Monday, June 20, 2011

DiD Clip - The Bloody Escape 1975

Our damsel in this standard Shaw Brothers kung fu flick is Shih Szu. She was a big time female martial arts star in the 70's, then pretty much retired in `81 at the tender age of 28. 

In this one, Shih Szu (Who, to be fair, was a lot more cute than sexy hot) plays a young lady kidnapped by a gang who controls the town. The evil leader dude plans to have his way with her, but she's a bitin' fightin' wildcat and he has other things to do at the moment. A couple of the older ladies in town, ever helpful when it comes to raping teenage virgins, restrain our poor lass to keep her settled down until the boss can come by and rape her proper. Not only do they tightly bind and gag sweet Szu, they also watch over her until the big man is ready to do the nasty. When he arrives, they even tell him that he's a lucky man, because the "ones who bite and scratch" will become real sexual dynamos, ready and willing for anything, once he "breaks" her. Now here are a couple of females the NOW gang can be proud of!

Not so fast though, because one of the "good" bandits (Our hero) has come to rescue her from the villain. She despised this guy earlier in the film, but naturally once he's rescued her, she forgets all about that "hate" thing and is ready and willing to forget about that virgin stuff as well.

Nice little clip, I think. Very good quality.




Tom T Hall said...

Just wanted to say thanks for these clips and the other stuff you post.

The Greyman said...

Many thanks. Comments are always appreciated!