Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review - Pat Power's Slave Girls In The Movies And On TV

The complete and official title is Slave Girls In The Movies And On TV: The Hottitude of Servitude.

As one can see, Patrick's never been shy about using a dozen words when four might suffice. ;) For the sake of expediency and my poor typing skills, for the remainder of this review I'll refer to the book as "SGM".

For those not familiar with Pat Powers, he's a long time contributor to the DiD community. He has a blog, and is an accomplished BDSM writer, publishing several stories, including my personal favorite, KARG. Available for $4.99 at MobiPocket and absolutely worth every nickel. It's one of the finest bondage stories ever written. He has other stories available as well.

Pat's not perfect. He has an irritating streak of liberalism that has occasionally (Okay, more than occasionally) caused us to debate, but I'm not sure he's a real liberal because he's genuinely a good guy and not an obtuse asshole at all. Make's me think there's a level-headed conservative in there somewhere waiting to get out.

Anyway, Pat's new book, SGM, is now available. It's not a story, but a comprehensive look at how slavegirls have been and are portrayed in TV and films.

Did I mention it was comprehensive? SGM is an exhaustive, in depth analysis of the subject, complete in every way, covering slave girls  from all angles, from G-rated material to triple X porn. The book is replete with pictures, and there's definitely no shortage of words either: The book is over 600 pages. 

Understand too, all this love is coming from a guy who is not into the whole slave/master thing. Personally, I think it's silly nonsense when someone makes his "slave" call him "master". I always laugh and it reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie" when I hear or read that stuff. 

On the other hand, Barbara Eden from that era can call me anything she likes, whenever she likes, as so long as she's in a friendly and giving mood, if you get my drift.

The other issue is the lack of gags. You know me, I'm all about the gag. No gag, no care. KARG, in case you haven't read it, get's it right. Really right. The only time KARG females aren't gagged (And I'm talking serious gags here. No bullshit piece of tape or simple cleave. Max stuffing is the name of this game.) is when they are eating or sucking cock.

Now THIS is my idea of great slave girls!
Would that slave girls in film/TV wore such muzzles. Alas, you rarely see gags in TV/Film slave girls. Not even on non-BDSM slaves. Once in a blue moon, sure, but nothing like KARG or the GOR books. Pat explores this subject as well.

So this is one book I highly recommend for everyone in our community, because there really is something in it for everyone and it's one darned entertaining read.

The cost? More than anything, that's the unbelievable part. Fifty bucks wouldn't be too much. Twenty-five would be a deal. Ten dollars? A steal.

How about $3.99?

That's right kiddies. For about what you'd pay these days for a hamburger or a gallon of gas, you can get this book downloaded to you virtually instantaneously right here.

Clearly, Pat Powers isn't trying to get rich by writing! Or, maybe the extra income would thrust him into a new tax bracket. Nah. Couldn't be that, `cause we all know how much liberals love to pay those taxes, don't we?

Seriously, how can you possibly go wrong spending $4? Not only will you enjoy the read and looking at the pictures, but the next time there's a conversation by the water cooler about slave girls, you'll look like a genius.

Okay, a perverted genius, but still...



Ari said...

Had to chuckle at the Barbara Eden reference. Lovely lass. I used to "dream" of what that would have been like, having a voluptuous blonde beauty eager to satisfy my every whim. Good memories!!

Davey said...

I personally don't mind tape gags,as long as they're big enough to cover the damsel's mouth,like your main header pic,be it silver,black or white.

Of course,I also love over the mouth,cleave,as long as they're shown to be tight and effective.

I just personally can't stand ballgags.They don't appeal to me at all.

Pat Powers said...

Your check is in the mail!

(Seriously thanks for the kind words, Greyman!)

The Greyman said...

No problem Pat. Your new book very much deserved all that praise and more. Let me know if I messed anything or got anything wrong.

The Greyman said...

Davey - I like ball-gags as so long as they're decently large and really in there, well behind the teeth. Those shitty ones where the whole ball is outside her mouth and she looks like she's sucking on a super-ball are despicable.

The Greyman said...

Yeah, you could do a lot worse than hooking up with Barbara Eden in the late 50's and early-mid 60's.