Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zatanna - Bound and Gagged...Again

Isn't the superhero world a better and much more interesting place with ladies like Zatanna, Mary Marvel, and Back Canary in it?

They must wake up every morning thinking, "So what dastardly villain is going to gag me today?" 

You gotta love super-heroines. Unlike their male counterparts, who basically just have to worry about helping the helpless and avoid getting killed, (Or at least staying popular enough to miraculously return from the dead occasionally) female super-heroines have to look great as well.  Not just good... great.

You can't be a nice-looking "seven" and be a female super. Nope, you have to be at least a strong eight... on a bad day... and well into nine-plus territory otherwise. Then, there's the possibility of getting raped, but that seems to be a very rare occurrence in super-hero world. 
You can kill them and mutilate them, but doooon't dare touch `em in a naughty way!
Getting captured or kidnapped is perfectly acceptable however. And, while any and all female supers are liable to get the full treatment, the big three "voice-powered" heroine's definitely spend an inordinate amount of time wearing gags.   

Poor Mary Batson must  have nightmares about gags considering how many times she's had her mouth silenced.

(Question: Why doesn't she just stay in Mary Marvel mode?) I mean, why not?

 Zatanna though, is my favorite. She dresses in the far most provocative outfit of the trio, and while she's always having her mouth gagged in some manner, she seems to be OK with that problem. 
Zatanna is gagged not once but twice in Power Girl #23. It's kind of a lame-o super-small tape gag, but hey, it's a gag and that's the main thing. 

You can download the entire comic here. You'll need a comic reader like Comical to view it properly.


StacyK said...

And yet, none of these ladies has gotten their own TV series or movie. Maybe when they finally run out of new male superheroes (Thor, Green Lantern, Spiderman 12), they'll give the women a chance. (Wonder Woman). And hopefully, if these three do get theirs, the writers will see fit to include a gag scene now and then.

The Greyman said...

Perhaps that should be blamed on Halle Berry and the makers of CATWOMAN. Any film featuring the ultra-sexy Berry in a low-cut, skin-tight leather outfit should have been at least a moderate success, yet it was a total bomb.

I get many of these super-hero films like FF, Spider-man, Hulk, Batman, etc, because of the popularity of their characters overall, but Green Lantern? Sorry, but that guy is just lame. One of the lamest in comic history.

Theoretically, you can kick his ass with a can of yellow spray paint. And is it just plain yellow only, or any shade of yellow? And ring runs out of power in exactly 24 hours no matter how much or how little he uses it? Please... spare me people.

Pat Powers said...

The other fun thing about superheroines is that whenever they get sexy they drive a certain subgroup of feminists (I call 'em "prudo-feminists" because they regard all sexual imagery that is not exquisitely calculated for sexual egalitarianism as suspect, hence, they dislike all sexual content) absolutely bonkers. I came across some tasty imagery posted by one such group, I'll put it on a post on my blog and then link back to yours for the gag scene. Tally-ho!

The Greyman said...

About 20 years ago, I had the displeasure of working with a woman who was a genuine, California-born-and-raised hardball feminist. She wasn't ugly, in fact she was a little above average, but she dressed "down" from a solid six/low seven to a four. She worshiped at the feet of Andrea Dworkin and the NOW gang. Not unexpectedly, we had more than a few "debates" over that time together.

One of the things that I said which drove her nuts was my belief that women now, in the past, and likely in the future were judged by society and themselves by their looks or how well they raised their families, while men were invariably judged mainly by how successful they were and how much income they produced.

Not saying that's right, I'm just saying that's the way it is.

Virtually every guy I know, and I believe many women, when they first see a female they judge her by her attractiveness. Whether she's a candidate for President of the United States, a dentist, or a race car driver, that's just the way it is.

There's a reason Danica Patrick is so popular and it ain't that she can drive a car so well. It's because she fills out a bikini so well.

Pat Powers said...

OK, I put up that post I threatened to, here's the link:

Not so bondage-y as Zatanna, but still good.

With a link back to your post of course.