Saturday, June 18, 2011

DiD Clip - Alive Or Die (2005) Thai Horror

Alive or Die (2005) is a Thai horror flick with abortion as the general theme. To be honest, I didn't sit and watch the entire movie. Well, I did, but I fast forwarded through a good deal of it, so I can't honestly tell you if the film is ultimately pro or con on the subject. I can say that every other Asian film I've seen has been decidedly "pro", but hell, that's the case with American films as well for the most part, and we all know that more Americans than not are against killing babies for the sake of sexual convenience.

What I can tell you is that it's not a very good film. That's no big
surprise. With rare exception, (The Art Of The Devil films, parts 2 and 3, are great) the Thai's don't do horror particularly well. 

Anyway, the plot is convoluted, but there's a spooky old hospital out in the middle of nowhere, (Is there any other kind?) a psycho abortion doctor, a dark and stormy night... you get the picture.

Anyway, here's the clip: Alive Or Die

BTW, if you do like really good horror films, I did watch a very excellent one recently. It's called DREAM HOME (2010), a Hong Kong horror/slasher staring Josie Ho. (If  watch much Asian cinema, you'll know who that is.) I suppose you could call it a slasher, but it's really a lot more than that. (It would have to be for me to recommend it. I'm usually no fan of slasher flicks) It's not a perfect film, as there's some of the usual slasher movie bullshit (Normal girl suddenly becomes damn near superhuman ninja killing machine, convenient stupidity by the victims.) but it makes up for it with some great stuff otherwise. 

The opening "kill" alone is worth watching. If it doesn't make you go "daaaaaammmmn" then you need some help. Be warned, this one is gory and mean, but it's not what I would call "torture porn". Be sure to get the uncut version.


Greg-O said...

Thanks for the clips! How do you find all of these Asian scenes? Are you Asian?

Because I see a lot of clips and many people will have them, but with yours, you are the only one. Amazing.

The Greyman said...

Ha ha... uh no, I am not Asian. Pure American, of mostly Scottish decent.

I find these clips because I watch a lot of Asian cinema. Primarily action and horror. I get most of them from sites such as

I find Asian flicks to have a refreshingly non-pc tone about them that you have a hard time finding in American films these days. There's a few decent Euro flicks out there as well, but they don't seem to produce as many scenes.