Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 New Asian Clips

Couple of new vid clips for you guys:

First one is called "Kidnapping Granny" a Korean comedy about several idiots uh, kidnapping a grandmother. The good news is that it's not old granny who get's tied up, it's her moderately cute granddaughter who kicks up a fuss during the nab and winds up bound and gagged. Unfortunately she's blindfolded as well, which is a turnoff to me, but what can ya do? Anyway, I can't verify who plays the gagged chickie yet, but anyone with that info please let me know.

The 2nd clip is from a 1968 Japanese B&W called Female Demon Ohyaku and stars Junko Miyazono as our heroine who get's kidnapped, bound, cleave-gagged, and raped. Asians are big on rape. If you're a decent-looking babe and you get abducted by some bad guys, hell, often even by good guys, you might as well get ready, `cause you're gonna get raped. American flicks usually avoid showing that at all costs. You can brutalize and torture a girl beyond measure, but don't you dare insert your dick without permission.

Go figure. 

Anyway, later on she gets tortured along with her beau, who she get's to see beheaded. Naturally, she goes all psycho-vengeance babe from that point, and it's actually a pretty good flick if you like that sort of thing. (I do, if it's done well.) 

Here are the clips:

Kidnapping Granny Clip

Female Demon Ohyaku Clip

BTW, not fishing for compliments, but I've never been much of a clipper and I wouldn't mind a little more feedback on these clips I'm posting. I mean, are they great, just ok, ehh whatever, or do they royally suck? Should I be doing something differently? I'm speaking about the subject matter as well as the technical aspects.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vince, you can never have too many cleave/OTM gagged Asian babes lol. I agree with you about the blindfolds, it detracts from the scene, it is much better if she can see what is going on but can not comment about it. Take care

Davey said...

I agree too.To me,there's nothing more hotter,than seeing a lovely Asian damsel in distress.I also agree about the blindfolds.It's not my cup of tea,but keep up the good work!Hopefully,you might find a few scenes with a stunning lass in police,or miltary uniform bound and gagged!You never know...:)

Anonymous said...

Haha, you waded into this one, huh Vince?

If? That clip is "Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K" (2007)?

The favoured was "Sin Yeong-jin" as the actress. It was one of those everyone has an opinion on & no one agreed.

Anyway, apparently there is a subtitled clip on youtube where the gal is refered to as "Mi-ae", but the Editors couldn't find this character mentioned connected with the favoured film title, nor any actress.

In other words, have fun with that.

Jay L

Anonymous said...


CAT-III "They're hard as hell to find in most cases."..."And yet, I can't get enough of these gems."

Suggest you check out & keep an eye on this director:

Not hard, as the Chinese reviewers love to rake his films over his "guns & bimbos plots" as they say. Normally are, or bordering on CAT-III.

He can take credit for a good lot of the Hong Kong movies in the Database.

Jay L

The Greyman said...

Jay L,

Uh... huh? I'm sorry, I guess I'm dense, but I don't get the "you waded into this one" comment, or the "In other words, have fun with that" thing. Can you clarify?

As for your second post on the CAT III stuff, I should have been more specific. When I said hard to find, I was talking about films from the "classic" CAT III era, meaning 80's and 90's and by such directors as "Bloody" Billy Tang and Herman Yau.

Though I agree your boy Jing Wong has done a few really good ones like "The Underground Banker".

Sadly, these days, you mostly get sicko gore Hostel-wannabe crap like "Grotesque" or boring CGI filled silliness like "Blood: The Last Vampire".

Anonymous said...

"Jay L,
Uh... huh? I'm sorry, I guess I'm dense,"

Didn't mean it that way. This very same clip is up on torrents with different titles. We haven't had anyone come forward that's rented (in your case), Mission Possible, Kidnapping Granny K (2007)

So I couldn't definitively answer your question, only provide you with the favoured actress.

Anonymous said...

"I can't verify who plays the gagged chickie yet, but anyone with that info please let me know."

2nd go at this.
If your title is correct? (see above) Then the favoured actress is Sin Yeong-jin

I had someone tell me he saw a subtitled youtube clip with the character refered to as Mi-ae

The Editors could find no site confirming the character "Mi-ae" credited as being a character in your Title's (Mission Possible) credits.
Nor could we find where "Sin Yeong-jin" was credited as playing "Mi-ae"
one pain in the arse scene for ID'ing