub, flat screen TV."

"With a DVD player, loaded with "Debbie Does Jihad". I quipped.

To which another commented, "That's probably why he got shot! He turned and they thought he was holding a weapon!"

Ah, worksite hijinks.

MT said...

Rest hard in the darkest level of hell you evil, cowardly, child-murdering, rat fuck piece of shit.

Nice fitting eulogy for the world's biggest scumbag.

The Greyman said...

All these Muslim supposed bad-asses had better recognize that America can and will get you (eventually) no matter whether you are a dictator like Saddam or a rat cowering in a hole (Uh, well, that was Saddam too, wasn't it?) or a terrorist leader hiding out in another "friendly" nation.

Mess with the US too much and we'll send you to allah and your 72 virgins before you really want to go.

Which is why I think our `ol buddy Muammar had best have his affairs in order. Might not be today. Or tomorrow. But we'll getcha dude.

Pat Powers said...

Damn, I'm in total agreement with you on both points. I need to check in with my Democratic Committee Groupthink Leader!

I'm glad Bin Laden is dead, serves the bastard right. And the Japanese behavior in World War II was so horrible ... the rape of Nanking, treatment of POWs, including Americans ... that I could care less if they got nuked. They were freaking EVIL. They totally bought whatever happened to them.

The Greyman said...

Pat - Hard to pick a most evil "winner" between the Japanese military high command, Hitler, and Stalin.

FDR wasn't evil, though he did screw over America pretty good in his own way.

Marc said...

My apologies for my lateness to comment, but JOB WELL DONE, GUYS.

There can be never any negotiation ( sorry, peaceniks ) with these primitive hateful arseholes.

When they are found, kill them without delay.