Friday, July 29, 2011


The Greyman is truly grey today, fighting a nasty flu bug that has me sick as a hell. All the classic symptoms. Just special.

See you guys soon... gotta go.


J Bodine said...

Yeah, that been going around.

Actually, I just made that up, but people always say that when you tell them you're sick.

Anyway, get well soon good buddy. We need those posts and stories!

Davey said...

Get well soon,Greyman.:)

Marc said...

The flu is still going around here, too.

Here's hoping it doesn't turn around on you when you're over ( or nearly over ) it.

Anonymous said...

Dig your blog and want you to be in good health.
So glad bondage brings us all together. I find both liberals and republicans mystifyingly unevolved. Very few people understand the roots of society's ills and the real challenges here.
Forgive the anonymous's just that loving and indulging people no matter how humorless or different for me is a vulnerable position.