Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rango Clip - For Those Who Like Gagged Reptiles

Gagged female? Yup, but it's still a lizard...
I'm sorry, I just can't get excited about the scene in Rango.

It's not that I hate animated scenes. I don't... not at all. I like those that feature "real" females, but I mean, come on people. This is a lizard.

Please take a DEEP breath Isla...
And even a lizard voiced by a sweet muffin like Isla Fisher is still a freakin' lizard for gosh sakes. And it's not even some reptile built like Jessica Rabbit. It's a bony-ass, skinny female lizard in a school marm's dress.


The only reason I bothered clipping this at all is because (a) No one else seems to have gotten around to it yet, and (b) It was there.

Lost in the 50's tonight...
A word about this clip. The copy I had was a very high quality version. That's good. Unfortunately, it was a little too high quality. I found a flaw in MediaCope's cutting program in that it doesn't like 6-channel audio at all. That's bad, so I had to convert the entire flick to a different format with 2-channel sound in order to clip it. Unfortunately, (That word's coming up a lot in this article, huh? That's uh... unfortunate. Heh.) the version I converted the film to was a tad lower in quality than I intended. Long story, but I had to use my laptop to convert it with, and it took a loooong time with it's older dual core processor, rather than my i7 quad core screamer. So long, in fact, that for a scene I really don't care about anyway, I simply refuse to go through the process again.

So anyway, here's the clip. I hope it's not too crappy, but I'm sure Sudden Sam will have a uncompressed 1080P version out soon enough.

Download Rango clip HERE.

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Marc said...

There could be a market for it.

...Chameleons could gag themselves.