Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Responding To The Libs

LOL! I post several (IMO) well written and rather intuitive DiD blogs with just a few responses total, and then I pop up a political one and bam, I have more than I can respond to.

But, trooper that I am, I shall endeavor to try:

Pat, a wise man once said, "Judge a person by his friends, but also by his enemies." I became aware long ago that most liberals despise Ann with virulent hatred rarely seen. (I'm always amused by that. We conservatives are constantly branded as "haters" but amongst the right wing we have a saying "Nobody hates like a liberal hates")

Many so-called conservatives are little more than Republican Party shills. I love Ann because she, like I, am a conservative by nature, a Republican by default. She is incredibly insightful, and she doesn't take any shit from libs. Yes, she has a caustic, sardonic, wit, but then, so do I, so how can I fault her for that?

To "Anonymous":

I would hardly call this a war, at least in the way "normal" wars are typically waged. This is a fight against terrorism. Semantics, I'll admit, but Congress DID authorize the fight, and if the Democrats in Congress want to end the fight, all they have to do is pull the financial plug.

Truman, a democrat, started the Korean war and Kennedy/LBJ, also democrats, started the Vietnam war. Chew on that for awhile.

I-do-not-support-McCain other than he's simply a better bad choice than the other guy, who sucks. I (Barely) support McCain because he's the only alternative to Barack who has a shot at winning.

To "Cagney":

Sorry, while I have nothing against you personally, I'm not about to start taking political lectures from a European. 70%-plus tax brackets? Not no, but heeeeellll no. You guys are still anti-gun wackos, even though history has proven time and again that your leaders/dictators/kings will mass-murder you at best, screw you in the ass then mass-murder you at worst. Most of your countries, the Brits being the exception, all but give the terrorists blow-jobs rather than actually fight and kill the bastards, and... oh yeah... fucking France.

At it's worst, we are still the greatest nation this world has ever seen by far.

`Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

bYes, Congress DID authorize the fight without a declaration of war. So what??? That doesn't make it Constitutional. Congress has the power to declare war. Please read Article 1 and tell me where exactly it says that Congress has the authority to send troops to take over a foreign country other than by declaring war on that country? This is NOT semantics. I would hope that as a "believer in the Constitution" you would agree that Congress is limited in its powers and cannot simply grant itself unlimited authority.

You are correct. Democrats illegally waged those 'wars' with the complicity of a Congress that refused to follow the Constitution. Just because the Democrats commit treason does not mean it's okay for the Republicans do likewise.

By the way, I was NOT making a Democrat vs Republican argument. I am first and foremost an American. I wish that our elected leaders would take the same position rather than being blind party hacks. I'd say overall I have greater contempt for the Democratic party than the Republican party though the gap is narrowing. All I'm asking for is for our elected officials to follow the Constitution. If they really don't like a provision, or lack thereof, how about passing an amendment to make what they want to do legal rather than just ignore the parts they don't feel like following?

Anonymous said...

Where's my big yellow star to sew on my jacket, since you've already given me a dismissive name for easy identification?

The Greyman said...

"... big yellow star...; ...you've already given me a dismissive name..."

What the heck are you talking about?

first anonymous poster said...

I think the other 'anonymous' is referring to the Star of David that Jews had to wear in 1930's Germany. The dismissive name serving as the new 'big yellow star' is "liberal".

My only comment on that is that I hate hearing people argue that something is "liberal" or "neocon" and that's it. No substance, just empty name calling.

Anonymous said...

Oh good. We can talk about Ann off Brianspage. ;)

"Pat...We ...constantly branded as "haters""

Okay. Speaking as the Brianpage "dogsledder", when the boys, (whom couldn't wait to tell me what Ann said), thought it was hilarious. Pofoz thinks the Ann rants humourous too and allowed them on his board. I get that

But my request when Ann come up on Brians Discussion this time was to either let it sit there and take replies to Pofoz board. That was for new posters going on about it. I know that you know it'd just be deleted and I know you weren't carrying on there.

Okay, that cleared. On with the humour:

James Gagney said...

Ok ,firstly Vince ,let me be clear ,i did not in any way lecture you on your blog .My only point was that when the republicans have made such an absolute mess of your country an imbecile knows it's time for change .
The US electorate seems to have supported that view in pretty large numbers .
I live in Ireland ,i have no idea where you're getting your 70 percent tax brackets from .
Anti gun Whackos ? As opposed to what ,over 40000 handgun deaths a year ,and exactly how many school shootings ?
Your answer to my point was just a nonsensical rant ,very disappointing .

Anonymous said...

"Pat...most liberals despise Ann with virulent hatred rarely seen....I love Ann because she, like I, am a conservative"

Hmm. Well I'm pretty sure the boys whom just have to tell me what Ann says on the Sean Hannity Show (sp?) aren't conservative, But they too laugh at French on McDonalds/BurgerKing/KFC wrappers, Prime Ministers & hockey players speaking in broken English, igloos, dogsleds, etc etc, just like Ann.

Also relayed from non-Conservatives:
[Rough]: "Ann says she's glad she's not from {here} hahaha"...

Well I guess huh?

[Rough]: "Sean Hannity wants a fence along the border, but Ann said we should run {me} off {their} continent instead. hahaha"

Wow! huh?
Figure these "non-Conservatives" may favour Ann alittle more than you think, huh?

"Ann Coulter. She and I agree 99.9% of the time."

But I'm glad Pat doesn't as I don't want to be run off this continent. ;)