Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shocker! Smallville Babe Gagged! No, Really!

Will wonders never cease. On an upcoming Smallville episode (Don't get too excited. It doesn't air until April 2nd, 2010) "Chloe" (Allison Mack) gets a cleave-gag.

Not sure of the on screen time length, and based on the pic I grabbed from the preview clip (Which was a bitch to locate, btw) certainly the gag itself is average at best, but on this series any gag scene is notable, `cause on Smallville they gag their females about as often as I praise a liberal.


StacyK said...

Thanks for the heads up. Would love to see Chloe tied and gagged. Hopefully this starts a trend on the show and she and Lois will be seen in this way more times.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Allison looks mighty fine gagged.

Sasha said...

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So now how do you feel?

The Greyman said...

Sasha, see post above.