Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally! A Free, Easy To Use Clipping Program

I think I've finally found a clipping program that I like. It has a logical, easy to understand process, it's quick, and, best of all, it's free. I give the creator of this application extremely high marks for making the program so well designed. It cuts out clips. It can join several of them together. It works with most formats. You can control the quality. Just about perfect.

It's called Media Cope. Let me tell you that you, or I, or anyone else can no longer have any excuses for not clipping scenes. If you can't use this program, you need to turn in your computer.


Jonty said...

Now that's a great contribution!

I've already been practicing with it, & it does seem pretty easy.

I've got several questions though,
so I'll ask them over at DVF.


The Greyman said...

Thanks, but all credit goes the maker(s) of the program. I've seen many other programs, costing a lot of money, that are many times more complicated and don't work nearly as well.

Pat Powers said...

I'm working on making promo videos for my book using Windows Movie Maker cause it's free and it seems simple and well made. Does Media Cope have significant advantages over Movie Maker?

Also, slip me you email addy, my friend, can't seem to find it on your page.