Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Story Ideas - Incest Themed DiD Tale?

Mom's not happy with her son's new game.
Somehow, in the comments section of my ABK III Chapter 3 post, incest came up and then several people jumped on the idea and have asked (strongly requested) that I write, well the kind of story I write, but include a strong incest theme.

Is that something most of you who like my stories can get behind? I've flirted with some incest content in my stories from time to time, here and there, but never really focused on that fetish as a central theme, y`know?

But if I do this, it's likely to be a one time thing and so just know I'll go all in, if you know what I mean. Also know I have no timetable for writing a story like this, as I don't even have a story idea that grabs me yet.

I'll go ahead and cut the credit poll short and post a poll on this story idea. Any and all feedback is welcome.


jackwebb said...

You're kidding, I hope. Will family pets be next?

The Greyman said...

Put you down as a "no" then?

Speaking of "no", no,not kidding, and no, never bestiality in my tales.

Dorothy said...

with a Grand Mother i hope?