Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This `n That For May, 2011

Just a few things here:

The Heels Have It.

In a vote that shocked, well, no one, it seems dastardly villains prefer their restrained damsels in heels by a overwhelming margin. Stilettos dominated 2nd place winner "bare feet" (51% to 21%). 3rd place was the upset, as it went to "other", beating out "socks" by a solid percentage. (11% to 5%). "Socks" in fact, finished in last place, losing out to even "don't care" (9%), meaning that less than one in ten of us could care less how our damsel's feet are attired. That number kind of surprised me.  

The real shocker though, was "other". To be honest, I included "other" as real afterthought. I'm just amazed it got as many votes as it did. I'm not even sure what it means exactly. Sneakers? Other than that, I can't fathom what "other" could pertain to. If anyone voted "other" and meant something besides sneakers, please respond and let me know. Just curious here.


When I finish a story chapter, even though I do spell check and all of that, there are invariably mistakes. What I should do is put the finished product aside and let it sit undisturbed for a few days, then go back and read through it again. I always catch a lot of stuff that way, but I'm usually so behind getting it out, I just post it and go.

Anyway, I went back and re-read the chapter, and corrected a lot of things. Nothing major, nothing that will alter the story, but if you want, the link now goes to the fixed version.

Interesting tidbit, chapter one, which even I thought was a bit lacking in damsel activity, has been downloaded almost twice as much as chapter two, which is loaded with DiD action. I find that... odd.

Just to be clear, I only post update notices at BP or elsewhere when I add new DiD related material. If it's of a political nature or something else, I just post it with no notices.

Question About Story Format...

Is everyone OK with my stories being posted in PDF format? I can also do XML, which is pretty much the same thing, only Microsoft's "version" of it. Why does MS feel the need to always create their own proprietary formats for everything? I might understand if they were usually better or more popular, but with  rare exceptions, the exact opposite is true.

If you use Adobe Reader, congratulations, you have one of the world's most bloated and needlessly pain-in-the-ass constantly updating PDF readers. I highly recommend uninstalling Adobe Reader and downloading/installing Foxit Reader.  It's freeware like AR, does everything AR does at a fraction of the size and it's MUCH less intrusive. It's under 8mb's compared to AR, which is at least 41mb. Also, Foxit updates are much less often, and a fraction of the size once again. Foxit also has plugins for IE and Firefox. It's so superior, it's not even funny. 


Endure is a great DiD film isn't it? I mean, hard to pick on a movie that has it's heroine literally bound and gagged for the entire film. Not only that, but in a real change from recent horror fare, (Spoiler Alert!) our damsel didn't get hacked up into a bloody mess, or have the living shit beaten out of her, or killed off at the end. Nice. She was kidnapped, placed out of the way bound and fairly tightly gagged, and rescued alive and relatively unharmed at the end. 

That's how it's supposed to happen, Hollywood people! Live it. Learn it. 

Nitpicks: I have a couple. That cleave-gag, while decently tight, literally kept Clare Kramer almost totally silent. That's ridiculous, and looked that way on screen. Would've been a much better scene with some realistic mmph'ing going on. 

Watched Endure this past weekend with my girlfriend (Who knows my ummm... leanings... in this area) and another couple who don't. When the part came up where the hunting dog finds her, my GF commented to the group about how Clare was unable to make any real sounds thru that gag. The other girl (Decently cute, but laughs really freakin' loud! Loudest laugh I have ever heard, man or woman.) agreed and said that she would be screaming her head off, gag or no gag. Her boyfriend said the thing to use was tape. I just sat there fighting the urge to go get some duct tape and play "Bondage Mythbusters". Let's test that theory, shall we?   

My GF laughed at me. I made her "pay" for my discomfort later on, believe me.

Second nitpick: Wouldn't it have been great to have Clare doing a voice-over during her captivity? I think that would have been awesome, myself. 


Jonty said...

"The real shocker though, was "other". To be honest, I included "other" as real afterthought."

It's no shocker Vince, you didn't mention stockings or tights. (pantyhose if you must!)

In my opinion, by far the most sensuous attire for a ladypersons tootsies.

Generally, I don't go around voting in other peoples polls, but I was fully prepared to do so in
this instance.

And but for your glaring omission, I would've !

And while we're at it, your new poll should have an;

"Indifferent....it won't change anything" option.

But to be fair, "Content Satisfaction" probably covers that already.

The Greyman said...

Jonty - Thanks for the info regarding stockings. I guess I kind of lumped that in with socks, assuming they were all some form of hosiery.

On your second point, I suppose I could have added "indifferent". but I never considered anyone would feel that way about such a polarizing figure. It's like saying "I have no opinion on Hitler or Stalin."

Whether his death alters anything substantial is beside the point, but I would argue that's one less murderous asshole in charge, and that has to be a good thing.

Pat Powers said...

I'll have to add this film to my "watch" list. Yes,indeedy.

The Greyman said...

Pat - I strongly suggest avoiding actually watching the flick and simply downloading the clip at Major's or from BP. It's not much of a film on it's own.