Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Clip & Film Review: CRAZY LIPS (2000)

Oh no! He's going to rape me! Stop! Stop!
When it comes to Asian Category III classics, no one produced these seedy, violent, sexploitative flicks better or more often than Hong Kong did from the early 80's on through about 1997. But that doesn't mean others didn't put in a good effort now and then, nor does it mean the genre ran out after `97.

Oh no! He is definitely raping me! Help! Stop!
Even today, you will run across a good Cat III movie occasionally, from all over Asia, but the one I'm writing about today comes from Japan. The Japanese are certainly no strangers to horror films, but theirs tend to be about nasty, long haired, evil ghost girls and the like.

Oh no! He's... wait, why are my nipples aroused?
But, in 2000, they made a true, died-in-the-wool Cat III flick called Crazy Lips (Hakkyousuru kuchibiru). I have no idea what the title means or pertains to. Make no mistake, this film is crazy, but the "lips" part baffles me. May well be some sort of translation confusion.

Oh no, no don't stop raping me... don't stop... !
Anyway, this is one truly bizarre film. While it has many of the standard Cat III staples (Bloody murders, headless ghosts, rapes, strangely placed humor, sexy nude females, etc...) it also has several off-the-wall subplots, as well as the lead breaking into song (A Cat III first that I'm aware of), brother and sister incest, a kind of sci-fi/religion thing, intense martial arts fighting by people who should have no skills in that area, and a number of insanely oddball (Even for a Japanese flick) characters. 

With all that, it adds up to a very entertaining 3/4 of a movie. Unfortunately, in the 4th quarter, the makers had to somehow tie all the mayhem and subplots together, and that's where the film goes off track. Rating this movie, I say the first three quarters get's an "A". The last quarter get's a "D".  

Overall score: "B". Recommended.

In this DiD clip, there are these two psychics who are helping the main lead (Hitomi Miwa) to locate her brother and some missing girls. Hitomi's sister, a very cute babe named "Hijiri Natsukawa" (This is her only film listed at IMDB) is used by the family and the psychics as a means to start some kind of ceremony. 

How do they start it? By raping the girl, naturally. She's held down by mom while the psychic's assistant rapes her. They gag her by stuffing a small towel into her mouth. This being an Asian Cat III, about halfway through the rape, our lass morphs from very non-consensual rape victim to very consensual rape participant.  Afterwards, the girl goes from the psychic's biggest critic in the home to their biggest supporter.

I suppose the dude has some mad sex skills.

That's it for the clip, but later in the film Hitomi's character is bound upright (But not gagged, which is why I didn't clip it) and simultaneously double-raped by a dead guy in the front (Yep, that's what I said) and by the sister raper dude in the back portal, if you get my meaning. Later, when she wakes up, the people in the TV (Yep, that's what I said) comment that "Her butt must hurt".

Crude? You bet. Funny? You bet! Made me LOL.

Seriously, I would love to watch this film with some Feminazi type, just to see her reactions. This one is as non-pc as it gets. 

Crazy Lips 2000 Clip



J Bodine said...

Hey, just watched this movie and you were right Greydude, it's insane!

It even has some of that "Robocop" media thing happening.

This was my first Cat 3 movie. I like it! Any others you can suggest?

The Greyman said...

"J" Bodine huh? Would that stand for "Jethro"? Yes, I'm a big Beverly Hillbillies fan.

There are lots of great HK Cat III's but some of my favorites are INTRUDER, THE UNTOLD STORY, THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA, & RUN AND KILL.

See those and that should get you started pretty good.