Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Asian Flicks Produce Scenes

I recently came across these two films with full treatment scenes.

Kinatay (The Execution of P) 2009

Missing 44 2010

As a film, Kinatay, made in the Philippines, is mostly flat and tedious, at least for awhile, Then the girl is snatched and things pick up from there a bit as she's bound and tape-gagged with stuffing for a trip with some bad guys to a house away from the main city. After that, things definitely do not go well for the lady, so be warned. Shot with hand-held cameras. I usually like horror/action flicks but this one seemed utterly useless to me. Other than the bondage, of course, but even that I didn't care for much as she's thumped pretty good in the face before they bind her. Fairly long scenes though.

Missing 44 is a Japanese Pinku flick about four teenage girls who are abducted, and tortured. Lots of restraints, a couple of gag scenes. 

I can handle some simple clipping but the scenes in these flicks are too spread out for me. What I did instead was to upload the films to Megaupload. I used HJSplit to break Kinatay into multiple parts.If you've never used it, HJSplit is a stupid-simple little freeware program that's 100% virus free.

Maybe someone with more skill than I can take a shot at clipping.



Ty M Goode said...

Thanks Vince, for uploading those videos. I must be in the minority, for Asian Bondage films don't do much for me.

Sure, the models are petite, cute and usually submissive, but eh, I could take it or leave it. Guess I need to broaden my cultural scope.

The Greyman said...

That's interesting. As long as she's at least moderately attractive, I don't really care what ethnicity the DiD is.

Asian DiD's are a mix of great (Tight, knotted cleaves and OTM gags) and crappy (Over the nose gags, stuff gags, and those ball-gags with holes), but I like the films as a whole because they're refreshingly non-pc. Even the ones not so good are fun to watch because of that.

I have noticed something from all my Asian film watching: I can now almost immediately spot the difference between Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and South Asian people by appearance and by the language.

On the whole, Chinese women are the hottest, followed by Japanese. South Asians are very cute facially, but they're a tad skinny for my taste. Korean women, as a group, are the least attractive.

Anonymous said...

mega upload shut down
link no longer work :(