Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama Does The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons

First, I want to be completely, 100% crystal about this: I have absolutely no issues, problems, or moral dilemmas whatsoever about U.S. Forces waxing Bin Laden, whether he was armed, unarmed, on his knees begging for mercy, or making whoopee with one of his child brides.

That, however, according to Obama and his ACLU-lovin' sidekick Eric Holder, was not the proper way America was supposed to deal with terrorists.
Let’s try Terrorists in civilian court…Eric Holder’s idiocy Redux
Eric Holder: Terrorists and Osama Bin Laden Have Same Rights As Charles


Nope, we were supposed to capture them alive, if at all possible, read them their rights like any other "normal" criminal, and give them their day in an American civilian court of law.

So, what happened? More to the point, where is the outrage and snide remarks from the left wing (An oxymoron, They're virtually all liberals) media?

Taking the second point first, unless Obama does something really crazy, like heaven forbid, stop an abortion, the media won't say a single bad thing about him, so forget that. It ain't happening. In their eyes, this guy is the closest thing they'll ever see to a living, breathing (Non-Christian, of course) Jesus. 

Seems clear now that Bin laden wasn't armed, so the idea he couldn't be taken alive is lame. Even if he was, I think a team of SEALs could still take this crud alive if required.

But Obama didn't want that. With gas prices sky-rocketing, with unemployment holding at almost 9%, with his stimulus package nonsense hijinks imploding, he needed a win. And not a liberal kind of win, a middle class America, kind of win.

It's been done before you know. In an act so blatantly obvious everyone but a democrat saw right through it, Slick Willie (Clinton) bombed Iraq at the exact same time he was getting impeached

I am not so naive as to believe that no Republican president has ever used the power of his office to deflect bad press away from him, but only liberals tend to use our military for such actions. 

Go ahead and smoke Bin Laden boys. We'll read the next terrorist guy his rights. 

Oh, those wacky libs and their vacillating morals.  

It would make me laugh if wasn't so sad, but in reality, the laugh is all on us.


Greg-O said...

Hello, just wanted to say how much I like your site. Interesting combination of bondage and political satire.

Question- Do you think Obama gets reelected?

The Greyman said...

He only gets reelected if the conservatives run a RINO as their candidate. If they run a committed conservative, Obama loses, but that's true of every election since right after Nixon.

Pat Powers said...

Right. Republican Presidents only get us involved in totally unnecessary and useless wars via false and misleading information, i.e., lies. Yeah, I'm talking Bush and Iraq. Lotta shame to live down on that one.

The Greyman said...

Yeah, shame on Bush for getting rid of a mass murderer who ordered the deaths and torture of thousands of innocents, including women and children. Oh and he used WMD's against his own people, too.

Golly, you're right Pat. Bush was a pure D bastard for going after such a prince of a guy as Saddam.

BTW, exactly what "false and misleading information, i.e., lies" are you speaking of?

Pat Powers said...

Well the list of rotten bastard dictators to be disposed of is long. Saddam is nowhere near the top of it. Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, that bastard in Sudan ... all of those guys are way worse than Saddam ever was, even though he did kinda gas his own people that one time. Face it, Greyman. It was Bush's personal vendetta, combined with neoconservative plans to keep the Mideast oil supply under US control, nothing else.

The Greyman said...

Ha ha... Pat, so Bush was wrong because he went after one scumbag but left several others? That's like busting on the police because they catch one serial killer but others are still out there!

And yeah, oil was likely a contributing factor. And? So? WE NEED OIL. THE WORLD NEEDS THAT OIL. I see nothing at all wrong with making sure the middle east is at least partially stable so the oil continues to flow. We need to take out a few others over there as well, but one at a time is better than nothing.

I have my issues with Bush 1 and 2, but at least GW accomplished SOMETHING, which is more than Clinton, Obama, and Carter did as a group.