Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John Kerry’s Swift Boat Defender Stripped of Medal

Ben Smith catches a Navy Times report that Capt. Wade Sanders — best known for defending John Kerry's dubious war record and introducing the candidate at the 2004 convention — has been stripped of his Silver Star by the Navy.

He's also currently in jail for kiddie porn.

Other than that though, I hear he's a hell of a guy.

Of course, he's a lawyer as well, which tells you a lot. I knew something was up. Real stand up military vets likely would never support and vouch for a pud like Kerry.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, thank you Jesus that John Kerry got the election stolen from him, because W was the greatest president EVER!


Seriously, asshole, I like the bondage stuff you post but your right wing crap sucks teabagging balls.

The Greyman said...

You know, some bloggers censor their viewers comments by looking at them before they allow others to see them. That's always made me wonder what I'm missing. I've never done that and never will.

Even someone like you who calls me an a-hole, before telling he likes my DiD stuff, but then hides his fwightened widdle self behind the anonymous label. So I allowed the post to stick, but I have zero respect for a wuss.

I will say I enjoyed your link however. Made me laugh out loud. I've been recovering from a pretty severe flu attack and I am a crabby SOB when I'm ill. Thanks for that, anyway.

The link, of course, was utterly ridiculous. I'm actually no big fan of either Bush, but they were both good and honorable men, as politicians go.

And really, pud boy/girl, any list of the most corrupt administrations that doesn't start with Clinton is flawed and pointless from the start.

Marc said...

Pedos need to be smeared with honey and left near an ants nest.

I hope he gets everything coming to him.

The Greyman said...

Marc - To be fair, I'd like to know specifically what the guy did before I call him a pedo. To many overreact and throw that label around willy nilly. That, or brand them a "sex-offender".

I was reading another site not long ago and some dude, who was like 25, was caught with a 16-year-old and some were calling him a pedophile. Not saying what he did was right or legal, but I just don't think that sinks to pedo-level.

Hell, in a lot of civilized nations, that's just a regular date/marriage.

I don't know, but when I think of a pedo, I think of some grown man physically molesting little kid or something. In those cases, I absolutely agree with you.

Marc said...

Fair enough.

I'll call the ants off...

For now...

Sasha said...

Uh-huh, but despite you're clever subtle implication that it was taken from him for supporting John Kerry, it was for the kiddie porn possession charges. It's not what you say it's how you say it.

The Greyman said...

Sasha, you obviously read my post with your liberal-colored glasses on. I in no way, subtlety or otherwise, implied that.

He had his Silver Star stripped from him because the facts now show he should not have received the medal in the first place. It had or has no connection with his conviction for kid porn.

It is however, yet another nail in the moral character coffin of this Kerry supporter.

Sasha said...

No, whereas I happen to wear reading glasses from time to time I do know for a fact that they are inanimate objects that are incapable of political POVs, but the arrangement of the sentences could lead one to what I saw you were implying.

And a medal isn't "stripped" from you if you shouldn't have received it to begin with, its rescinded. You strip a medal from someone for malfeasance or violation of military conduct. AGAIN. it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

3rd generation Navy/Marines brat here