Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

There aren't too many holidays that really get to the ol' Greyman. Christmas? As a Christian and a sap for kids receiving gifts, absolutely. But Labor Day? Thanksgiving? New Year's Day? Ehh. To me, all those are mostly just football related time points. But Memorial Day, well, I really note and get inspired for this one. On this day, we honor our military. Those who fight and, especially, those who have died in service of our nation.

The United States military has never lost a war. American politicians and left wing media hacks like Walter Cronkite have screwed us up a couple of times, but left to their own devices, I have no doubt that our military would have made Vietnam and Korea singular, democratic nations. And yes, that extends to a couple of Republican Presidents as well. Bush elder royally screwed the pooch in `91. First, by getting the U.N. involved in the first place. 2nd by letting them tell us to stop before invading Iraq and killing off Saddam way back then. And 3rd by agreeing to stop and not telling the U.N. to go suck a duck. 

All Americans should thank every military person they meet at every opportunity. Next to the Bible, the U.S. Constitution is greatest document ever written. (I always find it interesting that the framers of the constitution held that first document in such high regard and used it as a moral compass for the second, much to the eternal consternation of most liberals who invariably fight to have the Bible, and it's influences, removed from all government entities.) However, in hard reality, it's really just a piece of paper. Rights, as well as laws, mean little without the means and ability to fight for them, to back then up by force if necessary. because they're are always those looking to take those rights away. Our military makes sure our sovereignty it always protected from outside forces. 

It can be a thankless task. One of my uncles returned from `Nam in 1969 after three tours. He flew in to California for a layover and saw another soldier get spit on, while he himself, a marine, was called a "MF'ing baby killer" and a "Nixon bitch". He always laughed at that one, because he was sent over there under Johnson, a democrat. Oh well.

That sort of thing doesn't seem to happen much anymore, but there are still those in this country who have a strong hatred for our soldiers, sailors and marines:


These people might as well be from Mars as far as I'm concerned. I'm serious. I am quite simply stunned so many Americans can act this way without being in a mental institution. As "Americans" they certainly have the right to say these things, but just because you have the right to say something doesn't mean it's the right thing to say. Also, do these idiots have any clue that our military fights to protect their right to act like fools and say stupid shit like this? Do they honestly believe Castro would allow them to protest like this? Or in China? I would love to send them to North Korea for an education on what real tyranny looks like.

Check that. I'd love to send them to North Korea period.

Anyway, I'm getting off my main topic. I just want to offer my deep and sincere admiration and thanks to all our military, wherever and whenever you may serve. Please know that they vast majority of America feels as I do. And to those who have lost their lives fighting for America, I pray that God has an especially wonderful place in heaven for your souls.

God Bless you. 

Be safe. 


Ty M Goode said...

Every day should be "Memorial Day" for these brave men and women.

A Shout-Out too, for our "First Responders".

The Greyman said...

Agreed. I constantly stop and thank our military people when I see them, Memorial Day or not.

First Responders sometimes have a dangerous job, and deserve our respect, but I wouldn't equate it with real combat on any sort of "danger scale".

Marc said...

Unless you've been there and done that, telling or arguing with military service personnel how to do THEIR job to YOUR liking is like telling a brain surgeon how to remove a tumour or repair serious trauma to a patient's cranium.

Just shut the Hell up, let the professionals do what they've been well trained to do and thank them heartedly for what most of us can never fathom.